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North America » United States » New York » New York May 9th 2019

So this will be our last post for this trip. It has been an awesome trip and feels like we have been gone forever......this is day 25 away from home!! We are at JFK awaiting our flight to PIT at 9:30 We land there at 11:00 and then head for WV. No matter hw much I love to travel, my favorite part is coming home. While it may sound trite "There's no place like home!!" This post will be a wrap up of the trip.....the things we loved, hated, laughed at, & found challenging. So, as Shealyn says, lets start at the very beginning....a very fine pace to start(obviously we watched The Sound of Music on the flight home). First of all we liked that we exchanged some money before we arrived. It helped us with ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Rudesheim am Rhein May 7th 2019

Today was our last tour day. We travelled from Lelystad, Netherlands to Rudesheim, Germany. Again we drove through beautiful countryside. We first drove on the autobahn. The autobahn generally does not have a speed limit (there are a few exceptions), so people can drive as fast as they desire. We saw some fast driving cars today! The buses can only drive up to 60 mph. As we are driving out tour guide, Mary, tells us about particular places we pass or just general information about the countries through which we travel. Today was very interesting. we complain about our situation in the USA but we could be much worse. The school day in The Netherlands from from 8:30 till noon and from 1:00 till 3:00. They only go to school four days a week. Wednesday is ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands May 6th 2019

Today is the day we have looked forward too since we started this journey. Today was Keukenhof Garden day! Keukenhof Garden is a beautiful showcase of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, calla lilies, and many other flowers. There are over 7 million flower bulbs planted so that they bloom continually throughout May. When we first starting planning this trip we decided we wanted to come this time of year so we could see the tulip fields. Sadly the tulips are harvested the first week of May or the end of April so we didn't get to see the fields of tulips but Keukenhof remains open until May 21 so we did get to see the beautiful flowers there. They are everywhere! So while this particular tour did not go to Keukenhof, we ventured out on our own, ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Flevoland » Lelystad May 5th 2019

Today was a travel day to get us from Paris to Lelystad, The Netherlands. While I don't love France as a country (largely in part because of the rude treatment of Americans I have experienced) it is a beautiful country to drive through. There are the canola fields and beautiful farmland. I try to take as may pictures out the window of the bus as possible. After a comfort stop (bathroom break), we stopped at Antwerp, Belgium. Now there's a city in which I could spend more time! Once we took a quick tour of the city we had free time for lunch, shopping or both. Belgium is famous for the French fry. The story goes that some soldiers had fried potatoes lengths in Belgium but thought they were in France (French is one of the ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 4th 2019

Today started with breakfast at our hotel. I think it was by far the worst breakfast we have been offered. All the breakfasts on this trip are buffet. Typically there is plenty...scrambled or hard boiled eggs, various rolls and breads, meats, cheeses, bacon or ham, yogurt, cereal, fruit and a variety of coffees or cappuccino. Today the yogurt was not very good; the fruit was from a can; the scrambled eggs and bacon were not cooked well and so on. Surprisingly enough the hard boiled eggs were NOT cooked. You had to cook the yourself! BUT the croissants were the best we’ve had and topped off with Presidents butter....marvelous. The coffee was from two coffee machines. We weren’t smart enough to figure out one and he other only had had chocolate, cappuccino, and cafe au lait ... read more

Europe » France May 3rd 2019

Today has been our longest day of travel on this tour. We have been riding across Switzerland and France for about 9 hours. Of course we stop every couple of hours and we had a lunch stop. We even left the motorway (as our tour host calls it) for some two lane roads through small villages through France. It does give you a chance to see the countryside. Today started our as a rainy day. It was good that we left the Alps when we did because that rain was turning to snow and they were expecting several inches of snow by tomorrow. Off and on all day we had rain and then sun. It makes it tough to take bus pictures when rain is covering the windows but sometimes I like the effect. The most ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne May 2nd 2019

This morning we boarded the bus following breakfast and headed down the steep, winding, narrow road toward the village of Stans, Switzerland. It is the home of the Stanserhorn Mountains and cable car. The mountain railway is the first electric powered mountain railway which also used a steam powered generator as back up. The cabrio (cable car) is the first double decker, open air cable car. Of course we went straight to the air car. We started our ride partway up the mountain on the mountain railway and transferred to the cabrio about halfway up the mountain. This mountain is 6300 feet above sea level. You could feel your ears pop as you ascended the mountain. Once you got to the end of the cabrio line you could walk to the very top of the ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West May 1st 2019

Today is a travel day so we had to pack up our suitcases and put them outside our door by 7 am. Then it was off to breakfast, then board the bus by 8 am. Today I’ll post a picture f the map of our trip. You’ll see we are covering lots of territory. I must say I like riding the bus and seeing the scenery but it’s hard not to sleep since we are tired. Our first stop was at a rest area like our turnpike stops in West Virginia. There’s usually a gas station, parking for cars, buses, and tractor trailers. There’s rest rooms and restaurants....not much different than in the US. Today however, we didn’t have to pay! One thing we noticed was the number of tractor trailers parked at all the rest ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 30th 2019

Today we got to sleep in!! Breakfast was. At 7:30 and departure was 8:30. Exciting to be going to Venice!! Each place we visit can have its challenges. Besides the language barrier we have had to learn when we can drink the water and when we drink bottled water, of course for the three of us finding butter (Italy only) and ice, and most importantly where to go to the restrooms and how much we have to pay. Typically we have to pay .70 Euros. Yesterday it was 2.00 Euros. That’s a lot! Food can be a challenge. We are not always given a choice except at breakfast, which is almost always a buffet. Coffee has been tough. I typically drink decaf and that’s not an option here so I have limited myself to one cup ... read more

Europe » Italy April 29th 2019

Today we covered a lot of territory as we rode the bus about 250 miles through the Alps, back into Germany, back in to Austria, then to a Italy. Riding on the bus is interesting. You get to see a lot of things if you pay attention. As we drove through the Alps it was raining but then it turned to snow. Snow covered everything and it was beautiful. Once we got back down to lower altitudes everything was lush and green. We passed some beautiful farms and gorgeous churches, aw well as castles everywhere. It is really hard to get a picture out of a moving bus. It also depends what side of the bus you are sitting. I've included some random pictures we saw while riding so many miles. Our first scheduled stop was ... read more

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