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December 1st 2008
Published: December 1st 2008
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So Thanksgiving was the first day I have ever felt truely homesick while being here. Although I am HOME when I am here....I really missed my family & friends from the states so much! Looking at everyones away messages on AIM was making me jealous...Thanksgiving weekend is always soooo much fun at home...going out to the bars and seeing everyone!

I worked for 5 hours on Thanksgiving, had a ham and turkey sandwich, then went into town. I went to the train station with Dan and we got out tickets to MARSEILLE...the south baby!! Cannot wait, we are going the 12th-14th of December, the last weekend before Christmas break! They were like 106...not tooooo bad, esp for going all the way down the tickets were cheaper in FIRST CLASS...woo!! We are leaving early in the morning then taking a night train back on Sunday night arriving in Angers at 551am on that is going to be one long day.

After the train station we headed to Dan's french friend's house (his friend from boxing class), Antoine and Michel, and the 4 of us hung out just talking and drinking, then I took the last bus home at like 1230.

Friday I had a couple classes and then went into town to the foyer and made Thanksgiving dinner with everyone! That was an amazing experience...having Thanksgiving with most people who have never had it! Everyone contributed a lot...and we had sooooo much food and were SO FULL AFTER! DELICIOUS! And Rachel made the bestttt apple crumble pie. Those English make such fine deserts! I made a pineapple cassarole...while is like cheddar cheese and pineapple and it sounds weird but its AMAZING!! However, finding cheddar cheese in france is near to impossible, and I had to use sliced cheese that they advertised as using on cheeseburgers to make it! But it worked out great, and everyone really enjoyed it!

Saturday was crazy. I went shopping during the day, then we had another international party at my apartment, since Fernandos friend was visiting from Ireland (hes spanish...but now working in Ireland). Then with Lee & rach we went to falstaff, met an American, Bill ,and the 4 of us went to Midstar Night Club and danced all night long....amazingggg. I love dancing. Then we decided to WALK HOME (ahhh so far). None the less, got home around 530/545, and passed out with Rachel in my tiny bed just before the sun was rising. It works with us though, both of us are little, so we make it work. Im sure the wine helps too.

Have to go teach now...see ya!


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