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29th March 2023

Bon voyage!!!
GREAT TRIP IDEA! I looked into a repositioning cruise a while back, but we can't do this till I'm 100% free from UCF, which is happening very soon. Looking forward to more details!!!! (For some reason, I can't see any of your pics on this computer.) Hi to Kirsten, please!
15th October 2022

What a wonderful tribute to your parents! I am so glad it all worked out so well.
14th October 2022

Reading out of sequence.... sorry....
Ok, so now I understand why there were multiple people in the morning in the last post. I thought. it was just the 2 of you, but... now I know that. others were there, too. All good. I'm so glad all of you could do this for Kirsten and Bea's parents. Wow. What a tribute. What a cool memory. The whole thing sound wonderful. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. Keith
14th October 2022

I'm following... and love what you're doing and how you're describing it. I hear you on FINDING SUNSHINE. We were on weather apps every every EVERY day trying to find out where we could / should drive the next day. I feel your pain!!! Hi to Kirsten, please!!! We hope she's feeling better.
11th October 2022

Wishing you a fun and safe trip
I always enjoy reading your blogs in the past but haven’t commented before. Makes me so happy to see nice people I know venturing out again! Enjoy every minute!
11th October 2022

So awesome to see y’all traveling again!!! Looking forward to Steve’s play by play cometary! Better than watching Rick Steves!!! ❤️
10th October 2022

Love traveling vicariously through you all. Excited to hear about your trip.
8th December 2019

It's just beautiful!
Everything! Wish Ossie and I could join you but we don't speak German...yet.
5th December 2019

Love your Blog!!
You guys are great!! We need to travel together someday!!
5th December 2019

Photos could be from a Hallmark Movie. Lots of fun!
11th August 2019

Fun Photos
Enjoy following your trip with the lovely photos and entries. Hope you continue to have a great time.
28th July 2019

Happy Birthday!
Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Week!
27th July 2019

Reading Your Blog, I can smell the fresh air!!! This makes me jealous. Thank You, it's most enjoyable to read the news from Your outings. Love You, take care.
27th July 2019

Happy birthday, Kirsten!
Yes - I remembered...Happy birthday and have a wonderful time. Dana and Ossie
26th July 2019

Gorgeous pictures, thanks for capturing your beautiful hike!
25th July 2019

Your blog!
Yes - I'm loving this and feel like I'm right there with you! It's beautiful! Maybe Ossie and I need to try Germany one of these days - but I may need some tutoring in German. Love you both - Dana and Ossie
25th July 2019

Jealous, got that! You all make me thirsty; think I'll go get a beer; I know you all are having a great vacation ( not another) thanks for sharing. Norm
25th July 2019

Looks like a great trip
Wonderful pics you guys! I am thinking how can I sneak into your suitcase next time! I so enjoy reading Steve's comments and looking at the pics. Have a great rest of the trip and safe return. Chris
21st July 2019

Awsome picture of the clouds.
26th July 2018

Mechanical Elephant!
I love the old Wild, Wild West TV show! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIRSTEN! Love you lots!
19th July 2018

The Wineries!
OK - now you're talking! What a beautiful place. I wanna go down in the wine cellar, too! Very cool!
19th July 2018

Nantes Cathedral
What a beautiful cathedral! I remember studying it in Art History at Kent State. I know you're all having am I when I ready the blog. Look forward to seeing you all when you return.
9th July 2018

If only I could have been there to see the look on Steve's face when he found out about the animals !!!! Loving your blog....
3rd December 2017

Always enjoy your blog comments
I always enjoy reading your travel comments. I get it. I could sense all the hustle and bustle of the airport in Orlando and Atlanta -- but we didn't have to be. Vicarious travel. The next best thing if we're not actually traveling. Keith & Jim

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