Andrew Lisowski


Andrew Lisowski

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." I've traveled for a long time and have many memories of places and people. I enjoy travel, especially to new places I haven't seen before. Every journey, whether brief or extended, provides the opportunity for a new experience or a different way to see things. I like travel photography, too, and always have my camera with me.

I look to the "4Hs of Tourism" as a guide when traveling: understanding the Habitat; Heritage; History and Handicrafts.

Member of the TravBuddy travel blogging community from 2007 until its demise in 2018.

North America » United States » Maryland » Solomons March 16th 2022

On our Visit to Solomons, Maryland, in November 2020, we planned to make a return visit to see the Calvert Marine Museum. Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day with mild temperatures, just the right time to begin our 2022 adventures! And so Susan and I set out again for Solomons Maryland. We arrived around lunchtime. After a stroll along the riverfront and a duck into a local shop, we headed for the Island Hideaway restaurant. The entrance was somewhat what hidden, made more so by the road repair work going on. I thought seafood would be the order of the day. But, then I noted their St. Patrick's Day menu and I just had to order the Bangers and Colcannon! The Calvert Marine Museum is divided into three exhibition spaces: Estuarine Biology Gallery, Paleontology Gallery and ... read more
Eagle Rays
Blue Crab

North America » United States » Ohio » Nelsonville November 6th 2021

When our daughter selected Ohio University for her graduate studies, I discovered that the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway was located near Athens. It's a preserved tourist railway line between Nelsonville and Logan offering frequent excursions with vintage equipment. Planning for our November visit to Athens, I noted the Hocking Valley would be running a steam locomotive powered special on Saturday, November 6. I had to ride it! The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway operates trackage that was once the Hocking Valley Railroad, connecting Columbus and Athens. The track now ends at Nelsonville. (The Columbus to Logan segment is operated for freight traffic by the regional Indiana & Ohio Railroad.) The steam excursion was to be led by HVSR 3, a Baldwin 0-6-0 built for the Ohio Power Company in 1920. It was a cold morning at the ... read more
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Seam Special
Nelsonville Brick Park
Nelsonville Brick Park

North America » United States » Ohio » Glouster November 5th 2021

Ohio is the state with the second highest number of covered bridges, with 140. Only Pennsylvania has more. On this visit to Athens, Susan and I wanted to seek out some of the covered bridges of Athens County. They are known locally, but not promoted here as heavily as covered bridges are in other localities. Covered bridges are picturesque, no matter how old or how large they are or how scenic their setting may be. They make the setting in which one finds them. And, so we set out after our first objective, the Kidwell Covered Bridge. So often covered bridges are in the middle of nowhere. That is true in Athens County. Our GPS took us north from Athens on secondary roads though farmland and woodland. But not past any villages or settlements. We reached ... read more
Palos Covered Bridge (1876)
Palos Covered Bridge (1876)
Glouster Queen Anne

North America » United States » West Virginia » Morgantown November 3rd 2021

Rather than drive straight through to Athens, Ohio, Susan and I had decided to break the trip into two days. We checked in to the Hampton Inn in the midst of the University of West Virginia (WVU) campus. The hotel was across the street form the university's medical school and hospital. Morgantown is named for Zackquill Morgan, a frontiersman who plotted the town in 1783. It is the seat of the University f West Virginia. An interesting item I discovered about Morgantown is that it has a monorail, the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit. Built in 1975-1978, the 3.6 mile (5.8 km) system connects downtown Morgantown to the university and university medical campuses. It is used principally by WVU students, faculty and staff. By chance, our hotel room looked right out towards the beamway and we could ... read more
West Virginia University Neuroscience Institute
Morgantown Monorail

North America » United States » Maryland » La Vale November 3rd 2021

Our stop for lunch westward on I-68 was the Cracker Barrel at La Vale, Maryland, not far from Cumberland. After eating lunch and and a stop for fuel, I wanted to seek out the La Vale Toll Gate House nearby. It's a listed building here along US Highway 40. The La Vale Toll Gate House was built in 1835 on the National Road. In my blog entry of 5 January 2020 I described how the National Road, now US Highway 40, had been built west from Cumberland to the Ohio County and Illinois beginning in 1811. The road was transferred from federal to state control in 1835 and the states subsequently imposed tolls for usage. The polygonal La Vale Tollhouse is the only one still standing in Maryland. It probably was also a residence for the ... read more
Schedule of Tolls on the National Road
La Vale Toll House Historical Marker
Toll Barrier Post

