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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Aubonne June 23rd 2018

Yes time for us to change countries - Switzerland here we come. The only stop today is in Geneva where we planned to picnic on the waters edge. Geneva is a welcome relief with a lot less smoking and a clean atmosphere, we found a park on the waterfront and parked in the underground car park. After lunch we decided to have a walk, Clarke went shopping, and Rose and I walked along the waterfront, looked at all the fancy cars coming and going at the Four Seasons, stopped and had an ice cream at Movenpicks, as big a rip off as Australia. After Geneva we headed to Etoy our home for the next 2 nights. A nice little town with friendly locals at the local pub and a nice apartment. Dinner tonight is the real ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon June 22nd 2018

We decided to take advantage of the masses of local wine regions and after some discussions with Lyon wine shop owners, we settled on Chambery, and then over to the Côte-Rôtie in the afternoon. We also needed to get some more Lunch food, so researched a market in Chambery. After finishing at the market and getting to the desired local winery, we find that the French Lunchtime has stalled our plans again and so the executives (Rose and Clarke) decide to go to Côte-Rôtie and book in at Domaine Geroge Vernay for a tasting. This was exactly what we expected and tried three lovely whites and three awesome reds. It was now 3PM and all of the lunch restaurants have finished and so we found the boulangerie, picked up a couple of baguettes and headed for ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon June 21st 2018

It is a big day today - yes the long planned arrival of Clarke to join our travels for 9 days. After our issues with driving in the heart of Lyon yesterday and all the streets that the GPS say you can drive down but in realty you can't, it was discussed (Rose said) that we would take the underground to the main train station to pick up Clarke. How hard could this be, we worked out what train line we need, how many stops to go, what train to change to etc just would have paid to make sure we purchased the correct ticket (we still have 3 unused Night Train Tickets for Lyon if any one is in need of them). The tickets wouldn't validate on the gates and even the locals didn't know ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon June 20th 2018

Today we move to Lyon and preparation for the arrival of Clarke (our niece), the original plan was to not stop, but continue to Lyon, however half way through the trip, we need to change Motorways at Clermont-Ferrand so Rose got on the interweb and looked up what attractions were in town. Much to my delight her research revealed that the Michelin Museum (L'Aventure) was here, so we decided (she conceded) to go! What a great time we had looking at the historical cars and researching the Michelin Star program. There are some nice photos of the standout cars including an extend Citroen DS called "the crawler" and used for testing and developing truck tyres and the Micheline trains with inflated tyres instead of steel wheels. Once back on the road we came across the town ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Bourges June 19th 2018

This posting will cover four days as we have taken some chillaxing time as we picked a rural property to stay at with a pool. 16th. The trip from Beaunes was great for me as finally I have got Rose into the driver seat. We started out from Beaunes to Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, but we had to stop when we found a lock in the middle of nowhere. Châteauneuf-en-Auxois is one of those fantastic little towns with so much to see, the website unfortunately didn't indicate that they shut for lunch so we missed a tour of the Chateau, but we found a new house to buy (see Photos). Once back on the A road we stopped at a rest stop for Rose to take the reins. We spent the next two hours on C and D roads ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon June 15th 2018

Today we spent the day in Dijon, after a short trip from Beaune we arrived stressfully at the central markets, there were a number of road blockages that caused the GPS to have issues with us. The market was great and there was a whole different array of items available for sale other than the standard vegetables, meats, fish and deli items. Buys could buy an array on pre-prepared take home dinners and there are specialist shops like one which only does Mushrooms, one that only does Honey. We decided to cook tonight and decided on a menu of Rabbit Ballantines, Cheese Souffle, Rosti and celeriac salad. With a dessert of Gingerbread Cake. After the bustle of the market we went to the Mallie Mustard shop, and while we didn't intend of buying anything we ended ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune June 14th 2018

After all Greg's driving over the past couple of day this morning was a quite morning for him while I explored some of the old city of Beaune (pronounced Bone) especially the Hotel-Dieu des Hospices de Beaune. This was a hospital established in 1443 and was known as "a palace for the poor" and was a wonderful constructed building using the finest materials which has ensure its continued existence for centuries. The family that started this hospital where gifted a vineyard which they have used to finance the hospital and care for the poor over the years mainly with wine auction. With Greg's return to life in the afternoon we set off for a tour of the Moutarderie Fallot mustard factory and mustard tasting - we now have a new appreciation for mustard and the pearing ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Beaune June 13th 2018

Today saw us moving down the country to the Dijon Area (Burgundy), but before we got too far we were recommended Riquewihr by Rowen as a place not to miss. She was correct and we found ourselves again stepping back in time to a simpler and more fulfilling time with everything homemade. First we stopped at bakery and we were offered an almond chocolate biscuit, and we purchase a pretzel, which must have just come out of the oven as it was so special, and I found myself daydreaming about it all day. We also found a cheese cave (literally), 3 meters underground we walked down and the owner was brushing the cheese wheels as he does twice per week. We tried some Munster cheese and immediately decided we had to have one, it is so ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart June 12th 2018

All I can say is thanks Rose...Tick two of my bucket list off in one day: Driving on the No Speed Limit Auto Barn. Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Firstly the Auto Barn, not so intimidating as you would think, I topped at 150km, but what can you do in a 2.0 Diesel. Nearly at Stuttgart we passed a couple of car transporters with a range of classic cars including this super rear 23 window Kombi Camper van. Then at the end of that was the Porsche Museum, a spectacular place with all the cars you have dreamed about over the years. It was a car enthusiasts and multimedia dream. They have done it so well, see the photos for a few of my favourites, the obvious is the 356, but I have never seen a pre ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg June 11th 2018

Today we spent a wonderful day walking the cobbled streets of Strasbourg, after entering the town by tram, we walked along the canal and caught the next tourist boat (Batorama) which gave us a unique perspective of the buildings and mixed German/France rule over the last 200 years. After we hoped off the boat we walked through the streets until we found the Cathedral of Notre Dame which had no queue or no charge to enter. This building is one of the most ornately decorated cathedral I think we have seen to date. Walking further through town we found some lovely Christmas decorations shops and purchased a couple of items that will feature in our place next Christmas. We finally found one of the locks that the Batorama boats went through and watched the lock system ... read more

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