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May 18th 2009
Published: June 8th 2009
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A really pretty little castle near Bonn.
With the weather getting nicer and my time getting shorter I have been trying to take advantage of every weekend and every event. During one of the nicer weekends in early May I made a plan with a friend in Bonn to go hiking. We took a train along the Rheine to a town called Königswinter where there is a beautiful castle and gorgeous hiking paths. The town is right along the river and a castle is located up the hill called Drachenburg or Dragon Fort. We hiked up and enjoyed the amazing views of Bonn and the surrounding landscapes. We enjoyed the nice weather and had a picnic and then hiked back down the hill to the town. After getting back to Bonn we had ice cream and watched the end of a marathon in Bonn.

Another day of hiking was on a Thursday in late May with my host family. Father’s Day in Germany falls on a Thursday but it also is a Holiday that people have off from work. Before lunch we went to a park nearby to walk around and enjoy the nice weather. The park is located by the highest metal train bridge in Europe
Amazing AussichtsAmazing AussichtsAmazing Aussichts

This was the view from the castle.
which happens to be in Remscheid. The weather was great and it was fun seeing a new part of Remscheid I had not visited. The park also has a river running through it and the kids played with a family of ducks and played on the playground. It was pretty funny because a lot of men hang out in groups on Father’s Day and drink. So around the park you saw groups of 7 or 8 men with a radio and case of beer.

Also with the nice weather come lots of different events in Remscheid. Since I work for city marketing I hear about all of them and was most likely involved in some part of the organization. City marketing plans things like concerts and Children Theater in the park and also organizes a circus and events around the time the circus is in town. The craziest event that I was involved in was when the circus brought 2 elephants to the farmers market in front of the city hall I work in. That day my boss came in and said a participant from “Germany’s Next Top Model” would be at the farmers market and she would be
Mungster BrueckeMungster BrueckeMungster Bruecke

This a a train bridge in Remscheid
feeding elephants. My job was to pick up fruit and vegetables for the elephants and set them up to be eaten. It was pretty much the funniest thing I have ever seen. It was also really cool to get that close to 2 huge elephants. If I have to say anything about my job it has given me some pretty good stories. I would have gone to the circus with my host family but that weekend I was heading of Rome!

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Kids at Bruecke ParkKids at Bruecke Park
Kids at Bruecke Park

The park had fun riddles you could read and then jump on and it told you the answer.
Ducks and Host KidsDucks and Host Kids
Ducks and Host Kids

The kids loved playing with the ducks on the Wupper River.

The kids and host dad playing.
Creepy ClownsCreepy Clowns
Creepy Clowns

These mannequins were in my office and I walked by them to go to the bathroom. Creepy!
Gina Lisa and ElephantGina Lisa and Elephant
Gina Lisa and Elephant

This was the woman from Germany's Next Top Model.
The ElephantsThe Elephants
The Elephants

I was actually feeding and petting these elephants weird stuff.

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