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February 4th 2009
Published: February 4th 2009
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Hello all!

So today is my first full day in Angers, and I must say...I don't think I ever want to leave. So yeah, the first few days are always the most exciting. I know. But I think a study abroad experience, or any experience for that matter, is what you make of it. For example, this morning was FREEZING. And bien sur it just had to rain when I had to walk to the university. But you know, I loved every minute of it. Well...maybe once my body became numb to the cold at least!

Ok, so let me start at the beginning:

Both of my flights were well passed and on time, and the airline didn't lose my luggage. So that was my first little victory of the trip. Then I successfully met up with Amber, who is also from Columbia College, and we took the train together to Angers...which was also on time =P We had about 2-3 horus in the train station before our train left, so we just talked and...well...waited. We eventually sat down at a table thingy, and this guy sat on the other side a few minutes later and started playing an instrument. Well, I know that a lot of people in France play de la musique on the side on the street, in the metro, etc for money, but not this guy. He, like us, was waiting on a train. Well, I hade never in my life seen the intrument that he was playing, so I asked him. I ended up talking to him for a few hours until our train came. He was so nice and full of amazing thoughts. He gave me his number and whatnot because he's actually coming to Angers to play his amazing music in late March or early April. If I had been in les Etats-Unis, I would have never talked to him. I'm too shy. But in a foreign country, I always seem to be more eager to talk to people. I certainly consider that a good quality; it just seems to be the opposite of the logical situation. But whatever!

Bon, we took the train, which was also great, and arrvied in Angers around 4pm I suppose. Amber's host family were nice enough to drive me the one block to my foyer. It wasn't far at all, and I knew that. But Monsieur Camus didn't want me to haul all of my luggage alone down the street. No complaints there! When I arrived au foyer, I was warmly greeted by one of the sisters and was given a tour. Then I just settled in, unpacked my luagge, and sent a few emails out to let people know I was still alive and in the right place! Later that evening I met up with Amber, and we went to the Orange store so I could get a charger for my phone. After that little excursion, I returned to the foyer and had dinner...which was delicious by the way! I was a little worried about walking into a room full of girls I didn't know and have to sit down at a random table. But it was great. A sister showed me which table to go to, and the girls were really nice. We talked and talked and talked, and I actually had a lot in common with them, especially one in particular. Anyways, after dinner I pretty much just took my shower and went to bed. I was EPUISEE (EXHAUSTED).

This morning I went to the uinversity and took my examen de classement (placement test), which wasn't bad at all. I feel pretty confident about it. Hopefully I won't be too terribly surprised by the results (I think we will find out how we did lundi morning). After the test, Amber went to eat at the cafeteria and I read some newspapers. Then we walked and walked and walked, went in a few stores, and had a coffee at a cafe. After that we walked around some more, but we eventually parted ways because Amber was getting tired and decided to head back home to the Camus family. I walked around for probably another hour or so and decided to come back to my room and about the day!

So yeh, I am ecstatic to be back in France, and more specifically back in Angers. It's really great. And life truly is beautiful ici. I am currently talking to une amie, Morgane, on MSN and it looks like I'm going to see her this weekend in Rennes to celebrate her anniversaire. I'm so excited to see her 😊

Well, I need to get going so I can email the parental units! And rest up before dinner. But yeh, everything is amazing here. Can't wait to actually start classes on Monday. Then the experience will be even better (I could totally be a professional student for a career...if I could get paid for it! Gotta love classes...)

Well, adois amigos. Hasta luego! (<--Oui, mes cours d'espagnol me manquent terriblement!! Yes, I miss my Spanish classes so much!!)

French Phrase of the Day:

Chiche! = I dare you!


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