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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Berchtesgaden July 15th 2019

Reiseziel Königssee Der Königssee inmitten der Berchtesgadener Alpen bietet eine traumhafte Landschaft und zieht Wanderer und Bergsteiger aus ganz Deutschland an. Der überwiegende Teil des Sees befindet sich im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, welcher als Schutzgebiet für die brütenden Vögel in der Umgebung ausgewiesen und Teil des Biosphärenreservat Berchtesgaden der UNESCO ist. Mit einer Fläche von 5,2 Quadratkilometer und einer maximalen Wassertiefe von 190 Metern ist er einer der wenigen Alpenseen, der im Winter in der Regel nicht zufriert. Seine Wasserqualität ist eine der saubersten aller Seen in Deutschland. Bootsfahren auf dem Königssee Die Bootsfahrt auf dem Berchtesgadener Königssee bietet Touristen einen einzigartigen Einblick in die Landschaft und ermöglicht einmalige Erlebnisse. Der Kön... read more
Berchtesgaden am Abend
Sankt Bartholomä Wallfahrtskapelle
Anlegestellen für Bootsfahrten

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Lemgo July 9th 2019

Short trip to my old birth place. Should be an interesting trip, a trip down memory lane, providing that everything works OK, and the timetable works. A trip that would not be allowed if certain family members had their way. Anyway, first message received this morning telling me that the flight would be delayed by 30 minutes. That will mean a bit of a rush from arriving in Düsseldorf to catch the 18.02 train To Bielefeld and Lemgo. Not a good start, got a phone message to tell me that my flight is delayed until 16.05. Which means, of course, that l will miss my connection and probably not get to my hotel until at least 23.00. Arrived at my least liked Manchester Airport and found the usual chaos. Information board tells me that my flight ... read more

Europe » Germany July 5th 2019

Tu som stravil len den. Obe letiska na vyspelu europsku krajinu su ubohe. Motal som sa len v okoli tilla durieux park, tu je fajn miesto na relax. Vecer som bol omrknut spreeinsel. Tam sklamanie, bo sa to cele rekonstruovalo. Inak som tu nic zaujimave nenavstivil, kedze som bol ko po lete a v berline som bol uz 2x. Raz ma tu hostila lea (ostali sme fajn kamosi) a druhy krat japonka co som ju u nas zobral na katarinku (ako kazda sikmacka i tato po case na mna zabudla a ked sa jej pripomeniem tak len stroho odpovie) Ubytko 3litlle pigs - 8dorm, sprcha na izbe. Obrovsky komplex s velmi velkou lobby na sposob kantiny v harry poterovy. Ok ubytko avsak vacsina osadenstva grupy ludi. Cena 19€ NAKLADY Berlin ( scoot airlines kl - berlin ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 3rd 2019

Tuesday 2nd July Today I did a day trip to Nuremberg to visit the German Railway Museum. It was a two hour trip on the Regional train. I could have taken the ICE train which takes half the time, but it was three times the price! The museum was quite interesting, particularly the section concerning the 1920s and 1930s, probably the golden age of German railways, when they were at the cutting edge of railway technology, and led the world with streamlined and high speed trains, such as the Flying Hamburger and the Noble Stag locomotive (I have models of both these). Of course the system was largely destroyed thanks to the Nazis starting WWII. The Allied bombing, plus the Nazis' crazed destruction of infrastructure as they lost the war, saw to that. Then the division ... read more
Noble Stag Locomotive
Monopteros in the Englischen Garten
Surfers in the Englischen Garten

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Garmisch-Partenkirchen July 3rd 2019

I used to have this idea about climbing the highest mountain of every country in the world. Clearly, it was a ludicrous notion, not least because I’m not a mountaineer. Though look up Ginge Fullen for someone who is well on the way. The ambition then reduced to climbing to the highest point of at least one country per year. So if I live to be 200 I still might achieve it! Assuming the world remains inhabitable for that long. This ambition has led me up some beautiful but obvious mountains, such as Kilimanjaro and Ben Nevis, some beautiful but obscure (and hairy) climbs, such as Grauspitz (Liechtenstein) and Aragats (Armenia), and some ridiculous high points like the side of a road up an escalator in Monaco and a radio mast on a foggy hill in ... read more
More great music in Munich
Partnach Gorge, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Above Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Europe » Germany » Bavaria July 1st 2019

