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September 15th 2013
Published: September 17th 2013
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Drew and I woke up to the ringing of the cathedral bells. What an awesome alarm clock Drew says. Yea, Yea, I take my shower first and I’m out the door. I'll see you down stairs.

Drew arrives and we discussed our route to Stuttgart. Drew ask how do the flights look, I logon and say you know they look pretty good surprising. We might not get upfront but we’ll get on.

We settle our bill say our good byes, as were walking to the car Drew ask why did everyone come to see us off. They kept talking about a skiing game; I don’t think EA has a skiing game.

Beats me, Drew looks at me asks are you not telling me something. What me!

Up the road we stop at Aldorf, this is where William Tell is from. We stop and walk around the village and check out the William tells statue in center. Drew says so it’s a true story, Yea I guess so.

Back in the car we drive for a couple of hours. Once we arrived at Stuttgart’s Flughaf, “airport” for you English speakers.

Now the rubber hits the road, yes even though I have been saying that the flights have been looking good. There is a slight issue, normally when we change our buddy passes you go on-line make your changes and you either pay a slight amount for the change. If that doesn’t work you call Delta’s 800 number and you talk with a person and get it changed. Well that seems to have all changed. Drew and I walk into the Flughaf and find the Delta ticket counter. It’s closed; I’m reading the sign hours of operation 6 am – 17:30 pm. Hmmmm, I look at my watch, it’s 14:00 pm that’s 2 in the afternoon. Ok, maybe I’m missing something but if the sign say 6am – 17:30 pm. I thought Germans do everything exactly, perfectly. You get the point. Well the sign also said closed SUNDAY….. I’m looking at Drew and his eyes are getting big. Are you not telling me something? No, No, everything is fine, I’m just checking on our buddy passes.

We head back to the car and get ourselves a room by the airport. Drew and I get into the room, I’m exhausted and collapse on the bed. It’s naptime. Drew is looking at me and says; I’m not feeling so good, no one is at the counter the sign say’s they’re closed tomorrow. I need to go home, I have to get back to work, I have to fine a new apartment, I have commitments. I know, I know it’ll be all right; it’s hard you just have to trust me. You will be on the flight, it might not be First Class, but you will be on the flight.

Hmmmm, so much for a quick nap. I get up and setup my laptop and logon to travelnet. Again I attempt to change our buddy passes. I get the same error message saying you can’t perform this action. Hmmm, I’ve done it before; I’m wondering what’s different. I call the 800 Delta, no one there to talk with. Hmmm, that interesting; after many failed attempts I cancel Drew’s buddy pass, get a refund and set up a new buddy pass.

Of course that worked, so now Drew has a ticket going home. Wooo, Hoooo I show him, expecting this would calm his buddy pass nerves. Na, that didn’t work, where are you dad. Uh, I’ll do mine later; NO way I’m NOT leaving you here. Kirsten & Lori, will never forgive me.

I cave in and set up another pass for me. However, I have to use one of Bea’s buddy passes because Pam’s have all been used. I show were both listed Drew and it’s very obvious why Pam’s passes are better. Drew is up top and I’m on the bottom, the VERY bottom. The light bulb goes on and Drew see its.

I explain that I didn’t cancel my other pass and will try to get the agent to make the change tomorrow morning. Drew reminds me the sign says they’re closed. Yes, I know what the sign said; however I believe they will be there.

After a short nap Drew is hungry and we go out and have dinner. Drew says hey dad let me treat you to dinner. How does McDonalds sound? You know it sounds great.

So Drew takes dad to McDonalds for dinner, it was great.

We get back and I’m checking the flights again. Were both listed Kirsten & Bea are confused by what I did.

Hey, it’s the fourth quarter you’re on the 5 yard line and there is 5 seconds on the clock, YOU GO FOR THE 3 POINTS!

Everyone is nervous, well not everyone I sleep pretty well until the 5:30 am wake up call.

We pack up; check out and load everything into the car and were going to airport.

We pull in to the rental car area 4 cars are ahead of us; they can’t seem to figure out what to do so everyone freezes.

Ok sheep its 7 am there is not an attendant here to hold your hand. Everyone does the same thing the first car does, expect me I pull into the correct line. Drew and I get out as were pulling out our bags. The sheep start to gathering around Drew and start asking him what to do. Drew looks at me eyes wide open what do I do? Don’t make eye contact, the sheep kept coming. Finally I step in front of Drew and explained the process. Of course the German sheep want to discuss the process with me. I just walk away, I tell Drew you coming; I’m going home.

As Drew and I walk in I tell him I will explain everything once were on the plane and above 10,000 feet. Drew laughs and says ok Dad.

As we approach the Delta ticket counter, there are 4 folks behind the counter. Drew looks at me and I say don’t say a word, I will be lying, stand close by. I walk up, Gooting Morgan.

I start explaining I’m on a buddy pass and before I can start explain my issues. The nice lady cuts me off. I try again and I’m cut off. So after a 15 minutes she realizes I’m not leaving. She caves and starts helping me; after 45 minutes and 2 additional supervisors they finally override all stops and I’m on the flight using Pam’s buddy pass. I cancel bea’s buddy pass I setup last night.

Drew and I go through security, were at the gate and it goes very smooth. I tell Drew listen for when they call us it will sound like FOGHAN. As soon as the word roll off my lips we here Stephen FOGHAN please cume to da counter. Drew looks at me and shakes his head.

We on; we’re in First Class and above 10,000 feet. I look at Drew and say Were on our way home, did you have a good time. Oh, yea. Thanks Dad, love you.

As the plane continues to climb these lyrics keep playing in my head.

And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man on the moon

When you coming home, dad, I don’t know when,

But we'll get together then, Son,

You know we'll have a good time then.

And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man on the moon

When you coming home, Son, I don’t know when,

But we'll get together then, Dad

We're gonna have a good time then.

So true isn’t it


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