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10th July 2023

Is that a weed??
What on earth is photo DSC_9080??
11th July 2023

National Flower of Scotland
Haha Amy, yes in Australia and New Zealand the Thistle is considered a weed, but it is the national flower of Scotland. Exactly why we added the photo. Glad to see you are reading... :)
1st July 2023

Great to see you are enjoying your travels and food 🥘
22nd June 2023

Awesome guys! So fun to hear your adventures 😘
20th July 2018

What a cool unexpected find. Sounds very interesting!!
1st July 2018

Hi Guys loving the updates. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love Como as well and what a great way to see it by boat. Hey remember Chubb lived in Parma and he may have some tips for you xxxxx
20th June 2018

Glade to see you enjoying your trip
20th June 2018

so much Fun!!!!!
14th June 2018

Soldiers Spirit!
150 photos all lost! How devastating! Stay well and safe:)
14th June 2018

We got them back
Seems that the camera date is malfunctioning and the import to my computer puts them all in the same folder irrespective of date. Crisis averted...hehe
19th December 2016

Nice and Interesting
it is very nice to read and great experience
From Blog: Dubai
12th July 2016

Bull fight
Were you at the bull fight where the matador was killed by bull? Apparently first in many years.
12th July 2016

No this was the day before we went, there was a close encounter on the day we were there but only costume damage and punctured leg.
6th July 2016

Your adventure
Just caught up with you guys and happy to see the journey progressing in fabulous style. Can't wait to talk with you about it in August. Safe travels! ??
4th July 2016

Now that is my type of holiday. Loved Antibes. Such great spot
20th June 2016
DSC_8217 (2)

Nice parking
20th June 2016
DSC_8217 (2)

the Ape 50 is designed to carry... well Rose would need to drive as I cant get in the cabin...
12th June 2016

Your Travels
I'm loving your blogs, guys! The trip sounds awesome and I can't wait to see all your pics. What a great experience to share. Continued safe travels! Love, Linde
11th June 2016

Now this is my heaven
11th June 2016

Wow Spectacular view
8th June 2016

Knew you'd love it! So glad you're having a great time. Drive safely!!! ??
8th June 2016

Thanks Lindi, the roads are certainly tight to drive even in a smaller car. you could never use the Expedition on these roads...hehe
3rd June 2016

Enjoy!!!! Sounds like a fun start already!!!

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