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November 19th 2008
Published: November 19th 2008
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Went for a nice run today around my area, did some class preparation and had my one class I have on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4pm. Went to Carrefour and did some food and wine shopping. Then headed into town and made delicious Pad Thai with Maury and Lydia at Lydia’s foyer. Then we went out for a drink at Bar du Centre…our new favorite place because the stellas are only 2 euro (always!) and the cafes are only 1.30euro! Then I met up with Lesline at the 400 Coups and saw the movie “L’echange”…it’s an American film with Angelina Jolie, but I forget the English name for it. It was AMAZING. A bit difficult to watch though, I can’t believe it was a true story and that I’ve never heard of that before! The theatre we went to plays it in its original language with French subtitles.
We went out to a couple bars, first Jam Club, then headed to L’Opaki, then back to Bar de Centre (as always) and just were talking , then at the end of the night while walking home met some nice hippie type boys in place du raillement. They were hanging out with this old homeless man who had a boom box and was listening to reggae. It was like 2am, so I was planning to stay at Annie’s since it was long past my last bus home (which is at 12:30). Annie and I stayed and were talking to the two boys, Benoit and Lukas and the weird homeless man, then lovely Germain, who I was not in the mood to see, and his friend with dreadlocks, whose name I forget, come out of nowhere (who knew Tuesday nights could be so eventful). We awkwardly talked with them, and finally decided to walk home around 3am. French boys are a different breed. Annie and I stayed up until like 430 talking, then slept until about 1130am.


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