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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh August 29th 2019

Donderdag 29/8/2019 – Bezoek aan Cobh (spreek uit als 'köf), klein stadje, met natuurlijke haven ten zuiden-oosten van Cork. Gedurende de hele emigratieperiode vertrokken van hieruit 2,5 miljoen van de 6 miljoen Ieren die tussen 1848 tot 1950 het land verlieten. Ook was deze haven de laatste aanlegplaats van de Titanic in 1912 waar de laatste passagiers bij inscheepten op zijn allerlaatste reis. In 1915 werd de SS.Lusitania hier op 16km van de kust door een Duitse U-boot gekelderd waarbij 1200 passagiers het leven lieten. Een vloot van reddingsboten van hieruit gelanceerd konden nog 761 opvarenden redden. Overal in het kleine stadje wordt men herinnerd aan deze 3 dramatisch historische toestanden. Zelfs het weer is hier triestig. Dreigende grijze wolken, veel wind en 18° die aanvoelen zoals decemberweer bij ons. Opwarming van het klimaat, niets van ... read more
Cobh - St Colman's Cathedral
Cobh - rij vissershuisjes
Cohb - zicht op de zee

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh May 8th 2019

Day 09 Today was exciting, in that we were on the trail of some family members dating from late 1800’s to 1900’s. Gail, Mike’s wife, has gathered much information from public census records, immigration records, deportation notices, marriage records, some death records, family notes on several DNA sites where users have entered family information. After breakfast, we headed for Cork, where the many of the family lived. We thought we would check some churches which might have records that are not online. We found the church were several of the family were baptized, but today is Wednesday, and the office is open Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t think they would have many records, since most records were burned during uprisings, or conquering attempts. St. Fin Barre’s church is where my Great Grandmother and father went to ... read more
Our room.
Dinner in the hotel
St. Fin Barre's South Church

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh August 19th 2018

Today was our last full day in Ireland and we spent it at Cobh which is pretty much Cork Harbour, located 20 minutes away from Downtown Cork. Cobh of course was known as Queenstown in 1912 before 1916 independence and is most famous for the last port of call of the Titanic and the closest port to where the Lusitania was sunk by a German U boat torpedo in 1916. There is a memorial to the victims of the Lusitania in the town square and the Cunard building is still standing which is where the survivors were brought to. But tourism in this town is centred around the Titanic and in particular the 154 people who boarded the ship in Cobh of which only 44 survived. Amazingly the town of Cobh was visited by a huge ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh August 7th 2017

Returning to Cobh from our shore excursion to Blarney, Cork and Kinsale, we passed several sites of note. One was the Father Mathew Tower (1846). The tower was built to honour Theobald Matthew (1790-1856), a temperance reformer, popularly known as Father Matthew. Another was the Clonmel Church (The Old Church), a ruin today. The graves of 193 victims of the Lusitania sinking are in the Old Church Cemetery. (Lusitania was torpedoed off the Old Head of Kinsale in May 1915.) I had not known of the connection between Cobh and Lusitania before. In Cobh proper, we stopped to visit St. Colman's Cathedral. The Cathedral Church of St. Colman (Cobh Cathedral) is relatively new as Gothic Cathedrals go. It was designed by architects Edward Pugin and George Ashlin who designed a number of Victorian era churches in ... read more
Tympanum Over the Main Entrance
High Altar
Rose Window

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 24th 2017

Thursday 15th June 250 miles took me from east London to Pembroke Dock in south West Wales. By the end the van was chugging a bit, I should have given her a rest on the way, but queues on the North circular gave me little time to stop. The ferry to Rosslare takes 4 hours and headwinds and strong tides give a pitch to the boat that soon sends me to sleep. I arrive at Lemybrien, where I will be staying with a friend and using his place as a writing retreat. The weather is warm and sunny and convenient high tides in the middle of the day mean we can swim at Conniger where the waves coming in over a shallow sandbar make the water as warm as the Mediterranean. Distractions like this mean I'm ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh May 12th 2017

After another 3 sea days, we docked in COBH IRELAND, formally known as Queenstown. For those of you that follow our Blog, know that Kevin is a HUGE Titaniac, so visiting here was on his bucket list. This was the last port of call of the RMS Titanic before she sailed west to her historical destiny. About 300 people boarded here on their way to a new and prosperous life in the U.S. When we tied up to the pier and looked out our balcony, we were moored directly in front of the TITANIC WALL, a graphic completed in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her sinking. Kevin already felt the chill and significance of this!! We disembarked and began our trek through town, passing the Cobh Heritage Center (which we later returned to and ... read more
Church Interior 1
Church Interior 2

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 19th 2016

Saturday 18th June (Happy 74th birthday Paul MacCartney) Cobh classic car rally saw 25 or so classic cars (and my van) lined outside the Commodore hotel on the esplanade. There were MGs, Beetles, Rover, Wolseley, Alvi, all with men peeping under bonnets. I chatted with a couple in their Austin 7; they were English but had retired to Tipperary. They had four vintage cars and a big motorhome that towed the trailer, and went to many vintage rallies round the country. I met a woman who had blagged a lift in one of the cars. She was American, and had left the States 18 years ago and was traveling the world couchsurfing, spending three months in each country. At 11.30 we set off in convoy; a steward at the front in a modern car with a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 17th 2016

Touring in Ireland Tuesday 14th June The 2.45 am ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare was peopled with bodies comatose on bench seats. I had a cup of tea before getting three hours sleep and at 5.45 we were turfed out to the chilly Irish morning. My first port of call was Brosca, west of Waterford, where an old friend, Rod, pointed out the spare room, and went off to work leaving me to sleep. I spent a pleasant day there: he showed me the local Mahon Falls, and I relaxed on a wicker settee with a cute little rust-coloured terrier on my lap and looked over the Comeragh Mountains until a grey blanket of cloud settled onto the foothills. I knew Rod years ago in Leytonstone, and know his brother well, and we know quite a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh May 12th 2016

We arrived in Cobh, Ireland this morning. They pronounce it Cove. We decided not to take a cruise tour because they did not seem interesting. I booked a tour with - Blarney, Kinsale Tour a few months ago online. The bus was waiting for us when we got off the ship. We visited Blarney Castle, the bus lets you out and they tell you to return in two hours. We enjoyed this a lot, we do not like following a tour guide and it gave us the chance to go where we wanted. The Blarney Stone is in the castle and if you kiss the stone you will receive the gift of gab, well I passed on that, I talk enough without any additional gifts of gab. The castle has large grounds with different gardens ... read more
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh July 15th 2015

It's not a trip unless I get a light sunburn on the first day... and go figure, even in overcast Ireland I shall repeat the pattern. Despite that, it was a wonderful today - first off, slept like a brick which is perfect. Slept so well that I only woke up at 10am... an absolute rarity in a hostel thank you. But that's ok. I caught the next train out to Cobh (pronounced Cove). Since I arrived a little later than I wanted into Cobh, I headed straight to Spike Island. (Think Alcatraz of Ireland... ish) The boat ride was nice, but in full bloody sunlight which is where I think I got my burn. The walking tour was well worth it - I don't think I've ever gone on one with that amount of detailed ... read more

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