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August 3rd 2011
Published: August 3rd 2011
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Wonderful Townhouse in nice area near the Rhine. Our "digs"
Hello All,

Well, we wanted to "live like the natives" and while I guess that without going to work, etc. , that may be hard to do, we are jumping in with both feet. But, some differences between the US and Germany are hard to miss:

1) There seems to be more smoking at least we are more aware of it because there is no prohibition to it in many restaurants outdoor areas
2) The public transportation is much more advanced here and the Germans have invested in infrastructure to support it. We are envious.
3) Everyone seems to be more energy conscience and recycle is not a dirty word. In fact, everyone seems to recycle and separation of trash is implemented everywhere, even commercial/public areas.
4) Many people speak English but not speaking German is a big handicap (I guess unless you are staying at a 4-Star hotel) as very little is written in both English and German.
5) There seems to be fees for a lot of things that are free in the US. Like the grocery store charges to use a cart, it costs to talk to a person when making an airline reservation, there are

Life if good with a glass of wine after a day of touring.
fees for grocery bags, WiFi internet is available in McDonalds but costs a fee as well as in the airports. Starbucks is free however
6) People seem fitter and ride bikes more
7) There are not as many choices in the markets
8) Many things are a lot more expensive, like food and gas. We can't think of anything cheaper than it is in the US.

We went to see the Lieberman exhibit at a museum. He is an early 20th century German artist. It was pretty good. We love our digs for the next few weeks, but are leaving Friday for Munich.

Ok, that is it for now.

Pete and Linda

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They get some of the Californian wines over here...

Waste, paper, packaging, and glass.

You gotta love the trains...

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