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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz October 16th 2019

"Whatever comes , let it come, what stays let stay and what goes let go" Papaji This holiday seems to be one of taken whatever comes into our stride. It has never quite turned out to be what we planned but the unplanned seems to be coming together. This part of Germany has been interesting to say the least. Not what we expected and the weather is poor. Hat , coats and gloves weather. But at least there is something to see and write home about. Many years ago someone sent me a card from Ostende, one from the Swiss mountains and told me about Koblenz. He loved it and raved about it for years after. I never quite worked out why. It had never been on the radar. I knew it was the place where ... read more
Kaiser Bill at night
Kaiser Bill on his plinth
The view from Gabby

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Immenstaad October 14th 2019

I think I quite like the humour of my new friend Eleanor Oliphant. She seems like a 30 year old Adrian Mole with attitude who says what she thinks and has a very imaginative mind. I feel as you get older you tend to be a little free with your thoughts and words. Sometimes age makes you think you can say or do anything. Maturity goes out of the window and you start to say what you think and hang the consequences. Years ago I might have said something nice about Vaduz , a nice garden, a nice shop assistant , an interesting church . Sadly I found nothing to endear me to it. It was one of those places I was glad to get away from. We planned a few days on Lake Constanz. The ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg October 14th 2019

Where in the world is Gabby the motorhome? She is in a city. You know us well by now . We don't really like busy cities and normally we would avoid them like the plague . That is unless something is worth seeing. We had started the morning in a rather cold and dismal Lake Constanz, done our shopping, emptied Gabbys toilet and filled her with water. We had restocked the cupboards thanks to Lidl and plenty of fresh bread. The journey to Freiburg was not the most pleasant. The roads were exceedingly busy, It felt as if all of Germany were on the road. As always we found many roadworks. Germany is still spending on their roads. Some are being completely dug up and many have lanes coned off. It took us rather a long ... read more
the other gate
The Rathaus

Europe » Germany October 12th 2019

Our departure from Luxembourg takes us out through the Luxembourg area of the Moselle but our plan Is to get to Germany and find a site to stay for a few days, when I say site, let’s quantify that! We clearly need somewhere to sleep at night and in the UK that in the main would be in a campsite. Well in Europe they are far more accommodating of Motorhomes and set up specific Parking areas and most you can sleep in for either little or no money exchanging hands! France, Spain and Portugal are great at this and that is why it is such a popular destination for Brit’s and many other nationalities. We love these Aires they are in great locations and we always ensure we spend money in the village as a way ... read more
Bad Wimpen
Rothenburg by night

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 4th 2019

In order to head to Southern Europe, we need to backtrack, from Stockholm to Malmo to Copenhagen to Hamburg, and finally to Berlin, GERMANY. At Rodby, Denmark, the train is driven on to a ferry for a 45 minute ride to Putt Garden, Germany. Quite an experience. A thirteen hour day of travel. Guten Morgen Berlin. First off is to go and book reservations for our future travels. At the wicket, I ask the fellow assisting us how long he has lived in Berlin and if he likes it here. He responds that he has been here three years and that in Berlin, he feels safe, as he came from Afghanistan. He worked for the military, assisting the U.S. soldiers. The agreement was that in three years time he would receive a green card, and his ... read more
Our train from Denmark drove onto a hybrid ferry!
A Berliners Breakfast!
Old East Berlin

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 1st 2019

Waking up today was a bit rough, as you can imagine. But to be honest, I think it was better than we thought it would be. We rose a bit earlier, as we absolutely had to catch the 9:53am train out of Munich to Fussen, which is very close to the Germany/Austria border. We were going down to see: Neuschwanstein castle! It's basically the castle that Walt Disney modeled his Cinderella castle after. I've seen pictures and it's always been a bucket list item of mine to go and see it in person someday. The weather today was absolutely perfect - sunny and in the low 70s all day long. Couldn't have asked for anything better! The only thing about the day was, it is a royal pain in the arse to get down there & ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 30th 2019

Day two began early. Our bodies woke us up at 6am, which was fine by me because I was starving. But we lazed around in bed for a little bit, as we never get to do that anymore with little kiddos. :) We went downstairs to our hotel restaurant for our free breakfast. The offerings are pretty European - several fruit, breads, meats, and cheeses but not a whole lot else. There were minimal cereals and yogurt so I snagged some cornflakes with some amazing honey on it. And we were able to order some scrambled eggs, which was nice. The best part is that the coffee is actually decent, which is a great relief. (Our hotel in Ireland a few years ago had super crap coffee.) We tried a weird kind of white breakfast sausage, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 29th 2019

Well. I would have to say, our trip sure began in a way neither of us expected. We arrived at the Indy airport around 2pm (a little over two hours ahead of our flight). As usual, I have meticulously planned & packed & ensured we have everything ready for this trip. I even packed for the kids, made a lasagna for the in-laws, and had an entire weeks worth of groceries for them. And yet, somehow, this one little detail totally escaped me. We went to the Air Canada desk to check our bags. Randy checked his in, no problem. Then it was my turn. I handed the lady my passport & ticket. She glanced over things, paused, and said "do you have any other documents with this name?" My heart sank into my shoes and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 27th 2019

It's time! Randy and I are preparing to leave for our third vacation together, second to Europe. We traveled to San Francisco & Napa back in 2013 before we were even engaged. And then went to Ireland the following year, before our wedding. Then we had to pop out a couple of kids, so traveling was on hold. This past winter, right after I had Hudson, I attended my company's holiday party and won a $3500 toward any vacation I wanted. Are you kidding me?! We were over the moon excited! And in true Randy-and-Lindsey fashion, we took less than 24 hours to research, decide, and book where we wanted to go: Germany during Oktoberfest! We highly considered Hawaii and Italy, but with this not being OUR money, it changed the conversation a little bit. Hawaii ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg September 22nd 2019

Going to board yet another train, the sky is coloured with a sunrise of pastel peach and pink blush. Onwards to Hamburg, GERMANY. Two trains are joined together with an apparatus looking like giant plug-ins. There are even double decker trains available. Transferring to another train in Duisburg, the people in the six seater compartment say it is closed and try to shoo us away. But we have made reservations, so one of them has to leave. I am not impressed. Shortly into the trip, the train stops as someone has pulled the emergency brake. Me thinks it is the inebriated soccer fans on board. The two hour trip turns into five hours as the train was also initially one hour late. In the city, our hotel seems to be in the Little Portugal area of ... read more
There was a tower wedding going on.
Dinner in Little Portugal
The Norwegian Centre in Hamburg

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