This blog entry could really have been three separate entries, one for each day of the Alpine Road trip, but I didn't have time to do the blog each day. Now I am in Munich winding down, so have time to put it all in this mega-entry. Hope you have time to enjoy all the pictures (there's two pages – don't miss the second page) and don't forget to watch the panoramas change at the top of the page. Saturday 29th June I slept quite well, with the sound of the rushing water in the valley outside being a soothing sound. At breakfast this morning they had some GF bread for me, and it was really like normal bread, and delicious. Then I headed down the road to Berchtesgaden. There was a stream of classic cars ... read more
Castle Neuschwanstein
Zugspitze Summit
Bavarian House in Reit Im Winkl

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 28th 2019

Wednesday 26th June The rail connections to get from Mulhouse in France to Lindau in Germany can be rather complicated, and can involve numerous changes. I opted for the least changes, which meant a TGV to Zurich, then a EuroCity train from there to Lindau. So it was four countries for the day, being France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The three latter countries all have part of Lake Constance. It was a hot day, and the air conditioning on the trains struggled, especially the second train, which was crowded and hot. It was a locomotive-hauled train, a rare beast in Australia but still very common in Europe. It stopped at the Swiss-Austrian border to change from a Swiss locomotive and crew to a German locomotive and crew. I had an hour and a half stopover in ... read more
Lindau Harbour
Harbour Entrance after dusk
Continuous – Lake & Sky

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg June 24th 2019

Monday 24th June Today I did a train trip across the Rhine into Germany and through the Black Forest. The train across the border from Mulhouse to Mullheim was French, needing a French ticket which I could not buy online as it is international. Then I used a one-day rail pass in Germany which I did buy online. The journey was a loop – from Mullheim across to Titisee, then a bus to Donaueshingen, onto the Black Forest line train to Offenburg, with a stop at Triberg to see the waterfall, then south back to Mullheim and back across to France. In all, seven trains and two buses on the day. The train across the border was just a single diesel railcar, connecting with the German train which I took up to Freiburg. Here I had ... read more
Herz Jesu Kirche, Freiburg
Schloss Donaueschingen
Triberg Waterfall

Europe » Germany June 22nd 2019

Wie geplant geht es auch heute früh raus. Die innere Uhr scheint inzwischen sowieso schon total zu spinnen. Obwohl wir "gegen die Zeit" fliegen und täglich einige Stunden verlieren, kommen wir mit erstaunlich wenig Schlaf aus und so sind wir schon zur Öffnung des "Natura"-Restaurants um 6:30 Uhr zum Frühstück angetreten, dann wieder die knapp 30m rüber zum FBO (fix based operator = Flughafenbüro) und wenige Augenblicke später sitzen wir wieder im Flieger. Übrigens saßen beim Frühstück am Nachbartisch einige US-Amerikaner, die sich laut vernehmlich über Dinge wie Flugwetter usw. unterhielten. Jetzt sehen wir diese Kerle auf eine DC-3 zulaufen. Die waren offensichtlich auch bei der "70-Jahre Lüftbrücke Berlin" Aktion dabei. Der Tankwart hatte gestern erzählt, dass eine ganze Gruppe von DC-3 dafür in Reykjavik Zwischenstation gemacht hatte. Als Tankstopp in England ha... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg June 19th 2019

Summer usually means adventures of one kind or another, and this summer's adventure is what I am starting to think of as the Grand Tour. Not because we are hitting all the cities that used to make up the Grad Tour of Europe - far from it - but because getting seven people (three brothers, two parents, and a cousin) to eight European cities might be more of an adventure than I anticipated. The adventure began in Augsburg, Germany, where my cousin Michelle lives. She got married last Friday and did it in great German style. One German tradition is to break porcelain - old dishes, apparently sometimes toilets - and then have the couple clean up the mess to show they can work together. Not only was this a fun time, but it brought her ... read more
Brothers playing at reception
Cousin's awesome shoes
Tour of Augsburg Dom

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