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Rose and I will be starting on the southern coast of Ireland, then central Scotland before training to London for 2 days. After London we will take the Eurostar to Paris and lick up anther Peugeot, drive through France to Monsummano Terme in Tuscany where we have a villa for 28 days. During this time we will be welcoming several friends and family to share good times and a few sunset drinks.

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Sirmione July 18th 2018

Sirmione saw us catching up with my cousin Ross and his lovely family, Laurie, Poppy, and Coco. To be far to them, it was our conversations with Laurie in June that prompted us to change our plans and come to Sirmione and meet them, this then provided the timing for Trieste, Slovenia, and Chioggia, three of the highlights for us in Italy to date. (No offence Clarke, you were also a highlight). Sirmione was the Venice of the lake district and all about tourism. It was lovely, but crowded, the gelateriers opened until 1am as the tourists continued to consume everything like locusts. Restaurants were still nice, but twice the price of Chioggia. As we only had one day with Ross and Laurie, we decided to hire a boat and take the kids for a tour ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Chioggia July 16th 2018

Rose has described going to Chioggia as her falling back in love with real Italy, not tourist Italy. Chioggia is touted as little Venice or the Venice without tourists. To our credit, we choose a wonderful apartment to base from and the owners provided us with the local knowledge to eat and relax well. We happened to arrive during the start of a week long "festival of the sea" and this afforded us with live entertainment each night to accompany our dinner. The bonus of Chioggia was that you can't drive your car so we could both drink...not such a good recipe... the first night we found ourselves at a locals restaurant and drinking messa litro prosecco at €5 each was a recipe for disaster. After 2.5 liters of wine and a fab dinner, we stumble ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 13th 2018

For the past two days we have been traveling to Slovenia and we have been delighted and rewarded by this wonderful country. For the first day we had pre booked tickets online to do a tour of Postojna Jama (Caves), these are amongst the largest caves in the world and the only ones where you enter via train and then walk around the caves. We found the irony of setting out on overcast day from Trieste, but within 5km of Postojna, the heavens opened up and we had no wet weather gear, not even an umbrella. So we braved it out and ran from the carpark to a Kiosk where the umbrellas were selling like hotcakes. We got to the ticketing line which indicated 30 minute waiting the line. Rose went to find someone to see ... read more

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste July 12th 2018

Firstly to all those who regularly watch for our bloggs , sorry for the delay, we have had a fully packed 10 days and the bloggs have not been done. So I have set aside a day to catch them up., After landing back in Bologne from Berlin, we started the drive to Trieste which we decided required a stop over in Padua (Padova) for the night. In Padua we found a lovely town (hot at 33) with a small central marketplace and lots of restaurants. After Lunch we left Padua to Trieste and our home for the 5 nights. Trieste has always been a desire for me to see as 20 years ago I was involved in setting up Perfect Espresso who were or are the Illycaffe agents for New Zealand and I have always ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 7th 2018

Rose has decided that we will post one post for Berlin, so while Rupert and Pauline are hosting a delegation from Otago University at the New Zealand Residence we have gone to a local Beer House and will write this post (our grammer may suffer later on in the post as the beers are huge). We seem to spend a whole day getting to Berlin as the flight left at 1:30pm, but we had to be at the Airport by 11:30 and we didn't get to Pauline's house until 6pm. The first day in Berlin saw us wasting the morning before leaving for the city centre and walking through the Reichstag (parliament house) and Brandenburg Gate. After lunch we went to a Holocaust memorial and passed the location of Hitler's Bunker (reportedly his place of death) ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 2nd 2018

I am excited today, as we have booked a factory tour of the Ducati plant and Museum. Sorry there will be no photos of this, as we had to lock the camera in a locker and the phones were provided with "No Camera" stickers to cover both lenses so we could not take photos of the factory. You will have to take my word when I say that this tour is well worth the effort to see. I have been quite taken by the Scrambler range of bikes they have. These are a cross over bike with semi road tyres that would be great in a forest dirt track. The Museum on the other hand was a bit average compared with Porsche or Michelin, but a great chronology of Ducati's history. After the Museum we planned ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Parma July 1st 2018

Our first day in Bologna saw us on the "Tasty-Bus", yes that was the actual name. We had booked a full day of touring food producers, tasting their goods and buying some for Rupert and Pauline when we go to Berlin. Today was an early start we had to be in Parma by 8:45, over 1 hours drive from our accommodation. Our fist stop was to an artisan cheese factory to watch the final stages of Parmigiano-Reggiano being made, tasting the young kurds, and then a tasting of 12 month, 24 month, 36 month, and 48 month Parmigiano-Reggiano, we love the 36 month cheese is wonderful to just eat this in chunks. Next we ventured into the mountains to a family run Parma Ham factory and curing house, the father originally started the business, and has ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Maranello June 30th 2018

Today we left the lovely little town of Lezzeno and the wonderful Apartment we stayed in. This is also a sad day for Rose and I as Clarke leaves us to go to Berlin and continue her holiday with out us. We have had such a great time with her! So the first stop was Malpensa Airport and then off to Parma to get our bearings as we have an early start tomorrow and need to be at the Information Center in Parma (87km away from where we are staying) by 9:30 am. So a nice lunch in Parma and then on to the accommodation at Serramazzoni (just outside of Maranello) another gem of a spot with IllyCaffe machine for me... We will walk the 200 meters to dinner tonight and be up early in the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lezzeno June 29th 2018

We being back in Lake Como mean there is no driving required for three days (well very minimal anyway). On the first day we all go up to Bellagio for lunch and a look around. The afternoon brought some rest time, swimming, reading and a afternoon nap with dinner at a lovely little restaurant on the lake just a ten minute walk from home, great place to watch the sun go down. Yesterday we rented a boat and went cruising up to the top of Lake Como and found some new towns we would like to stay in next time that looked like there were no tourists. As we were coming down the opposite side we picked a secluded bay to stop and have lunch before continuing on and returning the boat mid afternoon again afternoon ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lezzeno June 26th 2018

Yesterday we left Etoy and traveled to the other end of Lake Geneva (originally called Lac Lemon) where we stopped to visit Chillon Castle, this is a 1000 year old castle that sites on rock in the lake. Access was across a modern bridge, but once in the castle the was a lot of history. Its prison once held Lord Byron and has been bombed and rebuild over the centuries. After leaving the castle and stopping next to the lake for a picnic, we headed for the mountains and Italy. We rose from 400m to 2000m and back down to 250m all in the space of 2 hours. The longest tunnel was over 6km long and seem to take for ever. Once in Turin we found our hotel the Allegroitalia Golden Palace right in the center ... read more

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