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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn May 18th 2009

With the weather getting nicer and my time getting shorter I have been trying to take advantage of every weekend and every event. During one of the nicer weekends in early May I made a plan with a friend in Bonn to go hiking. We took a train along the Rheine to a town called Königswinter where there is a beautiful castle and gorgeous hiking paths. The town is right along the river and a castle is located up the hill called Drachenburg or Dragon Fort. We hiked up and enjoyed the amazing views of Bonn and the surrounding landscapes. We enjoyed the nice weather and had a picnic and then hiked back down the hill to the town. After getting back to Bonn we had ice cream and watched the end of a marathon in ... read more
Amazing Aussichts
Mungster Bruecke
Kids at Bruecke Park

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn April 15th 2009

Après une semaine de vélo et plus de 300 kms, nous nous sommes rendus à l'évidence, ça ne va plus! Il vaut mieux arrêter! Merci à tous pour votre soutien pendant cette semaine mémorable, pleine de rencontres, d'efforts en tout genre, de beaux paysages etc.... etc.... L'argent que nous avons récolté sera entièrement versé aux deux oeuvres que nous soutenons en Chine: "hopefosterhome et bethelchina" Si d'aventure quelqu'un a envie de voyager.... en vélo, à cheval, en marchant, en avion/ train/etc.... n'hésitez pas j'ai des mois devant moi et plein de projets en tête... A SUIVRE.... Sophie ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn December 13th 2008

Ahojte!Konecne som sa rozkyval a dal dokopy mensi album z oktobroveho "svadobneho" vikendu.Nie su to ale ziadne svadobne obrazky, skor take momentky z Kolina, Bonnu a vinnej cesty v oblasti Ahrtal, kde sme boli na prechadzku spojenu s degustaciou burciaku.Tak nech vam padne na uzitok.B.... read more
Kolin - Dom

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 25th 2008

Yesterday my Rotary counselor came to get me early in the morning to go for our Inboud meeting in Königswinter with all the inbounds of our district. The inbounds are the exchange students from Rotary which are in the host country. I didn't even get a chance to have breakfeast since I was waithing for it to be ready my host mom had prepared bread and other stuff but I didn't get the chance to eat and I had to go. We then both went to get the other exchange student in my town and met up with two more and their counselors at some rest area outside of town. One is a girl from USA and a boy from Equator. They both seem really nice and are really close to where I live so that's ... read more
Group Picture

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 17th 2008

This afternoon My host family and I plus some friends went to the Dragon's rock. It's a mountain with the legion with a dragon I#m not too sure how it goes but It has something to do with once one would take a bath in the dragons blood it would make them invinsible so that#s what happened with a man but turn's out there was a leaf in his back and he got killed anyway. It's confusing I know but I#m not to sure how it goes anyways going up the mountain the oldest mountain railway in Germany is there built around 1883 there is also a lovely castle halfway up the mountain and at the top are the ruins of the gothic Drachenburg. The day was pretty fun we went up the mountain. I#m telling ... read more
The legion
The castle
Going up

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 10th 2008

Shared a ride to Bonn and spent a lovely few days with Judith. We stayed in her beautiful little village just outside of Bonn with her Mom, a teacher, and two brothers, who are sixteen and twelve. Her father lives just up the road. I descended upon them just as school was starting but all of them were so gracious and warm. Spent one evening in watching movies and with Judith and two friends of hers who are a couple. Judith is 19 and about to go off to university to study photography and advertizing. We met last winter in London when I was there studying theatre and she was working there as a nanny (sorry neither I or my spell check know how to spell “ow-pair”). One evening while I was there I saw a ... read more
Near Judiths Home
Big Head

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn August 9th 2008

So its been just over a week since I have been alone traveling in Germany. The rest of the day of the 6th was an easy day. Pepe (from Spain/Cataluna, Barcilona) from the work camp came back to Dresden for the evening and stayed at Stephans. We hung out in the park and had a beer before we ran into Stephan on the walk home. He gave us a lift the rest of the way and the rest of the evening we spent hanging out at the flat, talking with his house mates. Pepe had to get up at 05:30 to make sure he got to the airport at 08:00. There was a museum that I wanted to see so I woke up early as well and got a good spot in line to see if ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 22nd 2008

The world is our home Endgültig wieder zurück in Deutschland -Fazit meiner Weltreise!! (English Version further down) 1 Jahr raus aus dem Job und dem “System“, 274 Tage auf Reisen, dabei 19 Länder auf 5 Kontinenten besucht und mehr als zehntausend Bilder gemacht, in weit mehr als 150 Stunden Flug einmal komplett um den Globus und alle Ozeane überquert, eine Vielzahl von Mietwagen, Busse, Züge, Motorräder und sogar Fahrräder dienten als Fortbewegungsmittel, einfachste Übernachtungen von $1 per Nacht oder sogar ganz umsonst im roten Sand des australischen Outbacks - bis hin zu luxuriösen 5 Sterne Hotels, Unfälle, Pannen und eine Vielzahl von “kritischen“ Situationen blieben nicht aus, Begegnungen mit dutzenden mir bisher teilweise unbekannten und faszinierenden Tieren im Wasser, in der Luft und auf der Erde - besonderes auf den Galapagos Isla... read more
Where to go?

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 20th 2008

22.07. after several trips within europe (france, netherlands, denmark and a couple of times in switzerland, ...) back in germany 20.05. back home in good old germany 5.05. back on the road now in Jordan :) 5.04. BACK IN BONN!! Home sweet home!! 31.03. back in europe!! genauer in London! in Kuerze gehts heim! 29.03. seit einigen Tagen in New York - wahnsinnige Stadt!! bald gehts nach London 22.03. in Washington, in front of the living room of the most stupid man on the world 19.03. at the copacabana next flight is booked :)) 13.03. after a 26hours busride finally in rio de janeiro 12.03. no spanish speaking countries any more on my way, now its portogues :) on my way to rio de janeiro 9.03. nach einer wunderschoenen zeit in buenos aires bin ich jetzt ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn June 9th 2008

It is amazing (and amuzing at the same time) how increadibly draining and nerveracking a definition of your own culture can be! Ask us to define German or French culture, we would have an answer on the tip of our tongue - a stereotypical image that is easily recognized by everyone and everywhere. However ask us to define ourselves in a cultural regard, we plunge into the vastness of a blank mind. Or at least that's how I felt while meditating on the subject. Hence, seeing no other solution, I've decided to deduce the matter in the most logical, almost mathematical way. How do cultures get into existence? Why is one culture different from another? Why are Germans stereotyped for beer, French - for wine, and Russians - for vodka? How does one country 'cultivate' its ... read more

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