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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh July 15th 2015

It's not a trip unless I get a light sunburn on the first day... and go figure, even in overcast Ireland I shall repeat the pattern. Despite that, it was a wonderful today - first off, slept like a brick which is perfect. Slept so well that I only woke up at 10am... an absolute rarity in a hostel thank you. But that's ok. I caught the next train out to Cobh (pronounced Cove, apparently). Oh! At the train station I saw a Timmie's. I've seen them around in Northern Ireland, but it's the first time in Ireland proper. How momentous, I know. Anyway! Since I arrived a little later than I wanted into Cobh, I headed straight to Spike Island. (Think Alcatraz of Ireland... ish) The boat ride was nice, but in full bloody sunlight ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh August 5th 2012

Thursday 2nd August - continued Back on board we had afternoon tea and then time for Barry to have a little snooze whilst Nicky sorted out the laundry for tomorrow (hang the expense). Dinner this evening was semi formal - suit and tie but as usual we had an excellent dinner. After dinner we decided not to go to the theatre as it was going to be quite a lot of jazz which neither of us particularly like so we went back to our room and watched a really awful black and white film Harvey. And so to bed as we made our way down to Liverpool overnight. Friday 3rd August We were already tied up at the cruise terminal when we got up in time to enjoy our tea and coffee before getting dressed ready ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh July 21st 2012

A long 2.5 hour drive to Cork and Cobh. Stopped at Blarney castle in the morning. Travelled on to Cobh which was a beautiful seaport. The second largest natural harbor in the world. It is where the majority of our Irish ancestors emigrated from and it was the last port of call for the Titantic before it's fateful sail. Great museum and special exhibition on the Titanic for it's 100th anniversary. Carried on to a town outside of Cork where I once stayed with the soccer teams. Visited the local pub, The Cotton Ball. Walked inside to a "men's bar" to have all conversation stop and everyone stare. When I explained why I was there they were more than happy to quiz me on what I remembered and then get into an argument amongst themselves about ... read more
The boys at Cobh

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 3rd 2012

Sunday June 3 – Sunday June 3 Cork and Cobh -Drinking my tea and thinking things over. Today I am planning on walking down the street a bit to the train station and taking the train to the seaside town of Cobh. It has quit raining for now and I think I see a little sunshine trying to peer through the clouds. I took the train to Cobh for about 7 Euros return and walked all over the town, I had plopped down in the middle of a bagpipe and marching competition so I watched the bagpipe competition, ate at Supermac’s, and toured the Titanic Museum, and rode the train back to Cork. It was a very good day and I enjoyed it very much. The marchers all wore different and intricate as well as spotlessly ... read more
Train station
Store at train station
Train to Cobh

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh April 10th 2012

Our greeting into Cobh Ireland - a very pretty place. The people are so friendly. We would love to go back to Cobh and spend more time there and in Ireland itself - a very special country :)... read more
Pretty Vista
Greetings from Cobh
Titanic Celebrations

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh April 10th 2012

A pint of Guinness at Kelly’s Bar in the Irish town of Cobh – life doesn’t get much better than this! Docking at Cobh at 4pm today felt like we’d somehow been catapulted to celebrity status, which is in stark contrast to yesterday when little more than a handful of people, including media crews, farewelled the Titanic Memorial Cruise from Southampton. An estimated 30,000 people and a brass band had waited more than six hours at the shipping terminal and terraced streets behind to greet us. The disappointment of having the first of our shore tours – Blarney Castle & Cork City – cancelled due to late arrivals at Southampton and strong head-winds enroute to Ireland was soon forgotten as we disembarked and met the people of Cobh. What an amazing turn-out! The Titanic disaster’s 100th ... read more
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P1000339 - Copy
P1000340 - Copy

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 16th 2011

Early to the train station to begin our 3 day 2 night tour to SW Ireland. Railtours Ireland is a very nifty travel company. With many tours to book online, all from Dublin, you can do a 1 to 5 day tour using rail for the long hauls, buses meet you at the station and provide sightseeing. Today we headed straight to Cork by train, were accompanied by a guide. We toured Blarney Castle, time to kiss the Blarney stone, shop, have lunch, then on to Cobh. This is the port of Cork with a long shipping history. The Queenstown ' Story told of the famine ships, the Titanic, which left here after boarding passengers for its ill fated voyage. The Lusitania was sunk off the coast here and local fishermen headed out to bring back ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh April 2nd 2011

After a lovely sleep in Kilkenny at Auburndale and another delicious breakfast, we decided to head out to the Rock of Cashel. Since we got massively lost the night before in Kilkenny we decided to forego the castle and just move on. As we were driving through the Kilkenny – Cashel Scenic drive we came across a ruin of a church just outside of Rathmoyle on the way to Freshford. It looked just like a ruin from the side of the road – then as we got closer and looked inside, it had been in ruins for some time. A huge tree was growing right through the middle of it. It was also swarming with very large blackbirds. Just another example of how around every bend there is some sort of piece of history that is ... read more
The main entrance to the English Market
Downtown Cork
Watching Football

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh July 21st 2010

We took the train out to Cohb (pronouced Cove) and originally called Queenstown. It used to be the last stop for all the transatlantic ships before they left for America. Claims to fame are the last stop of the Titanic.... read more
Cobh Museum
Spike Island

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh April 11th 2010

The final rugby day of the tour was another cracker with not a cloud in the sky as we started the wake up rounds at 7:30. Despite the early night it was just as difficult as ever to get them up and going - I think they’ll sleep for a few days solid when they finally get home on Tuesday morning. Shaved lines in eyebrows seemed to be the fashion this morning - not to mention a couple of modifications to hairstyles that had magically happened overnight - must be the leprechauns sneaking around I think. We rounded them up and onto the bus by 9 for the short journey to the grounds. The list of medication required continues to shrink and I think that by the time we get them all home they’ll be ... read more
Tackle time
The wide pass

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