The day my student told me he received 'sex' for Christmas

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January 12th 2009
Published: January 13th 2009
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ok, so to start off, im typing less quickly as normal because I chopped part of my finger off with Eva’s knife tonight while I was cooking. I think I did nit because it makes me nervous when she watches me cook. She is like MASTER chef and has taught me how to cook the only things that I know how, so when I am faire le cuisine she watches me and somehow always finds a way to point out what I am doing COMPLETLEY wrong or how I am going to kill myself using her crazy intense cooking tools she brought to France with her from China! So today, I was chopping like I am CHEF (or so I wish) up my carrots for my stir-fry, and I turned to Eva to tell her how manifique her China knife is, when I accidently chopped my finger instead of the carrot. Great!! I wasn’t even concerned about the pain or anything, I was just concerned that my chef Chinese roommate Eva has proved herself right, in that her tools are dangerous and she should not leave the American alone with them. I ran upstairs and grabbed myself a band aid and came down and continued to cut, like nothing was wrong. She makes me so nervous when I cook!

Anyways, its pretty late, like 1am, and I just got back from spending time at Maury’s with some wine and Lydia and Varja. I wish I could blog my thoughts I have on my walks back from the bus stop, they are always the greatest. I create a diary entry in my head, worded perfectly and everything!
Anyways, being here in France is a drug. Is being this happy normal? I’m going to explode any day now if life becomes any better….which seems rather impossible.

My favorite moments are when I catch myself smiling so hard it hurts…when I am all alone. It reminds me that I am not putting on any type of act for people…that a true happy life lingers through my veins. I thought maybe I was faking being happy in December…lying to myself and the people around me. I mean I never really had my grieving period after my breakup…but maybe its because I lost something…which should have been horrible… that only had made my life SO much more interesting and amazing . The doors to the world opened up. It was a blessing.

Anyways, I love smiling.

Had an amazing experience in class today. Read this following conversation that completely represents translation/pronunciation errors, which happen very frequently in my life!

Me: So Yohann, what did you receive for Christmas?
Yohann: I received sex.
Me: got sex for Christmas?
Yohann: Yes, you know...for my feet.
Me: OH SOCKS! You received socks for Christmas. Big difference there.

Haha, I just love experiences like that.
Going on a French date tomorrow night most likely…with my lovely French soldier. Let’s see how this turns out.
Alright, time to read and get to sleep. Need to make up and go for a RUN tomorrow and do some errands. I have to work a long ONE hour from 3pm-4pm. Then cafe with my loves…then movies with soldier boy.


29th March 2009

I want u!
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