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February 6th 2009
Published: February 6th 2009
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So, Amber and I have been here for about 4-5 jours at this point, and I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Jeudi morning, we went on a tour of the campus where we will be diligently studying these next few months. It was definitely a bit bigger than I expected. I mean, it's not a huge campus at all...just about the size of CC's campus maybe. But I don't just doesn't look that big walking up to it. Anyway, it seems as though all of the buildings there have some historical note attached to them, which is really cool. Yet there are also quite a few modern ones as well. After we took the tour, Amber and I once again embarked upon a little walk through the rues of Angers until we were both too tired to stand. After parting ways, Amber and I both returned to your respective "homes away from home" for le dîner. I'm trying to remember what we had that night?! any case, I haven't had a bad meal since arriving, so I assure you that it was tasty! The French know their food! Anyways, later that night Amber and I met up again to go to Falstaff, where we actually met Shelley and Brittany, two other new students at the CIDEF from New York. It was cool. They were really nice, and we actually saw them again aujourd'hui (vendredi) in downtown Angers. Small world, huh?!

Today, I definitely slept in. I had been going to bed somewhat late every night and waking up early every matin. So it was really good to FINALLY allow my body to adjust to the time difference. Today, Amber and I went to a cafe around 13h15, and then we once again walked around the city. It was fabulous. The weather today was nice as well; the sun was out for a good bit of the afternoon, and the temperature was much more pleasant than it had been earlier this week.

Ce soir at dinner, I sat with a new table so that I could meet some new people. They were so fun! One girl was from Ghana, and she was always laughing and making jokes, and there were trois other French girls. There was also a girl at my table that I had met in passing last night who is from Japan. This girl barely speaks any English, is fluent in Japanese (...duh!...), and has NEVER taken French in her life!! How brave is that?! I started wondering why more people from CC don't come to study in don't just have to be a French major! I've heard a lot of people say "Oh I can't do that! My French isn't good enough yet!" ... think about it, if a girl can come to France without ever having taken a French can do it with one or two semesters...or NONE at all! Then I started thinking about the Japanese language in general...there really aren't any cognates between it and French... I'm very impressed by this girl!

Well, I think I'm in for the night. I'm going to the market tomorrow morning in town. <--and I'm super excited about that too! I remember going once last summer when I visited a friend here (who is also a CC student!), and it was amazing. So I can't wait to go again. ...every Saturday morning until June!!

I hope all is well at CC, and I'll keep in touch!

Haley-Marie Archer

French verb of the day:

Tricher - To cheat
Ne joue pas aux cartes avec lui. Il triche. - Don't play cards with him. He cheats.

Je triche
Tu triches
Il/Elle/On triche

Nous trichons
Vous trichez
Ils/Elles trichent


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