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January 11th 2009
Published: January 11th 2009
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Been back home in France for one week now! I’m not going to lie, its been a lazy first week back! I was really jetlagged all week. I napped a lot, and of course went out, had cafes, ate good French bread, and saw my friends!
Getting back to teaching was good too! I thought I didn’t miss my students…but I actually had a fun time with them, comme habitude, and I love it all.
Wednesday I slept in really late then met Rachel for coffee at Bar du Centre. Then we went SHOPPING..because the HUGE sales in France started today! I bought a couple of bras and underwears, a couple shirts, and tights for only 30 euro total! It was amazing. Its too bad I don’t have any more money to do any more shopping though…unless I want to starve to death or not live it up in Africa in a month! 
This weekend was…insane to say the least. Thursday night we made crepes at the foyer with everyone because it was Varja’s brothers last night visiting before flying back to Canada! Varja is such an amazing cook! Then we went to Maurys and had some wine. After, Lee, Maury, Katie and I went to Falstaff because we had missed it so much! Well I did at least. I met another French soldier, Yohan. I must admit, I have a weakness for French boys with their cute sweaters, straight legged pants and scarfs (my favorite). I am not sure, but I think the entire French army hangs out at Falstaff, so voila, I keep meeting so many of them. I just love their short haircuts. And accents. And basically just any boy who speaks another language, especially FRENCH, gains a few more points with my friends and me. Slept at Maury’s Thursday night, then headed back to my apartment to get ready to teach for the day!
Friday I only had my morning class, because the afternoon class did not even show up! I went into town to do some shopping, exchange things and mail some letters then came back home and Rachel came over. I made VELVETTA mac and cheese! I brought the cheese over from America with me. The French are amazing at cheese…but they don’t have cheddar! C’est dommage ca. Then we went out to the foyer, had some gross red wine but we mixed it with Coke so it tasted nice, and went out to Falstaff, again! We went dancing! It was awesome, I love any night that I can dance.
Heading to Switzerland in two weekends with Rachel! I can’t wait!!!
Bisous <3


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