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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin November 2nd 2006

Haven't really had a chance to really sit down and update our blog. So much has happened over the past 10 days. We've been catching up with all of my old friends here in northern Germany and it feels like we've been here for weeks. Thought we'd sit down and let you all know what we've been up to. Last Tuesday, 24th October we flew to Berlin. Our friends Tina and Rob were there to meet us at the airport. Tina is a school friend from my time as an exchange student in Leer, Ostfriesland back in 1996. She now lives in Oldenburg with her boyfriend, Rob and they both drove to Berlin to spend a few days showing us around there. What an amazing city. We had a fantastic little hotel right in the middle ... read more
Berlin Wall
Brandenburg Gate
Der Reichstag

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 2nd 2006

So today we left for Munich and made it here perfectly safe. We woke up this morning and thought it was a little cold and then when we went out, it was snowing! We werent surprised about it there but once we made it to Munich, we were really surprised because the weather said it was supposed to be 9 degrees today but it was way colder here than in Vienna. IT was such a fun train ride too because we went through the mountains and the whole time it was snowing, i got some decent pictures of how hard it was snowing that either jenny or i will put up later. As for Munich so far, it seems like a really rich city but it also seems really small. Or atleast compared to Vienna. I ... read more

Europe » Germany October 31st 2006

Monday, 09 October…… A busy travel day that started without a hint of the problem to come. Leaving the hotel at 6:00 AM, I was at Heathrow terminal 4 checking in fjor my flight by 7:30 AM. The London underground got me there for only 4 UK pounds and only one easy change of trains…..what a bargain! My friend York, who works at Zurich airport, met me at the gate and after a quick coffee and a few explanations, he was off to work and I was on the 1:48 train to Constance (or Konstanz). That gave me a nice comfortable 35 minute window to catch the 3:45 PM boat across the lake to Meersburg. Dragging my luggage along the platform, down the stairs and half way up the ramp to where the boats were, I ... read more
Hotel zum Schiff

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 30th 2006

Well, er ... not really to be fair, constant reader. People like Muhammad Ali whom I quote are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them, and then there are the rest of us who just aren't so great! There has been, however, a powerful synergy to this European trip that I hadn't fully realised when planning my itinerary in Sydney. I've arrived back in Germany where my European travels began, and on to fascinating Berlin. But in hindsight I realise my trip has followed in the footsteps of great and terrible men; men such as Napoleon and Hitler, and like them I've been drawn inexorably towards the East. The main difference is I didn't enter Eastern Europe and Russia to direct or lead conquering armies; but have taken on these countries armed only with ... read more
Cathedral in Berlin
Brandenburg gate
Reichstag dome

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 29th 2006

One of the most important cities over the past 100 years .. the modern history! Berlin is a really amazing city for so many reasons. Arriving into Germany, I had to make a change of trains at Hamburg, so after seeing purely the inside of the station at Hamburg we were off on a fast train to Berlin. Unfortunately I was going to catch up with Kristin from my Scotland tour but we messed up the dates and she was on the North Sea for the week. After stumbling around trying to find directions to a hostel, I made my way to the Schoneberg area and to Meininger City Hostel. I wandered around this area of town before taking it easy back at the hostel. The next day it was really sunny and actually a bit ... read more
Sunset from Reichstag
Holocaust Memorial
East Side Gallery

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg October 29th 2006

So, back again from H-berg. Just been chillin around town lately. Done a lot of schoolwork, since I finished my first grade placement last week. It was really hard to leave the kids. They sang some goodbye songs, and we had cupcakes and such. It was great, and I’ll miss them a lot! I’ve seen them in the halls, and they all get so excited to see Miss Walter again. I get a little excited to see them too! But yea, first-grade was wonderful, a lot of work but well worth it. I’ll miss Carol, she was such a great mentor and taught me a lot! But, preschool is going swimmingly. I was so comfortable in the classroom right from the beginning. Preschool is kind of my thing and I know what to do. It’s ... read more
H-berg castle
Schwetzingen is fun to say

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt October 28th 2006

That's how I felt going back to Germany, even though it was just for a few hours... I met Aaron at the tube station around 7am (on a SATURDAY!!) and we went to the airport, which wasn't busy, pretty alright...and bc of all that security stuff flying from London I had to get rid of toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer and the last bottle of Jäger I bought in Germany (still had it...)!! I even took a few sips, it was 8am and a guy walking by me started laughing, but you know...I had to THROW IT OUT!!! It was painful.. :/ Anyways, once you pass security, there's a Boots, so we just bought everything there, had coffee, off we go and flight 30min or so delayed, then at the airport, a while to find the girls, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 28th 2006

When Luke and I arrived in Munich we were greeted by his family friends, Robert and Regina. On our first night, they took us out to an underground restaurant, serving traditional Bevarian of course, Luke ordered an extremely typical german dish....a plate of lots of different sausages!!!! i stuck with a baked potato!!! We spent the next day being shown around Munich by Robert and Regina. I found Munich to be a very beautiful city. Although it is classed as a city, it seems like you are just in a big village, as the buildings are only a few stories high, and it has quite a peaceful atmosphere. There are many beautiful churches throughout the city, and lots of lovely restaurants and high class clothing stores! On our second day, we were driven to Neushwanstein, ... read more
Luke and I

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 27th 2006

Finally after a couple of days of hiring a bike I decided to buy one and got this mean machine... It says "international" on the side so I am assuming that it will be safe to ride back to England on. Unfortunately it only has only one speed slow, and is prone to being overtaken. Also there is a flaw in the braking system which requires one to pedal backwards in order to slowly grind to a peaceful halt. Even with the vast network of cycle paths, riding the city of Munich makes for an exciting experience.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 25th 2006

More lions, just a few of the 502 sponsored by local companies and scattered like litter across the city. It's important that you visit LEO WEBSITE and increase your knowledge of this cultural phenomena. For too long Munich has led the way artistically, it's good to see them take a backseat for once and copy other cities ideas. Today we visited the Deutsche Museum, the WORLD'S LARGEST AND OLDEST (science) museum. As well as lots of aeroplanes and boats there is a section dedicated to the Art of PRESSING BUTTONS.... read more
leo classy
pretentious artist leo

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