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August 2nd 2011
Published: August 2nd 2011
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Pete on BikePete on BikePete on Bike

You use a bike more, and as I found out, the bell.
Yesterday was our first day alone in Bonn. Margie and her fantastic translation skills got on a train to the airport and then on to America along with her Daughter Janina, grandsons in tow. So, we decided to try our driving skills with a short trip to Central Bonn. (We had ridden the bikes along the Rhine the day before, but learned that most shops are closed on Sunday in Germany) Did anyone tell us that the central part is pedestrian only? Yes, but it came into full understanding while trying to find a parking space.... We ended up having a great time, but are going back today on the 610/611 bus in the future. The fare is less than the cost of parking we find and after a visit to the tourist information office, we feel confident that it will be our choice to the ride on Friday to the train station for our sojourn to Munchen.

We got the "handy" (cell phone) working with the help of Google's Translation website. All of the phone's messages and SIM card's instructions are in German. For emergencies only, the cell phone number is 049-0178-1744878. We may have a newer number in a few weeks as this is for a prepaid card and limited number of minutes.

Bonn is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven in 1770 and to give testimony to the durability of their construction, we took some pictures in front of the very home that lil Ludwid was born in. Also, we went to the town square where there is a staute of him.

We love the cafes and people watching from city central. Gosh, we have enjoyed such beautiful weather, sunny, not too hot, and cool evenings. Can't say we miss the 107 degrees F in Arizona common this time of the year.

And, for your information all you from Illinois, we saw fields of corn on the way to Holland the other day. A little bit of home!!

Margie gets satellite TV here and it is quite different, of course, from a European perspective but nonetheless, quite stiking. The world business and economz is very sensitive to what happens in the world leader US and they talk a lot in their news reporting about implications of the debt ceiling issue, the fall of America as a world economic power, and faltering leadership based
Linda at Beethoven HouseLinda at Beethoven HouseLinda at Beethoven House

I know, it is pink. Wonder what color it was in 1770?
on what they consider irresponsible behavior. I think it should be mandatory for Americans to view a wider set of opinions in that one gets the sense that our current Congress and the haggling around the Debt issue, their political deadlock and the fallout around the world. In other words, getting one's news only from sources in the US does not give appropriate context. I know that there are those who believe that the rest of the world does not matter to what the US does, but that is, in my view, sticking one's head in the sand. One noteworthy aside that I am sure won't get any play in the US is Russia's reaction to the debt crisis: Putin called the US "...a parasite on the world economy." Now THAT is economic envy and a bunch of BS crap. (Sorry for editorializing, but it is really part of what we are experiening over here.)

Peter and Linda

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Pete Statue in SquarePete Statue in Square
Pete Statue in Square

Ludwig van Beethoven statute. Wonder if future holds a place for John Lennon?

2nd August 2011

Still waiting in Phoenix
No word from the lost in limbo crowd...perhaps today. Hope they decided to just have a day or two in New York. Anxious to climb into your pool guys, I am feeling much better today, less coughing, etc. More energy. Maybe this time I did it right, Pete....

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