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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn October 28th 2021

Edellinen 24 tunnin lippu oli vielä voimassa puoleen päivään. Ajoin ratikalla Heumarktille ja kävelin Reinin rantaa pitkin päärautatieasemalle. Ostin uuden 24 tunnin lipun, joka oli voimassa Bonniin asti ja matkustin paikallisjunalla Bonniin. Ajoin siellä ensin ratikalla Rein-joen yli, kävelin siellä kierroksen ja palasin ratikalla keskustaan. Kävelin vanhankaupungin läpi, kävin syömässä meksikolaisessa ravintolassa ja kerkesin klo 15.33 lähtevään junaan. Kölnissä ajelin ratikalla valoisaan aikaan. Kuvasin köysiradan, ajoin itäpuolta etelään ja kävin katsomassa lähempää rannalle rakennettuja rakennuksia. Lopuksi palasin asunnolle kehäkatua pitkin, jossa oli näkyvissä pari kaupungin porttia. Kävin kuuntelemassa yhdessä baarissa kirjailijaa Jan Randy, joka luki ääneen omia kertomuksiaan. Illan ohjelmassa oli vielä pyykinpesu. Käytin ensimmäistä... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn June 25th 2015

Z hotelu wyjechałyśmy o 10.43 autobusem do Koblenz. Następnie poszłyśmy na śniadanie ale tak na prawdę zjadłyśmy obiad. Usiadlysmy we wloskiej restauracji La Mamma. Ja miałam kotleta z frytkami i sałatką a Gloria miała sznycla z parmesamem i sałatką. Obiad minął w miłej atmosferze bo przez większość czasu przygrywał nam grajek uliczny. Ładnie grał. Z Koblenz wzięłyśmy pociąg o 13.28 do Bonn bo autobusy tam nie jeżdżą. Następnie okazało się że mamy 4.5 km do hotelu. Wzięłyśmy autobus który podwiozł nas bardzo blisko bo niecały kilometr od tego miejsca. Znalazłyśmy BaseCamp hotel. Jest to hangar w którym wstawiono wagon sypialny i przyczepy campingowe. Ceny nie są tanie ale też nie najdroższe. My miałyśmy zamówione miejsce w wagonie sypialnianym. Dostałyśmy klucz i poszłyśmy zobaczyć. Załamka. Tak maleńkiego miejsca do spa... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn October 9th 2014

So, I’ve been rather reluctant to write another one of these, because really I am not so sure I can outshine my last post; it is very possible my blogging career has peaked, and from here on out I’ll be just a shadow of what I once was. Alas, with some Milka chocolate to guide me, (and my wit) I just might make it through yet. Forealdoe, I have 10 different chocolate bars next to my bed right now. It’s only .69 cents for a huge bar and there are so many options; I’m currently sweet on (pun intended) the Oreo and Chip’s Ahoy bars. The chocolate here is so incredible, it’s like this; the German reject chocolate, a.k.a the stuff you get in the States when your parents are too cheap to buy you real ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 23rd 2014

390km to Kongswinter. Small village on Rhine. Easy jolly, now 34C. Rhine is big fast river, with lots of barge tragic, which makes slow progress upstream, we saw so many near misses - an opinion. On Wednesday took train (oldest in Europe) up mountain 371m to see Schloss Drachenbung, this trip is a jolly to see stuff.... read more
rhine & castle

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn September 21st 2011

OUR LAST HURRAH ON THE RHEIN As we started South toward Mainz and Wiesbaden, our first stop was Eltville, where we were able to tour the ruins of a large agricultural estate, a Roman latifundium, that is now the 'old town', that was granted town status in 1332. Part of our tour included the picturesque ruins that are the remainder of the Burg. We then headed for Wiesbaden, where Stellplatz's are rare and found a parking area near a sports field, cycling track and walking paths. We found a Hobby Dealer and were able to purchase some supplies for our MH and check out the newer models, which left us appreciating all the extras that we currently have. Wiesbaden gave us a beautiful early morning view of the Baroque Biebrich Palace. As we entered Mainz, and ... read more
Beethovenhaus,in Bonn
Hail on the 26th of Aug.
Maria Laach

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 16th 2011

Hello All, We took advantage of our beautiful sunny Monday, and we explored the Rhine in the other direction: up stream toward the south. Bonn has these great bike trails along the Rhine and we had taken them several times north to the center of town. We decided to take the bikes on one of the ferries one way south and then ride them back, I think it was even my idea. We bought passage from Bad Goddesberg (Near Margies Home) to Lindt for 17,80 € for the both of us and the bikes first thinking the wind would be at our backs when returning. The trip was beautiful on the large ferry and they had no problem putting our bikes on board. The cruise up was great, but I ended up paying 6.2 € for ... read more
Peter on the Ferry
Rhine Castle
Old German Residence

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 14th 2011

We have recovered from the adventures in Prague and Munich; the quiet home along the Rhine is good for that. We went to the grocery store and spent € 38 on fruits and veggies, bread, beer, and a bottle of wine. We also go some hamburger as that is something we really miss. Ok, we got some ice cream bars too. We have vowed to not go to any American fast food places, like the ubiquitous Mickey D, but we still had a taste for hamburgers. And, it turned out good. We have been getting a lot of rain, today we went to Bonn to buy our tickets to Amsterdam for Wednesday morning, and got drenched. Attached is a picture of Linda outside the Starbucks in the Bonn Zentrum square. So, it is off again to ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 12th 2011

Well, we are back in Bonn after traveling on rail, bus, car, and plane. One thing about Europe, they have getting around nailed. It is raining lightly, but enjoyed such good weather over the last week's travels, that the rain presents a good time to upload some photos from the last week. ... read more
Linda on our walk in Munich
Munich St Peter Tower

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 3rd 2011

Hello All, Well, we wanted to "live like the natives" and while I guess that without going to work, etc. , that may be hard to do, we are jumping in with both feet. But, some differences between the US and Germany are hard to miss: 1) There seems to be more smoking at least we are more aware of it because there is no prohibition to it in many restaurants outdoor areas 2) The public transportation is much more advanced here and the Germans have invested in infrastructure to support it. We are envious. 3) Everyone seems to be more energy conscience and recycle is not a dirty word. In fact, everyone seems to recycle and separation of trash is implemented everywhere, even commercial/public areas. 4) Many people speak English but not speaking German is ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 2nd 2011

Yesterday was our first day alone in Bonn. Margie and her fantastic translation skills got on a train to the airport and then on to America along with her Daughter Janina, grandsons in tow. So, we decided to try our driving skills with a short trip to Central Bonn. (We had ridden the bikes along the Rhine the day before, but learned that most shops are closed on Sunday in Germany) Did anyone tell us that the central part is pedestrian only? Yes, but it came into full understanding while trying to find a parking space.... We ended up having a great time, but are going back today on the 610/611 bus in the future. The fare is less than the cost of parking we find and after a visit to the tourist information office, we ... read more
Linda at Beethoven House
Pete Statue in Square

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