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September 7th 2013
Published: September 8th 2013
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It’s Saturday morning and Drew and I are supposed to be on our way to the airport.

Well we’re running late, everything is on hold, and to top it off it’s 8:30 am and our flight just left Orlando to Atlanta. Hmmmm It’s going to be a hectic day.

Kirsten hurries me into the shower and keeps everything moving along. You know those Darden mangers they don’t let any project slip.

It’s now 10:30 am, Drew is here and Kirsten and Lori are taking us to the airport. Drew’s nervous, I’m nervous, Kirsten & Lori are smiling from ear to ear.

We jump out at departing flights and hugs & kisses are exchanged. Drew & I walk up top the Delta counter. We check in and as usual the agent tells us how bad it is. I tell Drew don’t worry I got it, trust me. He turns his head and rolls his eyes. It’s always tough to trust the old man, I get it, when was the last time you trusted your parents.

We get through TAS, what a third world adventure.

Finally we arrive at our gate, Kirsten is watching the flight from her computer were texting back and forth. Nope, we don’t get on the first flight, close but no seat.

I always hate it when those tourist show up at the last 30 seconds.

Drew and I go and partake of an adult beverage and as we’re walking up to our next gate my phone starts ringing, It’s Kirsten telling me we have a seat and I here the gate agent calling my name VOGHAN party of two please come to the counter. WE’RE ON, not only are we on but we’re in first class. WOOO, HOOO.

The flight to Atlanta is quite relaxing; I’m thinking my hectic day is behind me, it’ll be smooth sailing. Yea, the day is young.

We land in Atlanta, Kirsten my wing pilot is already on the phone telling me Zurich is not looking good. It seems everyone wants to go to Zurich. She tells me to change over to Stuttgart. WHAT!

Long story short, the buddy passers were jumping off Stuttgart and other flights and going to Zurich. So what did Drew and I do, we jumped on Stuttgart. It worked perfectly thanks to Kirsten. Drew and I got on and were sitting in First Class.

The flight was smooth I’m finishing my glass of port and Drew is fast asleep. It was a hectic day for everyone.

But our journey has begun.


8th September 2013

final destination?
Steve, So what is the purpose of this trip this time? I mean, where are y'all trying to go? Keep the posts coming! (and congrats on the upgrade, that is way cool). Keith

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