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30th April 2014

Looks like loads of fun! Safe travels everyone!
26th April 2014

Wish were were with you guys
Your comments are so inviting, it makes me feel I'm riding in that little car, searching for an inexpensive hotel. I love reading about all the wonderful places you visit every day. Keep up comments, I love it. Continue to have fun. Joann & Mike
23rd April 2014

Kristen and Steve, all i want to tell you people that i loved your post. your trip seems to be so amusing i mean i enjoyed reading every stage of it so much, i wonder how much you people would have enjoyed it. the car trip and the ship trip and everything you people did on it was so nice to read.. thanks for sharing anyways :) n yes keep on sharing your lovely posts with us :)
22nd September 2013

Fun trip
Looks like a fun trip. Jim
12th September 2013

Have enjoyed reading your blog each day and have actually forwarded it to Christina to read. Having been some of the places you have visited, I know what you meant when you told Drew how much you like to go back to visit. It warms my heart that you get to be there with Drew..what a blessed man you are!!
11th September 2013

I wish you a great Time Ted Sager
11th September 2013

Thanks for the memory!
Wow! Talk about memories. I was in Pisa in the mid 80's. The tower was closed at the time but I remember listing to the chanting in the Baptistery like it was yesterday. The acoustics are phenomenal in there. Thanks for bringing that back Steve. Oh, I don't remember so many Chinese though...
11th September 2013

This blog made me tear up! Glad you guys are having such an amazing trip!
9th September 2013

I know you're going to have a great time! I second Kirsten's request for photos.
9th September 2013

Glad you made it!!!
Sounds like fun! I'm sure it will stop raining soon. :) Post some photos please.
8th September 2013

Steve, I've spent a night in Andermatt, too. This is part of this amazing train trip called the Glacier Express. I've done it twice. Here's a link to a map of this route: I'm officially and extremely jealous... Enjoy the cool rain. It's 90+ here... again... Keith
8th September 2013

final destination?
Steve, So what is the purpose of this trip this time? I mean, where are y'all trying to go? Keep the posts coming! (and congrats on the upgrade, that is way cool). Keith
26th September 2012

E N V Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Kirsten, Bea & Steve ! It was most enjoyable to follow You. Just wish I had a long enough stroh to sip some of the toscana-juice. I dont want to think about the Fooooood. So glad, You had a graet time; love Annaliese.
From Blog: In conclusion
16th September 2012

Enjoyed your trip vicariously
Hey you guys! Loved reading about your trip and sorry it's over. Dying to really see it like you did. Hope to see you soon. Waiting for your mom and dad to get back. Need my Hedy and Footie fix. it s been too long.
13th September 2012

catching up!
S/K/B: just caught up on all of your travels, sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun adventures! can't wait to see & hear more
13th September 2012

I am traveling with You All ! Just in thought. You are making me hungry and thursty!!!!! Glad You are having a good time. Everything sounds so great and interesting. Love Annaliese
9th September 2012

Ok I'm jealous
When are you guys going to invite me on one of these trips already? I can get up early. I can get ready quickly. I love to do all the things that you all do - I love to see cows, I love the markets, I love to eat, I especially love to sample wine, and I'm absolutely fine with going wherever Kirsten decides to turn and finding a place to sleep when we get there. I could be the 3rd wife. Or we could pretend that bea and I are a couple. I don't care I just want to come on one of these trips dammit. I have been to San G with my sister. I was wanting a market and when we got up in the morning there was one right in front of our hotel. And I know Gabbiano wine you can get their chianti at publix it is pretty good. And finally, it is "under the Tuscan sun"
8th September 2012

Warm and possible rain here....
and it's NOT Italy... Love your stories. Keep the blog going! :-)
7th September 2012

Great trip!
Loving the fact that we can enjoy your trip with you. Thanks for the great pictures and daily reports. Stay safe!
6th September 2012

Had to look it up!
Agritourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally-based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism has different definitions in different parts of the world, and sometimes refers specifically to farm stays, as in Italy. Elsewhere, agritourism includes a wide variety of activities, including buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, picking fruit, feeding animals, or staying at a B&B on a farm
6th September 2012

This is great fun reading your entries. One of these days I'm going to convince Bruce to go to Italy and travel on the fly like you all are doing. Keep it coming!
2nd September 2012
Photo 5

Enjoy that cool weather!
Kirsten/Bea/Steve, Great pics! Enjoy the cool weather there! No rain here (finally), but we have heat... and humidity... I know, big surprise, right? Keep posting your stories and pics!
31st August 2012

So Cool!
I love visiting Europe vicariously through your Blogs!!!
29th August 2012

Have one for me, I NEED one.................I still work at Darden!!! ;) lol
29th August 2012

of course...
well, of course you need a beer. Good luck on this great adventure! Looking forward to lots of comments and pictures.

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