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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart June 24th 2012

Arrived in Frankfurt early, at about ´5.00 am after a long fight on a very cramped A380 (bit of a disapointment). Chris's organisational skill shone as we walked onto the platform for Stuttgard as the train arrived. One and a half hours later we were in Stuttgart and decided to walk to the hotel. Bloody long way and we discovered later that it was a five minute tram ride. Greeted in reception by a very friendly guy who seemed inquisitive about us only having one room!. We stressed that it had single beds but he still seemed slightly amused. LIttle did we know! There are two single beds but the room is very small! we pushed them apart and managed to create about two inches of separation and now we've put all the spare pillows down ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart May 5th 2012

Today we went to the spring festival but I’ll get to that later. First we went to get souvenirs for people back home. We went to a gigantic toy store to buy some things for Uncle Chris and little babbies (that’s meant to be spelled like that). I (josh) wanted to find some Rokenbok - that thing with the remote control cars and blue and red balls, sadly there were none. There were a bunch of cool remote controlled vehicles (including a working submarine). The best part of the store was a race track up on the roof with jumps for rc cars on it. The next store we went to was for kitchen appliances all boring. We bought stuff. Next we went to get traditional dresses and lederhosen, I was very excited to get one ... read more
Des Fraulein
Lots of Volks

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart April 28th 2012

Hello, tis I josh. Today we went to the Mercedes museum. Guess what we saw cars! We went through the museum in a weird way. We took an elevator to the top of the museum, then spiralled to the bottom with each floor we went through a different time period. So there was lots of stuff we saw. Some of the highlights where, the architecture of the building it was all wonky father might post a picture of it, next was the guide he was fairly old and seemed to like breathing really hard into his microphone (*sarcasm* that was actually a bad part). Okay I can’t really appreciate the cars so the next thing I found interesting was the fact that Mercedes supported Hitler, they produced engines for war planes and used forced labourers. One ... read more
Josh Takes it In
Merdeces 300 SL Gullwing

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart April 26th 2012

After months of waiting, we finally got to see the car. We were up at 7:00 am, had a hurried breakfast and took a cab to the Porsche factory. There was a bit of initial confusion which required a brief round of charades to sort out, due to our pathetic German – the only thing that I can usefully manage is: Ich spreche Deutsche nicht. I also know “ich ein Berliner” but it appears to have rather limited application outside Berlin. We did our initial paperwork in a comfortable lounge with a caffe latte and Porsche branded gummy bears – technically, they were shaped like cars but the rest was the same. Gummy bears seem to be oddly popular over here. We then escorted to the delivery room where our car was nestled amongst a dozen ... read more
The Car
Josh Apparises the Cola
The Stuttgart TV Tower

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart October 5th 2011

Stuttgart is the home of Porsche. On my way back to London, I dropped in on Stuttgart to see the Porsche Museum and then went for a walk in old town. It is a very charming place. You can see why Germany is leading the pack economy wise in Europe. I bought my first Porsche in high school, at age 16. It was a 914. I bought my first 911 Targa at age 19, and have missed it ever since. I bought it for my 19th birthday. I have owned about 5 different Porsches along the way. My sisters had thrown a surprise birthday party for me but I didn’t know. So I was out buying myself a Targa for my birthday present and almost missed my birthday party. But I made it home around midnight, ... read more
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Photo 23
Photo 2

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart July 20th 2011

Bonjour Ami's Wednesday night. I really don't like the autobahn. Especially when it's raining pitchforks! People passing at 100 mph and tailgating to boot!. There was so much water on the road. We saw two hydro-plane accidents. One guy hit the guard rail so hard it tore his front wheels off. It is to stressful. My game is to try to focus a lot and just be safe. On the way back, a 20 mile back-up on the north bound autobahn. We were on the south-bound. --he-he!! Anyway the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart was a hoot. Also thanks to my GPS for getting us into and out of Stuttgart. That city is a ZOO! I am going to try to put more captions with pictures. When you take a 100 images in a day it's difficult ... read more
Old house in Soultzmatt,France
Simple blue shutters
Rathaus in Soultzmatt

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart July 12th 2011

It’s Tuesday morning, Kirsten has already gone down for breakfast. I’m behind her in the next few minutes. I have my suitcase and leave it by the front door. I’m looking around to see where Kirsten, Oma and Opa are, I can’t find them. I’m opening each door and theirs no one there. Finally I open this door and there they are, everyone’s looking at me as where you been. Are you hiding or what? Kirsten laughs; they closed the door Es Zieht ‘a draft’. One thing Germans can’t handle is a draft, any draft. We finish breakfast load up the car and we’re on our way heading west nowhere in particular just meandering. After a while we come into this small village and there is a McDonalds. McDonalds are good in Germany and Austria they ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart July 2nd 2011

The flight was long and uncomfortable. Kirsten and I talked and enjoyed each other until we passed out from being tried and uncomfortable. Whose idea was this to go to Germany in the high season? We departed the plane along with the rest of the cattle and were herded into customs. We must have looked pretty tried because they just waved us through. We got to the rental car counter, I asked and explained that I had made reservations to Munich and then changed it Frankfurt and then last night changed it again to Stuttgart. Guess what they couldn’t find it, go figure. So the rental car person quickly called and found out that it was rebooked at Avis instead of Europcar. We walked to the next counter and Maria was smiling and ready to help ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart April 16th 2011

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart September 15th 2010

Thanks to Marilyn's cell phone and trying numerous number combinations, we were able to reach Isabel to let her know that we were running late. She was shopping in downtown Stuttgart and I guess we didn't put her out too much. We arrived at our hotel a little after 7:00 and after checking in, took a taxi for the 10 minute ride to the Paulaner Restaurant where Isi met us and had the reservation. The Paulaner is an authentic German Restaurant with a large beer garden in front. I met Isabel (Isi) during my trip last year to Alaska in Glacier National Park in Montana. She was in the midst of her American vacation traveling from Chicago to Seattle. There were also some young people from Australia in our camping area and we all got to ... read more

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