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December 2nd 2008
Published: December 2nd 2008
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Okay, I have the most intense thinking sessions on my way home on the bus every night. I have grown to LOVE my time alone on the bus...about 15-20 minutes/ish on my night bus. Ijust love listening to my iPod and observing the French culture. Sometimes I put my iPod on pause and evesdrop on the conversations going on on the bus. Creepy eh? Haha...I dont care....I am obsessed with the fact that I can understand what they are saying. I loved staring out the window and looking at how beautiful this country is....this city. How beautiful life here is, is undescrible.

I am going to explode of happiness!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS. I can't even describe this feelin that is constanly inside of me. Its like ahhhhh so much amazingness for one life to handle. I still don't know how I was blessed with this life and chance and unique...amazingness.

I am surronded by the most beautiful language and interesting culture everrrr. I have like 15 best friends other assistant friends...they are my family here....15 of the most DIFFERENT people for more reasons that I could ever list. We all have so many different views on things...and are all such different people on so many levels and that's why its so unreal. However what have in commen is the most important thing....our passion for traveling/learning/having new experiences/being outside our comfort zone of whatever country we come from ... they really are the only people (well any of the thousands of assistants in france) who can truely understand the experience.

Its not like studying abroad...its many levels above that. Working in France is crazy. Walking into a french high school and dealing with the instant high school feeling of constant judgement and the smells and the students kissing each other in the halls in between classes remind me a lot of America...but then there is the murmur of this beautiful language and the students bisousing each other (the two kisses on each cheek) and saying very proper and respectful things to each other...and how everyone except maybe 2 of 1,000 students at my high school have BROWN hair.

I am a constant alien here....the freak of nature with blond hair....haha but I love it. that's what is so sad about when I went back home last time....lack of attention! I am one of a million typical American girls with blond hair. I have become very accustomed and amused of how much attention I receive here...I just laugh to myself...esp. when the little kids on the buses stare at me without fear and tell their mothers while still staring at me that I look so different than them.

ANYWAYS...what I did tonight was great! We went to a bars (Donalds) and EVERY first monday of the month there is a deal that for 12 euro you get a bottle of wine and some bread, cheese, sausage and other meat type of thing. Such a good deal! We got a few rounds of those and just hung out. It was Katie, Vanessa, Lee, Katrin, and Katie's boyfriends (who is french) sister and her boyfriend...which was good they were there because then we spoke french all night long! (well mostly!) I caught the last bus home and now here I am.....and I dont have classes until 3pm tomorrow....YESSSS For sleeping in!! (oh my life)

Its like 2am so Im goin to head to bed....bon soiree mes amies, bisous


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