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November 19th 2008
Published: November 19th 2008
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About one month into being in France! I love my life here. It’s hard to describe to people who haven’t lived abroad, and especially to people who have never even been abroad. The way my friends and I describe it is as “constant stimulation.” There are NEVER moments where we are not completely overwhelmed and continuously learning new things around us. Even just walking down the road there are new smells, sights, and a beautiful language that I must constantly be aware of and focus on in order to understand. It hurts the brain after a while, all that concentration. Even when I am “relaxing” at home, I am speaking French with my roommates, and even when I am watching tv I have to concentrate so hard in order to follow the shows. Many times Ill realize that I have been just staring the screen and my mind has drifted away from listening. Of course, there is nothing in English. The brain in continuously working even when I am relaxing. At least I don’t mind watching tv here, since I feel like I am actually accomplishing something, like improving my language or something.
Walking through the streets and seeing old buildings from centuries ago is not even an option or a possibility in America. Its amazing how literally EVERYONE in France is always carrying around a baguette that they had just bought at the boulangerie and are bringing it home for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Its not a stereotype that at lunchtimes they sit in brasseries and sip there strong coffees and people watch all day long, or if they are on the go they are carrying some type of sandwich on a baguette or Panini.
I am amazed with Angers more and more each day. Sure, I already had spent 4 months here but I had hardly discovered as many things then as I am now. I have been all over town and to so many different restaurants, bars and gardens that I didn’t even know existed last time I was here. I LOVE ANGERS. I love France.
My friends here are so incredible. There are about 15 of us assistants in total, and everyone is so different, from all different nations as I already said. I just love being around so many other people who can completely relate to this experience! I can talk and talk and talk about it but sometimes people just cannot relate! And especially when it comes to discussing the French culture….because it is defiantly one of a kind!


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