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29th August 2012

And once again....
...Youre not coming to see us in Paris! :-( Well, have a great trip anyway!
17th July 2011

Great Blogs
Have really enjoyed sharing your trip. Great fun! Travel safely coming home.
11th July 2011

envy !!!!!
It looks like You had a great time again.I can feel the " Alpine atmosphare and fun " just looking at the photos. The trip to Alaska with Taylor was wonderful. Love Annaliese.
9th July 2011

Looks like I am missing a lot of fun, especially the tiny tiny chapel. Thanks for thinking of me.
6th July 2011

Keep them. coming!
Love, love, love it!!! Of course I'm green with envy!!!
5th July 2011

Happy Times
Great to hear you made it on the same plane and are able to sit together, even if it is with the common folk... :) Can't wait for your next blog and some pictures. Eve
2nd November 2010

thank you
These pictures are absolutely beautiful Stevie :)
2nd November 2010

Sounds like my kind of trip! A little hikeing, a little beer, and a great view!!!
22nd October 2010

Honorary family member
Don't you guys want to adopt me into the family? I love these trips. I was worried about all of you as there was a lapse in the blog.
19th October 2010

looks like a great trip guys!!! Happy (late!!!) Birthday to Tante Hedi and love to everyone else! Hi to Sven and Eva if you can keep track of them:) Anita, Russ n Girls
8th October 2010
Photo 9

Kirsten found her cows!!!
8th October 2010

Sounds like you are having a great time. I do, in fact, have still have the "antique" box of salt. I think it is in the attic. This antique will definitely go look. Some not so good news. Mama has broken her shoulder and is having surgery tonight (Thursday). Clayborn is sending you info on your regular e-mail. Will send more as soon as surgery is over. Love Ann
7th October 2010

Liver soup? You've got to be kidding!
From Blog: Oktoberfest 2010
7th October 2010

Did Bea, Swen and Eva make it? Where is the Gnome? Why does Bill always look so grumpy? Are Kirsten and Hedi photoshopped into some of these pictures? Inquiring minds want to know!!
6th October 2010

Have Fun!
Did you know that the HDnet travel show said, people in Salzburg generally did not know about the Sound of Music? Hummmm? They did not have a reason. Have Hedy and Bill and the H. singers put on a show. Now! Hey to all.
6th October 2010

Missing all the fun
I want to come too ;-(
5th October 2010

Steve's commentary
I am absolutely loving your blog Steve! I am now picturing Kirsten driving like a crazy Yankee rip roaring through Germany & ya'll holding on for dear life! Those comments make me LOL. I also like how the women are running the show!! Rock on ladies!! Oh yea, & keep singing, she secretly loves it! xo
5th October 2010

I sure like this ! Wish I could have been there. Glad You found Horst. Love Annaliese
5th October 2010

Wow Kirsten, you snagged a good fish there.
4th October 2010

This is so cool. Thank you for sharing Steve. I feel like I am there with you guys.
30th September 2010

Glad you guys are having such a wonderful time! Kept them coming Steve, this is the next best thing to being there! Love you guys! ~Will
From Blog: Oktoberfest 2010
30th September 2010

I'm so jealous!! Looksl like you are having a wonderful vacation.
From Blog: Oktoberfest 2010
29th September 2010

greetings from TX
So jealous!! Glad yall are having fun!! Hugs to all!
28th September 2010

DANG Sheep! Again, another great story, can't wait for the next one. Sounds like you are all having a blast! Stevie - how's that b-day suit going? ;)

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