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Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden December 19th 2006

I awoke an hour before room service arrived, showered and was ready for coffee when the doorbell rang. Yes, a doorbell on my hotel room. Though I was prepared to pay full charge for my room service breakfast, I learned that the "breakfast included with your room", meant also in your room. So, I ate my breakfast and caught up on the day's news - CNN International again is my only English choice, but that's OK. In an hour I hear everything I need to know about world events and then it repeats just in case I missed something the first time. My mood is so much brighter this morning. Amazing what a good night's sleep and room service will do to improve your day. So I wrap up and get ready for my exploring out ... read more
Children's Village with Train
Miniature Village
Fun for Young and Old

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 19th 2006

Hey all, Firstly, this keyboard is funny. Z is in place of Y, so if i type z then it means y, and vice versa. So i've managed to navigate my way to where I am staying, whilst trzing to be subtle and not be pointed about being a tourist. Apart from looking confusedly at a large map, carrying a huge bag and clicking photos everywhere, so far so good! Hostel is good, my bed is the warmest comfyest bed i've ever slept in. Met a cool person from Tasmania this morning, who's off to Spain today. She's been travelling for 6 months. Berlin is Very Cold. At about 5pm the temp dropped dramatically. But i still have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I think... *counts* Went to Spandau y'day, which is a NW suburb of ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg December 19th 2006

Days in Nurnberg Monday: A Day of Rest and the Toy Museum Yesterday we didn’t really do all that much so we didn’t dedicate a blog entry for the day. After we woke up we went in search of breakfast. Kel wasn’t feeling very good because of a headache so we needed to get food right away in hopes of making her feel better. While we were searching for place to eat, we stopped and got pretzels. Very cheap, but very good and fulfilling; the pretzels carried us until we found an acceptable place to eat. Once we found an acceptable place we each did breakfast in our own way. Kel had broccoli and cheddar soup while I had toast with honey, butter and jam. Yummy! From there we headed to the Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum). ... read more
Harp Lyre
Hurdi Gurdi

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden December 18th 2006

I am up at 5:30, shower and pack, and am downstairs at 6:15 to await my taxi. The owner was in the breakfast room, and while she didn't quite have everything ready, insisted that I at least have some coffee and a pastry while I wait on the taxi. I sat next to the window as I ate, so that I could see my taxi when it arrived. The frau kept telling me to relax, the driver would ring. Sure enough, he did - no idling the car out front and blowing the horn here. I arrive at the bahnhof, pay the driver and dash into the news stand. In all of my walking the day before, I didn't buy a magnet or any small souveniers. So, I made a few quick purchases in the news ... read more
Fast Moving through the Farmlands
Rolling Hills and Farms
Nearing the Leipzig Station

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden December 18th 2006

So I arrive at Hotel Taschenberg Palais and begin to understand the "Palais" piece of this. The website description of this hotel mentioned that it was a refurbished palace of the mistress to August the Strong, but I had no idea. I later learned that in the year 1705, August the Strong commissioned to construct a palace for his favorite mistress, Countess Cosel - who he later imprisoned. In one of of the photos, you will see the bridge that connects the Royal Residence to the Palace. How convenient. The bell captain opened my taxi door, welcomed me to the hotel, grabbed my bag and escorted me to another bellhop, who escorted me to checki n. The first bellman returned to his post - a small one-man building, similar to the small guardhouse you see at ... read more
Entry Courtyard
Zwinger to the Left
The Royal Residence Palace

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden December 18th 2006

The striking thing about the exterior of the Palace - and typical of most of the restored buildings I see - is that in restoring, they left the soot on the stones from the massive fires after the firebombing of Dresden 60 years ago. Dresden was pretty much wiped out - the temperatures were so hot, that many of the huge sandstones that were used in construction, such as in the Frauenkirche, collapsed due to all moisture evaporating and reducing the stone to sand. The Royal Palace, the Zwinger Museum and the Semper Opera House, all located across from each other and across the street from my hotel, bear this mark of their tormented past. My research provided that this was intentional -scars as a reminder of this town's history to those who may one day ... read more
The Residence Main Entrance

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg December 17th 2006

Nurnberg and Nazi History After breakfast we headed out of Rothenberg on back roads in order to take a more scenic route to Nurnberg. Rothenberg is only an hour a way from Nurnberg so we didn’t get to see much on the trip. Mostly we saw some small towns and green fields. I’m sure later on we will see more countryside as we head towards the Alps. The Hotel and Lunch We arrived at our hotel which is part of a chain of hotels owned by NH, a Spanish company. While the building lacks some of the small town character we like to see in hotels as we travel, the facilities more than make up for the lack of personality. We have a huge king size bed which is the first time we haven’t had ... read more
Outside of Documentation Museum
Outside of Documentation Museum
Inside of Congress Hall

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 17th 2006

After my visit to the Max Platz market, I set out in search of a couple of other sites in Bamberg that I had recently read about in a book by Steve Berry entitled "The Third Secret". While the book only had a short piece in it about Bamberg, there was enough detail about the city that I was interested in seeing after reading Mr. Berry's descriptions. One was an area along the river called "Little Venice", named because the river abuts the buildings and people board flat river boats for rides there. Also, because even though the city did experience bombing during WWII, it had been restored beautifully to preserve the old Germany that is so charming. And another reason - The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George, where Pope Clement II is entombed ... read more
Crossing the Unterebruke
The River Houses and The Church
Statue of Emperess Kunigrunde

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Bamberg December 17th 2006

I rose early to catch at 6 am train to Bamberg. So far, the weather had been great for sightseeing. Cold, but sunny, with a few days of partial overcast. This morning as I left the Hotel, it was pouring the rain. Not cold enough for snow, dang, but cold nevertheless. I would say it was probably in the upper 30's or low 40's. But, that's what they make a hood on a coat for. I had decided no more than a couple of weeks before leaving, to make a stop in Bamburg. I had originally planned to see Nurnberg, but I had read that Bamberg was really a great city to explore and their Christmas market was much smaller but less commercial than Nurnberg. Also, Bamberg had restored after WWII vs. flattened and built new, ... read more
Hotel Weierich Lobby
Chandelier Closeup
A Room with a View

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber December 16th 2006

Pedi-Cabs, Walking and Crowds After breakfast in our hotel this morning we went in search of our new hotel. Due to the touristy nature of Rothenberg neither hotel we are staying in could offer us two nights, thus we had to move today - leaving our great room and nice dogs behind. After walking for about 20 minutes we found the new hotel and then got our car to park it closer to the new hotel. By time we moved to the new hotel, the town had gotten crazy busy. Busses upon busses of tourists arrived by about 10am. There were tons of US military families in town along with our favorite: Japanese tour groups. After checking out and checking in again, we started the day with a trip to the crime and punishment museum. ... read more
Town Square
Mike and Kel in the Pedi-Cab
Kel and Pedi Cab Driver

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