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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Lucca September 19th 2015

Day 14 Lucca Last night it was so quiet and dark. You can almost touch the stars here in Tereglio. I stood outside before going to bed just marveling at the moon and stars. This morning I woke up early and came into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table here. I thought of all the people who have been before me sitting in this room. If these walls could talk, what great stories I could write. After an hour or so Kirsten comes in hello honey, good morning. I’m just updating the blog. Good everyone will be happy. Kirsten fixes coffee, soft eggs, meats, cheeses and bread; another nice European breakfast. After breakfast and sending up my status report (Di Blog) we pack up and decide to visit Lucca. Now this town is north ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Vinci September 17th 2015

Day 12 & 13 Da Vinci No sleeping in this morning, Kirsten was up made breakfast gathering everything and telling me to move or get swept up with the rest of the crumbs. Breakfast was over before it even started where’s my soft-boiled egg? Not today bubba were packing up and leaving… well I am if you want to come you might be packed and in the car when I pull out. I guess my birthday in over? YEA! After cleaning and straightening everything back to where it was when we arrived we said good by to our Air B&B. It was fun and we’ll do it again. I walked over the butcher shop and said goodbye to Lorenzo and invited him to Orlando. As we pulled out of Gaiole all the old folks sitting around ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Volterra September 16th 2015

Day 11 My Birthday Yea I’m old but I’m still moving. As Kirsten’s dad (Opa) says getting old isn’t for sissies. I’m in the corner crying not another year older. If you haven’t figured it out this trip is my birthday gift from Kirsten. So why is everything on my credit card. Hmmmm….. It’s ok I’m having a good time. Kirsten let me sleep in again ok as usual; I woke up to smelling coffee. I had a wonderful birthday breakfast just like the one I had yesterday. So today we decided to go to Volterra, this is the city where there is lot’s of Etruscan stuff. So off we go winding up & down through the Tuscan hills. Kirsten’s driving skills have improved over the last few days. She is cutting through the “s” curves ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Monte San Savino September 15th 2015

Day 10 Chianti ? I know I’m late; gee whiz. I feel like my status reports are due and Patti, Val and Carryl are watching me over my cubicle. So today I skip the breakfast routine. Read yesterdays it was the same. All right we have talked about seeing more castles; so Kirsten takes off out of Gaiole going south. She tells me to find where the Brolio Castle is located. I haven’t even got my maps unfolded and she’s already making turns onto roads that I’ve haven’t seen. Finally I spot the road we’re on and where the castle is on the map. Off in the far distance we see this majestic castle. Kirsten say’s that’s it. It is quite impressive I must say. We wind up and down 3 – 4 more roads and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Siena September 14th 2015

Day 9 OPA – Opera Della Metropolitana (Google It) It seems Kirsten and I just can’t get up. Again we slept in; it was after 10:30 am before we pulled out of Gaiole. Yea, what can I say….. As always Kirsten prepared a great breakfast, and pulled our picnic together. So today we decided to go and see castles. Well we were down the road and it starts raining. Kirsten makes the executive decision, because she’s the EXECUTIVE to go to Siena. I say I thought that was Thursday, she responded “Are you Questioning my Authority” Uh! No. So I reroute us to Siena, in the rain. Ok, Siena is like Florence BIG! We’ve only been once before and we find a parking space pretty easy. Now Siena is on a hill BIG HILL and the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Greve in Chianti September 13th 2015

Day 7 & 8 Slow Travel I don’t know why I always rest better here in Europe; but I do. Last night was no different, we went to bed around 9-ish, started reading and the next thing I know it’s 8 AM. WOW what a great nights sleep. As Kirsten is coming out of the bathroom she is smiling and saying get up sleepy head. I have a great breakfast for you, soft-boiled egg, cheeses, meats, fresh bread and coffee. It’s now 10-ish and Kirsten is waiting at the door to go. Where we going again, I ask. Well I have this map that I got from the, oh no! …….Here we go again. Just get in the car and navigate. We head out of town going south. Kirsten hands me this map I unfold it ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Gaiole in Chianti September 11th 2015

Day 6 2 Weddings & Funeral – the cycle of life Today as we’ve driven through the many villages we have seen 2 weddings and one funnel. It’s a joyous time and sad time, the cycle of life. I know this happens in America but here everything becomes slow motion as we passed these events. So as write this post I salute the new couples and wish them many happy years and morn the passed, I pray you rest in peace. The cycle of life. We slept in again wow! Was that great night or what, “its WHAT” I hear Kirsten from the bathroom. Get up; all the tables will be taken if we don’t get down there for breakfast. Ok, Ok I rollover and close my eyes. Next thing I feel is a wet towel ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano September 10th 2015

Searching for Dana First I want to say I’m sitting in San Gimignano at the Doumo Plaza sipping on my wine writing this blog. Kirsten is shopping at the shops next door. A street performer is playing and singing. I’m one step closer to heaven. Well our day started around 8:30 AM, Kirsten and I are just waking up. I slept so well and so did Kirsten. Not to mention the liquid sleeping pill I drank. Also, the bed was a marsh-mellow. Today we decided to continue our exploring of Padua. We drove into town along with all the tourist and folks that are going to work. Beep, Beep, grinding gears and screeching of tires. We finally found a parking place. I’m so starved that I jump out of the car and started looking for a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua September 9th 2015

The City of Frescoes (Padova) It’s 3:30 am and I rollover for the 100th time. This bed and pillow is made of concrete. I know Kirsten is sleeping lite so I try to lie still as I can and not wake her up. I don’t want to have the hard bed discussion until breakfast. Finally its 7:30 am, I roll over and Kirsten is still asleep. Holy cow I can’t believe it. I lay there for another 15 minutes and she starts to wake up. Good morning, did you sleep well I ask. I get the look and jump from the bed and run for the bathroom. I take my shower and run out the door saying I’ll see you at breakfast honey….. Breakfast is the normal good with lots of Germans just like last time ... read more

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Galtur September 8th 2015

Day 3 Tri Lander Nek (Where the three lands touch) I roller over and it was ten after 8 am. What a great night sleep, Kirsten was just waking up and heard the cows out the window. She jumps up and looks out and see’s horses being lead across the road to the pasture next to our Zimmer. They are prancing and neighing and Kirsten is excited. She jumps into the shower and I roll over for another 30 minutes. After a hot shower, we both go downstairs and have a great European breakfast. The table was set with bread, cheeses, meats, cereal, coffee and the famous soft-boiled eggs. It was perfect. While eating, the innkeeper brings us these cards. They reminded me of when we were in Bertschesgarten. This card would give you free bus ... read more

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