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September 21st 2011
Published: October 2nd 2011
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As we started South toward Mainz and Wiesbaden, our first stop was Eltville, where we were able to tour the ruins of a large agricultural estate, a Roman latifundium, that is now the 'old town', that was granted town status in 1332. Part of our tour included the picturesque ruins that are the remainder of the Burg.
We then headed for Wiesbaden, where Stellplatz's are rare and found a parking area near a sports field, cycling track and walking paths. We found a Hobby Dealer and were able to purchase some supplies for our MH and check out the newer models, which left us appreciating all the extras that we currently have. Wiesbaden gave us a beautiful early morning view of the Baroque Biebrich Palace.
As we entered Mainz, and found parking on the river front, we walked Thurant the city and found intricately carved monuments, Gutenberg's church and statue, and were able to view the interior of the Kaiserdom in all of its beauty and elegance, but the exterior was wrapped in scaffolding. Everyone, including the local police were very helpful in directing us to the areas of interest and explaining some of the significance of the local history.
As we left Mainz and headed inland for Bad Kreuznach, we said farewell to the Rhein River,and were treated to viewing large tracts of farm land, interrupted only by small villages. Bad Kreuznach was a complete surprise as it's centered around 8 huge salivation process stations that provide the free treatment spa experience to anyone with compromised respiratory issues. It also houses the hotel in which President Charles de Gaulle and Chancellor Adenauer met to discuss Franco-German issues and signed a treaty that continues to maintain a peaceful existence between these two countries. The 'old town' area of Bad Kreuznach is a quaint and well-maintained part of the city. Again, a resident of the town joined us as we walked toward the information office, and gave us a history lesson and pointed out panoramic areas to photograph, good inexpensive restaurants, and a nearby spa town to visit on our motor scooter with amazing red rock formations and burg ruins.
We thought that we had bid the Rhein a farewell, but find it awaited us as we entered the North Rhein, traveling to Bonn and then Koln. We have found that there is a definite touch of Fall in the air and the temperatures at night have been known to fall to 8 degrees C. (46 F) in Bad Kreuznach, shortly before our arrival. The temperatures in the MH have been 13-18 degrees C. (56-66 F)each morning. As we've traveled through the areas away from the Rhine, heavily laden apple tree have replaced massive vineyards and we're once again seeing grazing cattle and horses as well as huge gardens and acres of cabbages. Sauerkraut and red cabbage lovers need to visit Germany.
In Bonn, the tram system was a great way to access the downtown area and we were immediately surrounded by the points of interest, although as in many areas, restoration and repair of many buildings are encased in serious scaffolding. This was the case in Mainz where the Kaiserdom was not viewable, the Niederwald Monument was a towering block of steel and screening and of course many buildings are closed on certain days and for certain hours. All of this can be quite variable and frustrating. However, in Bonn, the beautiful former Baroque Electors Palace, now housing Bonn University, was very busy with all the students on campus and riding bicycles thru the market platz. The churches and monuments, and Ludwig Beethoven's home and statue as well as the Baroque Rathaus (town hall) set against a crystal blue sky gave Guy some excellent photographic opportunities.

We are publishing this blog very late as we have not had any access to internet for some while. We may have to continue with the remainder of our trip after we get back to the states.

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2nd October 2011

Well Cinderalla, what's next?

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