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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers February 6th 2009

Le Voyage So I began my departure about a week in advance of actually leaving. This is because of course I had to say the dreaded 'see you in about 6 months.' So, a few of my good friends and I went out to an art showing that was for D. Yaghjian and some others. We had an amazing time. About a week later I was driving off to Atlanta. Right as I was parking the car I began to shiver, but I wasn't cold. I was just very nervous. I always get that way before I fly. I'm surprised that I'm not tagged by security as a suspicious person. :D Of course, as usual, I was at the airport early, therefore I had to wait about two hours for my boarding time. Once on board ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers February 6th 2009

So, Amber and I have been here for about 4-5 jours at this point, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute of it! Jeudi morning, we went on a tour of the campus where we will be diligently studying these next few months. It was definitely a bit bigger than I expected. I mean, it's not a huge campus at all...just about the size of CC's campus maybe. But I don't just doesn't look that big walking up to it. Anyway, it seems as though all of the buildings there have some historical note attached to them, which is really cool. Yet there are also quite a few modern ones as well. After we took the tour, Amber and I once again embarked upon a little walk through the rues of Angers until ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers February 4th 2009

Hello all! So today is my first full day in Angers, and I must say...I don't think I ever want to leave. So yeah, the first few days are always the most exciting. I know. But I think a study abroad experience, or any experience for that matter, is what you make of it. For example, this morning was FREEZING. And bien sur it just had to rain when I had to walk to the university. But you know, I loved every minute of it. Well...maybe once my body became numb to the cold at least! Ok, so let me start at the beginning: Both of my flights were well passed and on time, and the airline didn't lose my luggage. So that was my first little victory of the trip. Then I successfully met up ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers January 12th 2009

ok, so to start off, im typing less quickly as normal because I chopped part of my finger off with Eva’s knife tonight while I was cooking. I think I did nit because it makes me nervous when she watches me cook. She is like MASTER chef and has taught me how to cook the only things that I know how, so when I am faire le cuisine she watches me and somehow always finds a way to point out what I am doing COMPLETLEY wrong or how I am going to kill myself using her crazy intense cooking tools she brought to France with her from China! So today, I was chopping like I am CHEF (or so I wish) up my carrots for my stir-fry, and I turned to Eva to tell her how ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers January 11th 2009

Been back home in France for one week now! I’m not going to lie, its been a lazy first week back! I was really jetlagged all week. I napped a lot, and of course went out, had cafes, ate good French bread, and saw my friends! Getting back to teaching was good too! I thought I didn’t miss my students…but I actually had a fun time with them, comme habitude, and I love it all. Wednesday I slept in really late then met Rachel for coffee at Bar du Centre. Then we went SHOPPING..because the HUGE sales in France started today! I bought a couple of bras and underwears, a couple shirts, and tights for only 30 euro total! It was amazing. Its too bad I don’t have any more money to do any more shopping ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers December 2nd 2008

Okay, I have the most intense thinking sessions on my way home on the bus every night. I have grown to LOVE my time alone on the bus...about 15-20 minutes/ish on my night bus. Ijust love listening to my iPod and observing the French culture. Sometimes I put my iPod on pause and evesdrop on the conversations going on on the bus. Creepy eh? Haha...I dont care....I am obsessed with the fact that I can understand what they are saying. I loved staring out the window and looking at how beautiful this country is....this city. How beautiful life here is, is undescrible. I am going to explode of happiness!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS. I can't even describe this feelin that is constanly inside of me. Its like ahhhhh so much amazingness for one life to handle. I still don't ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers December 1st 2008

So Thanksgiving was the first day I have ever felt truely homesick while being here. Although I am HOME when I am here....I really missed my family & friends from the states so much! Looking at everyones away messages on AIM was making me jealous...Thanksgiving weekend is always soooo much fun at home...going out to the bars and seeing everyone! I worked for 5 hours on Thanksgiving, had a ham and turkey sandwich, then went into town. I went to the train station with Dan and we got out tickets to MARSEILLE...the south baby!! Cannot wait, we are going the 12th-14th of December, the last weekend before Christmas break! They were like 106...not tooooo bad, esp for going all the way down the tickets were cheaper in FIRST CLASS...woo!! We are leaving early in the ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers November 19th 2008

About one month into being in France! I love my life here. It’s hard to describe to people who haven’t lived abroad, and especially to people who have never even been abroad. The way my friends and I describe it is as “constant stimulation.” There are NEVER moments where we are not completely overwhelmed and continuously learning new things around us. Even just walking down the road there are new smells, sights, and a beautiful language that I must constantly be aware of and focus on in order to understand. It hurts the brain after a while, all that concentration. Even when I am “relaxing” at home, I am speaking French with my roommates, and even when I am watching tv I have to concentrate so hard in order to follow the shows. Many times Ill ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers November 19th 2008

Went for a nice run today around my area, did some class preparation and had my one class I have on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4pm. Went to Carrefour and did some food and wine shopping. Then headed into town and made delicious Pad Thai with Maury and Lydia at Lydia’s foyer. Then we went out for a drink at Bar du Centre…our new favorite place because the stellas are only 2 euro (always!) and the cafes are only 1.30euro! Then I met up with Lesline at the 400 Coups and saw the movie “L’echange”…it’s an American film with Angelina Jolie, but I forget the English name for it. It was AMAZING. A bit difficult to watch though, I can’t believe it was a true story and that I’ve never heard of that before! The theatre ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers November 19th 2008

I am not good at keeping up with this thing. Which is horrible , because the more funny and amazing experiences happen every day! I really need to keep up with this! We had some ham and butter baguettes this morning then took the bus to my apartment to cut my hair! She did a fabulous job! And saved me a lot of money, since haircuts are so expensive. We hung out for a while, then headed into Centre Ville to take the our French class we take every Wednesday from 17h30 until 19h30. It’s a FREE class, and it’s going over the subjunctive right now, which I am horrible at. I basically never use it, so this is a great review for me. Then we headed to Lydia’s foyer and made some stir-fry. I eat ... read more

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