Kirsten & Steve Vaughan


Kirsten & Steve Vaughan

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dusseldorf August 1st 2018

The journey home begins – Saturday July 28, 2018 We wake up to Leonarda calling for his morning breakfast, Kirsten is out the door with bread in hand. It’s like a baby calling for her momma. I call out, see what you’ve created, Kirsten smiles yea, I wish I could take her home with us. That wakes me up, not even no but...... #$&% NO! While were eating breakfast, Kirsten goes over our assigned choirs. It seems to me my list grew from last night assignments. We’ve all finished our choirs are bags are packed and in the car. Yes, the time has come we’re sad, but all GREAT vacations must come to an end. We’ve cleaned the house, changed the sheets, vacuumed the floors, cleaned anything and everything. The owners will be home tonight, and ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Mont Saint-Michel July 22nd 2018

Sunday morning and we’re up early. We were given our marching orders last night, Jelly toast for breakfast and on the road to Mont St Michelle. Our first stop is in Rennes. Hmmm, can’t say much about this city so I won’t. Very industrial, how’s that?. The next stop is Concale, I suggested St Malo, Kirsten and I were there years ago on our first Transatlantic cruise. However, Kirsten wanted a different village and found out it was market day today. Well, it turned out it was like Daytona Beach during bike week. Yep, butt to butt. Motorcycles everywhere I was felt up and down and didn’t even get kissed. More leather and skin than I ever want to see. After not being able to even get a table for a beer, we’re back in the ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Ancenis July 21st 2018

It’s Saturday I rollover and go back to sleep. Today is going to be somewhat of a rest day. I finally stumble into the kitchen, everyone is fresh but me go figure. It’s 9 am.. I can sleep in, after some coffee and breakfast I get the bicycle out. Check the tires and off I go. I ride through the country side taking it easy. I feel much more comfortable riding the roads here than I do in the USA. Cars and trucks are so good to cyclist, I ride for 2 hours and no stress except when the pack of riders blow past me like I’m standing still. When Bea was here, we ate at the village of Ancenis. We saw a Tapas restaurant, but it was so crowed we couldn’t get in. So tonight, ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes July 20th 2018

We’re up... our breakfast routine has become just like we live here. The house has become second nature, I know what switches control what lights. One item is lacking, not enough receptacles. Yea, we are constantly un-plugging one item and plugging in another. With all the iPhone, iPads and laptops, I’m thinking there needs to be some more duplex or quad receptacles. While cleaning up after breakfast, Kirsten announces we’re going to Home Depot. She wants to visit the home building store in France. Why you ask? As you know, most of the houses are small. Last summer, she had Luis tear out a closet and turn it into a half bath. So, while in France she wanted to check out small sinks for small bathrooms. We pile into the car and of we go to ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » La Baule-Escoublac July 18th 2018

I’m up early ...don’t know why, I slept well but just woke up early. Sitting on the patio sipping my coffee staring at Leonarda the donkey. I go inside and grab some stale bread and take it to her. She takes the bread and walks away smiling. Now leave me alone. Kirsten and Omi are up by the time I finish my second cup of coffee. While Kirsten is making breakfast, she announces we’re going to the beach as soon as we’re done eating. We are?!, Yep, I feel like visiting this villages of La Baule and Le Croisic. Down the road we go, I have the Navi loaded but while I was plugging in Kirsten’s phone Apple CarPlay pops up, then disappears. Holy shit batman, this car has CarPlay?!. Kirsten and Omi aren’t impressed. I’ll ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Saumur July 16th 2018

It’s 7:30 am and we’re pulling out of the driveway, we each had a coffee and jelly toast. Kirsten is happy we’re on the road again. I think that’s a county song, On the Road Again, just can’t wait to get on the road again...... We drive to Saumur and stop at the you know where... the Office of Tourism. Kirsten and Omi get all kinds of info. Our next stop is Chateau de Villandry. It’s known for its gardens and it should be. It is very well manicured, and the chateau was beautiful. Next, we visited the Chateau de Chinon, this is the place Joan of Arc found the young king in hiding and convinced him to give her an army. I can only imagine the king saying to his court .... give her whatever ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes July 15th 2018

After such a long day yesterday, we slept in, no one was up before 9 am. I was the first and sat on the patio drinking my coffee and remembering what a great evening we had. Kirsten soon came out and Omi followed in about 30 minutes. Everyone was smiling as we reflected on such a fun evening. We had a light breakfast, Omi announced she wanted to go to church. Me... I wanted to go on a bicycle ride. I loaded up the bicycle into the car and Kirsten dropped me off at the bicycle path following the Loire river. She said I’ll be back after church, I said give me two hours. As she drove away, I adjusted the bicycle seat and set out. I rode away from Nantes, basically east. It was peaceful, ... read more

We are up and while having breakfast Kirsten shares the agenda for the day. Off to Cocoa Beach we go, well not exactly, were going to the beach but it’s the east side of the Atlantic. We pack our swim suits, beach towels, snacks and yes sun screen. Kirsten plots the course to Noirmoutier-en-L’ile into the Navi, Google maps and Apple maps. You think we’ll find it? Ok, this is the island where this year’s Tour De France started, the road going and coming on the island is covered whenever the tide comes in. Pretty cool. We arrive to the road, the tide is out, and we head toward the island. It was so cool. After some picture taking and walking on the wet sand we pile back into the car and head toward the island. ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes July 13th 2018

Dinner in the Vineyard.... Kirsten nudges me gently, not tonight honey I’m tired. Wake up its time to take Bea to the airport. Bea who? It’s 4:30 am and I’m using toothpicks under my eye lids to keep them open. Kirsten and I are driving Bea to the airport, remember she’s catching a flight today to Amsterdam to meet up with the Jarrett’s. I load Bea’s suitcase into the car and enter our destination into the Navi. It’s a 30-minute drive, Kirsten, Bea and I are off to the airport. I fell asleep last night thinking what is Bea’s plan “B”. I’m not asking, I look at Kirsten and she reads my mind. I get the “shut up” look, I return the “What” look, she returns the “If I have to” look. I sink into my ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes July 12th 2018

It’s 7:30 ...I rollover, Kirsten is already up. I pull the covers over my head and hope no one finds me. It’s 8 am and I finally get up and stumble into the kitchen. Breakfast is on the patio table Kirsten, Bea and Omi are all buzzing around the kitchen like bee’s. I slide through the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee and sit down at the table. I don’t believe I was even noticed. I guess I have my stealth mode on. Kirsten comes out to the table, I look up and she looks at me and says, here is your list of chores. My chores include feeding the mule, the sheep, taking out the trash, helping Bea with the vacuum and bringing all my laundry to her to be washed and finally put ... read more

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