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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Ladenburg August 22nd 2006

I stroll through town with no specific destination in mind. After all, I have mainly returned to this town to photograph it. Ladenburg is referred to as Römerstadt Ladenburg, which simply means it’s a Roman town. It’s a fairly small town located off Autobahn 5 near Mannheim. It’s a typical Germany day: overcast and rainy. Luckily it only drizzles on and off because I have forgotten my umbrella. The sun actually came out for a bit, but that didn’t last long. We were originally taken to this town by a friend to visit a restaurant called Die Kartoffel, meaning The Potato. It is a steak-on-a-stone restaurant, which means you can order various meats that arrive on the table raw but sitting on a steaming stone. The food cooks in front of you and you are provided ... read more
Town Center with Fountain
A Typical German Building
An Alleyway

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Schwäbisch Hall August 22nd 2006

Well hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to update, and I have much to catch you up on, so sit back and enjoy yourself. :-) Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to try my hand at making a food that is a significant part of the German culture: pretzels! And I don’t mean the tiny, hard pretzels you buy in bags at the store; I’m talking about the big, soft ones sprinkled with sea salt. They’re so good! At any rate, Wednesday afternoon my class and our teacher met at a local bakery called KronMüller. The bakery is literally across the street from my housing and I have frequented it several times since arriving in Schwäbisch Hall. Their food is delicious and I was very excited to be able to go “behind ... read more
Baked Breads
Look at all those bakers!
Teddy Bear

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 21st 2006

2 great days… Some first impressions. Berliners who go out of their way to help you… most of them were unfailingly polite and would seek us out to rescue us from trains that stopped suddenly or streets that behaved unexpectedly. Berlin rain that seems to follow the legendary German efficiency - powerful bursts that go away as quickly as they come, leaving you to get on with life. And in the defense of Nutty, the quietest dog on the block, he does have a very powerful bark, but believes in being a man of few words! On Aug 21st, after a quick glimpse of Reichstag in the morning, we moved to the Brandenberg Tor. Spectacular monument with a long history to boot. The room of silence there is probably the best place to think about the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 21st 2006

Aug 20th After landing at Tegel and breezing through the efficient German immigration, we went home to Koertingstrasse 42 to meet Nutty, the quietest dog on the block :) After a sumptuous breakfast of Pongal, we attacked the Pergamon museum with the grand Pergamon altar and Nebuchadrezzar's Ishtar gate. After a quick lunch there, we went to the Altes museum to meet Ms. Nefertiti, "the beautiful Berlin woman". Her 3000 year old bust is still popular and attracted a number of stares from passersby. Pictures to follow.. By this time, were overcome with jetlag and took a short nap at the Lustgarten across from the Altes museum. The public transport system epitomizes German efficiency at its best. Trains and buses come every 5 minutes exactly on time. Aug 21st Places visited today include: Reichstag Brandenburg gate ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Münster August 21st 2006

Hi there folks. Hope everyone is well. We have now passed into Germany. We were in Amsterdam for an excellent few days and saw and did a lot. Our campsite was in some woods in the south and every day we cycled in through them and negotiated the city. Not an easy task. By the time we had got the hang of a route through the maze of streets, trams and canals it was time to leave! I went to see Anne Frank's house, it was really interesting. The little annex where they hid for so long is left fairly intact. You enter it through the secret bookcase door and climb up the little stairs. The place is left to stand for itself rather than having a fussy museum, although there are some exhibits. You can ... read more

Europe » Germany August 21st 2006

Okay, sorry about the delay. First, replies to comments. Nzie-- you're so cute! I will give you the cookie, as you remembered my birthdate with no reminder from facebook to help you out! We actually are going to have a party here because Micha's bday is Sept 1. So as soon as midnight hits, we're celebrating his bday. I make jokes about going to bed early then ;) Steak-- I knew you would be. So proud of your name, which makes me happy. Germans still don't eat a lot of steak because of the whole mad cow thing. Everyone else it seems has forgot about it. Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sweet adorable little sister!!! I guess mom musta forwarded my email-- can always trust her to do that ;) I miss you so much!! Alright so back to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Sankt Goar August 20th 2006

Hi all, Seems so long since I last wrote, can't really remember when that was so if I repeat I'm sorry. We went to Vienna in Austria and went to a Mazart and Strauss musuem. Very nice, getting all dressed up is also good for a change. Have been to sooooo many places recently that they tend to blur into one. After that we were in Munich, went to the Hofaurhaus sp? which is the most famous one in the world. Had to have a couple of drinks would have been rude not to. The drinks come in 1 litre steins, managed to get through a couple - was pleased with that effort. Earlier that day we had been to a Concentration camp in Austria. A really moving experience, many people were in tears after the ... read more
At the beer hall
The top of Europe

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Neuschwanstein August 20th 2006

Back in Europe.....Pictures to follow... read more
Surfing UK style
Sebo's birthday
A wood pile

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen August 19th 2006

Werder Bremen vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen... the match we had been waiting for. Werder Bremens first home game of the 2006/2007 season and we had tickets. Making it our first live European soccer game. Saturday the 19th of August, 2006 was match day. That morning we dressed our selves to support Werder our adopted team in true Bremen style. With scarves in hand we were off. Our only problem, again a lack of German vocabulary. Unable to sing Werders tunes in German we had to modify them a little, to fit in. Our version of their club song went some thing like this... "Wer-der Brem-men.... something, something yeh... do-di-do-do-doo-do do-di-do-do-doooo" From our house we ventured into town to meet the others and made our way to Wesser Stadium. Conviently there was a bus waiting at the ... read more
The Chuppa Chup Stand
The Wesser Studium
The Opposition Fans

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