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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » W├╝rzburg September 19th 2006

Here a few pictures from Wurzburg as well -- sorry I really can't show you guys all the pictures because it takes forever and internet is a little pricy here...... read more
My room in Wurzburg...I thought it was really cute :)
The gardens of a palace in Wurzburg...
a street in wurzburg...

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dortmund September 18th 2006

Hi all, Have just spent the weekend in Amsterdam and am heading back to London later today. No longer have to use Euro, back to pounds and back to where they speak english - or at least a version of it. Had a huge day on Saturday. Got up at 5 to make it to the train. Couldn't really sleep on the train as I ahd many stops along the way where I was actually switching trains. Thankfully all the trains were on time and I managed to make it onto the correct on each time. Stopped for three hours in Amersfoort which is where my Great Great Uncle is buried. Walked for about half an hour, out of town even, to make it to the cemetery. The old one which the web site had said. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt September 18th 2006

So I have made it to Germany. Had a pretty nice day of travelling yeasterday, even though I was very tired at the end of the day after three flights and very little sleep the night before departure. And then Moderaterna won the Swedish election, and there will be a change of government!! What a nice day!! Had a great stay at the Radisson Hotel in Frankfurt, what a fantastic hotel!!! It opened in November 2005, so it was brand new and had a really cool design! It is the first time ever I have got a guided tour of the breakfast buffet, but it was needed as the buffet was divided into different rooms. I got my upgrade as well (due to my SAS gold card), I was upgraded to a very large Business class ... read more
My room at the Radisson Hotel
My room at the Radisson Hotel
My room at the Radisson Hotel

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt September 17th 2006

Hi kids -- well I decided to set up this blog because it was easier then trying to send a ton of pictures through email and then also post them on facebook as well so here it goes... you all should've gotten my first rather large email so that will keep you up to date until now... i will be here till wednesday and then i head off to vienna but i am going to focus on getting some pictures up and then i will fill you all in on some more details after that... until then cheers!... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt September 17th 2006

you all know the drill from my email but i wanted to provide some pictures.. there are really too many to post them all but here are a few...... read more
Random statue in Frankfurt city center
My first hostel!
Statue inside the dom Catherdral in Frankfurt...

Europe » Germany » Baden-W├╝rttemberg » Stuttgart September 17th 2006

Europe » Germany September 17th 2006

Hopefully the journal entry will be added soon.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 16th 2006

Hopefully the blog entry will appear soon.... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 16th 2006 it's been a few days since the last update. We've been to places with no internet access in Germany and in Switzerland internet was 5 swiss francs for 15 minutes and since we only had 12 francs left for updates. It turns out that Switzerland is very expensive. 12 francs gets you 2 small cheeseburgers and 6 nuggets at a Mcdonalds in Bern...and just about nothing anywhere else. So on September 12th we took the trains from Rothenberg to Hohenschwangau which is the land of King Ludwig and his fairy tale castles. We toured both the castles there and stayed in a place with a view of the castle from the balcony. This town was super touristy during the day when swarms of buses pull in but everything shuts down around 6:00. The town ... read more

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