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August 25th 2008
Published: August 25th 2008
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The two CanadiansThe two CanadiansThe two Canadians

Yes! Vivre le Canada!
Yesterday my Rotary counselor came to get me early in the morning to go for our Inboud meeting in Königswinter with all the inbounds of our district. The inbounds are the exchange students from Rotary which are in the host country. I didn't even get a chance to have breakfeast since I was waithing for it to be ready my host mom had prepared bread and other stuff but I didn't get the chance to eat and I had to go. We then both went to get the other exchange student in my town and met up with two more and their counselors at some rest area outside of town. One is a girl from USA and a boy from Equator. They both seem really nice and are really close to where I live so that's kind of cool.

Once we got their it was in some kind of old mansion I would call it or something like that with a court yard. Everyone all the exchange students from the district where there it was really great fun there was so many I think we are 86 something inbounds 20 of them are from the United States, around 15
Group PictureGroup PictureGroup Picture

hey I think Im on the side there Javier is there somewhere too
from Brazil and 10 from Mexico. The rest where from different places one from Thiland and one from Tiwan a few from the other South American Countries and myself plus another girl from Canada. She comes from the other end of the country though but that doesn't matter. They had us introduce areselves in German. I wasn't really good but hey I tried😊 not like It was much anyways!

After that they told us the rules and We mingled talking to eachother gettig to know some of the other students and of course exchanged pins and cards. My blazer is starting to look like something. When the party was over all the outbounds got together for a picture. So many cameras and flashes. Man I felt famous. Lol well Important. It must be really annoying for famous people.

Then my counselor had me and Javier over to his house for lunch. It was really Nice I enjoyed it alot. We stopped in at a little bakery on the way and bought some sweets. I played with his kids and the dog. We all played Wii in German lol It was fun but it's the same as everywhere I
again again again

The Inbounds
guess not much is diferent. After that we went out for a walk he lives in a really nice place just outside of town. It reminded me of home with the farmland and animals horses and cows It was really nice I loved it I really like where he lives in his neighborhood everyone talks to one another and knows eachother It#s great. Then at around 6:00 He brought us back home.

Today I finally got my class Schedual. So I will no longer be someones little doggy and I can actually go to my own classes. First I met with the Vice-Principal of the School. She is really friendly and speaks good English so it was great we talked about my interest what I wanted to do and I got to choose my classes. So I get some In grade 12 and a few in grade 11. I'm really happy with that. I feel like I will be more with people of my age and It#s new things I have never done it should be at my grade level.

So here it goes as follows:

Monday- French twice, free,free, English (advance and it's hard too

Well a bunch of them from everywhere
I don't get what we are doing now but its true it was my first class) German
Tuesday- Philosophy, Sociology, English, English, French, Art, Art
Wenesday- Free, Free, ( I can sleep in Yes) Philosophy, Philosophy, Sociology, Sociology
Thursday- German, Geography, German ( another class), German, Free and Art
Friday- English, English, Geography, Geography, German, German

So that is it no math Yes. But with that I should be better in German by the end of my stay hopefully. The 12 grade seems alot better. I think the people will speak with me more and I might make friends the group seems different then the 11th.

So tonight I have a German lesson for 3 hours thats going to be long and boring.


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I'm not sure what to call this oneI'm not sure what to call this one
I'm not sure what to call this one

I think you get the point some more of the Inbounds

the two from Thailand and Tiwan

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