North America » United States » Maryland » Hancock November 3rd 2021

With road trips ramping up once again, we set out to visit Julia and Frank once again in Athens, Ohio. We hadn't been to see them since February 2020 just before the world fell apart. We planned to take a measured trip this time. No driving straight through from Northern Virginia to Athens (or Logan, rather). Instead we would break the outward trip with an overnight in Morgantown, West Virginia. At Hancock, Maryland, Interstate I-68 diverges from I-70. I-68 routes directly westbound, though Cumberland, Maryland, and on to Morgantown. It's called the National Freeway, after the old 19th Century National Road, which I-68 parallels between Hancock and Keysers Ridge. Not far west of Hancock is a dramatic roadcut through Sideling Hill. The cut was excavated in 1983-1985 and is 340 feet (104 m) deep with about ... read more
Sideling Hill Cut
Fall Colors in the Hagerstown Valley, Maryland

North America » United States » North Carolina » Nags Head October 8th 2021

On our last day in the Outer Banks we stayed around Nags Head. In the morning, we went to the Outlets Nags Head. This is a smaller outlet mall than many, but it had a Carter's outlet, a bookstore, a Vera Bradley and a Pepper Palace. Then it was me for serious souvenir shopping at The Farmer's Daughter, Forbes and Wings. Forbes has a plaster statue of the Nag of Nags Head. Nags Head is named after the horses used by wreckers to lure ships to their doom on the Outer Banks. They would tie a lantern around the a horse's neck and the bobbing of the lantern would cause a ship to mistake the light for another ship The ship would draw too close to shore, and run aground. The wreckers would then go about ... read more
Pelican Sculpture
Nags Head Beach from Jeannette's Pier
Nags Head Beach from Jeannette's Pier

North America » United States » North Carolina » Manteo October 7th 2021

The Fort Raleigh National Historic Site is on the northern end of Roanoke Island, not far from the town of Manteo. It is considered to be the location of an earthwork redoubt associated with the English expeditions sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584-1587. Archaeological work concluded a defensive earth fort was probably constructed during the 1585 expedition. It was reconstructed by the National Park Service in 1950. Near the fort there is evidence of a site where metallurgical work took place. The location of the main colony of 1587, known as the Roanoke Colony, the famous "Lost Colony," has not been found, but evidence is strong that it was in this area. We toured the Visitor Center first. One exhibit displays a room with 16th century English paneling, evoking a space where Sir Water Raleigh ... read more
Raleigh Colony/Virginia Dare Monument
For Raleigh Earthwork Interpretive Marker
Fort Raleigh Reconstruction

The Wright Brothers National Memorial commemorates the places where Wilbur and Orville Wright conducted their gliding and flying experiments from 1900 to 1903, culminating on the first powered flight on December 17, 1903. It's located in Kill Devil Hills, not far from Nags Head. There was a long line of cars waiting to enter the park. I thought the entrance fee of $10 per person (not per car) was a lot in order to see this important historical site. Fortunately, we had our National Parks Senior Pass. Wright Brothers National Memorial itself is atop Kill Devil Hill. From 1900 to 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright came here from Dayton, Ohio, to conduct glider and airfoil experiments. They selected the location based on information from the US Weather Bureau about the area's steady winds. The area was ... read more
Wright Brothers National Memorial
First Flight Marker
Flight Line of the First Four Flights

North America October 6th 2021

On Wednesday, we drove north along the Outer Banks to reach Corolla. Nearby Carova Beach is famous for the wild horses that roam the seaside dunes at will. The only way to see the horses is to drive over the beach. Vehicles that are not four wheel drive or over-sand vehicles need to let air out of their tires in order to navigate the sand. Rather than do that, we booked a tour to see the horses. We booked through Wild Horse Adventure Tour in Corolla, They provide Hummers configured to carry eleven passengers. On our tour, there were seven. The Hummer followed North Carolina 12 as far as it went, until the pavement gave way to beach sand. Officially, this is known as the North Beach Access Road, but it is really simply a beach. ... read more
Banker Horse
Banker Horse
House in Carova

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