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September 8th 2013
Published: September 8th 2013
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We made it!

Wake up Mr. Voghan, its time for breakfast. Uh, Oh yea this is always tough, short night and I could use another 2 hours sleep. I ask the flight attendant in a slurred voice “can’t we just circle the airport”?

No, Mr. Voghan, we’re low on fuel, now would you like some coffee with your breakfast. Yes please.

Drew wakes up; he’s had a great night sleep. The plane lands, I can see Drew is a little nervous; the crew welcomes us to Stuttgart Germany. Drew looks at me with a nervous smile. I tell him to just follow me; I’ve got you covered.

We grab out luggage and out the door we go Drew is following closely behind, up the ramp, through multiple doors, around the corner and there it is PASSPORT CONTROL.

The line is forming and we get in with the rest of the travelers. When it’s our turn I walk up to the window and motion or Drew to follow, he does. I hand the lady our passports and say Gutten Morgan!

She has a laughing smile on her face and in perfect English ask is this your first visit to Germany. I smile back and answer Nine! As I’m pointing to myself and then say Ya! As I point to Drew.

She ask why are you here, I answer Vere un Wacation. Ok at this point she is laughing so hard she misses the passport when she tries to stamp it.

As were walking away Drew says that it’s, Yep that’s it. We’re in and we’re on Wacation.

We get the car and throw the luggage into the back. I grab my maps and open them up on the hood of the car. I show Drew this is where we are and this is where we’re going. I pull out of the airport and head south on the autobahn.

Did I mention it’s raining?

After 4 hours of driving Drew and I arrive in this little town of Andermatt. It’s a cute little town at the base of the San Gottardo pass. We’re staying here tonight and had a delicious meal and tomorrow we’ll be driving over the Alps.

Drew is asleep on the bed; the cathedral bells are ringing. It’s moments like this that will forever be etched in my mind.

Good night, did I mention it’s still raining?


8th September 2013

Steve, I've spent a night in Andermatt, too. This is part of this amazing train trip called the Glacier Express. I've done it twice. Here's a link to a map of this route: http://www.glacierexpress.ch/EN/Travel_information/Map_route/Pages/default.aspx I'm officially and extremely jealous... Enjoy the cool rain. It's 90+ here... again... Keith
9th September 2013

Glad you made it!!!
Sounds like fun! I'm sure it will stop raining soon. :) Post some photos please.
9th September 2013

I know you're going to have a great time! I second Kirsten's request for photos.

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