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February 17th 2009
Published: February 17th 2009
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I have so much to update you on!

The Market

So for the past two Saturdays, Haley-Marie and I have gone to the market. For those of you who are from the 'true' south and have been to a flea-market, please raise your hand. It is very similar to a flea-market, but it is in its own completely different. The typical idea of the Saturday market and a flea-market are in essence the same.

With that said, this market is huge! It spans many city blocks and streets. Every Saturday there is a large market next to the Jardin du Mail and there is another smaller one near the train station. I also know that the smaller one near the train station is also open on Wednesdays. Also, keep in mind if you would like to visit the market, the best time to go is about 12:30 PM because the vendors begin to pack up then, and don't want to take their items home. If you walk into the market coming from Boulevard Marechal Foch walking towards the Jardin du Mail you will first start by entering the flower section. Almost every flower/plant will be at the market. There are the fresh plants still in their soil, and there are cut flowers ready to be put in a vase and set on the table. If you continue, you will begin to get into the 'African' section. There are many carvings and clothing that is sold by Africans who have moved to Angers. Continuing on, there are more clothing stalls, and then you get more into the appliances/fabric section. After that you manly have antiquities. Now, across the street of all of these stalls you can see a huge parking lot, comparable to a Wal-Mart parking lot full of more cars, vans and stalls. If you go over there you will be able to see, smell, feel, and experience some of the most vivid colors, aromas, and textures of your life. One half is essentially fruits and vegetables, and the other half is meat, cheese, fish, and bread.

At the market I have bought, baguettes, pain au chocolate, bananas, oranges, and apple juice, and this summer I bought cherries. It always seems as if the fruit tastes so much fresher if it comes from the market. France is primarily an agriculture country, so I assume that most of the products from the market are French products. The apple juice that I bought this past trip was amazing. I drink the liter of it in 3 days. I have a feeling it was unpasteurized, and you could still see the pulp in it. However, the smell, the taste, everything about it was perfection... in apple juice standards of course.

Random Happenings

My host family provides a bicycle for me. I personally haven't ridden a bicycle since I was in middle school. The first day that I was here I took it out to meet Haley-Marie because we had to buy some minutes for her phone. Let’s just put it this way, me riding a bicycle = not pretty.

Nonetheless, for some reason this morning when I was in my room I had it in my head that I was going to take my bicycle to school this morning. So I make it downstairs into the garage and I realize that I under no circumstance was going to take that bicycle to school today. So, I didn't. However, I must have been feeling rather brave because later that day I took it out not once but twice with no 'mishaps.' I had written a letter to my friend Sarah about a week ago, and absolutely had to go to the post office to buy some stamps. I researched where the post office is, and luckily there was one about 10 minutes away walking distance, but I couldn't find its hours. So, I hop on the bicycle, and off I go. 5 minutes later I find out that the post office is closed for lunch for another 45 minutes. Fortunately, I was in good spirits because of my spectacular bike ride that I wasn't bummed about it. I of course went back 45 minutes later and made sure that Sarah's card began its journey to her.

So, literally like 2 minutes walking distance from my house is the butcher shop and 1 minute after that is the bread shop. Last week one day, I decided that I didn't have anything to make for dinner so I would stop and get a baguette from the bakery. However it was closed. So, I continued in the direction of my house, and I noticed that the butcher shop had some bread. I walked in, and there were three people in front of me. That gave me an opportunity to look at what was being offered for the day. I saw this amazing looking quiche aux asperges, and it was only 1,70 e. After that, I obviously go home and do things until it is dinner time. At dinner, I pull out my quiche and heat it in the micro, of which I'm not truly sure how to use or if the quiche was supposed to be heated. :D Anyways, I slice a piece and put it in my mouth. Then an explosion of flavors erupts and is quite amazing. There was asparagus, cheese, eggs, ham, pastry, and who knows what else in the quiche. Splendid. Knowing that I didn't have much to cook for dinner tonight I went back to the butcher shop to buy another after lunch today, and they were closed. I was bummed, but it was ok… maybe another day.


Haley-Marie and I decided to go to mass on Monday. It was rather interesting. Personally I am a mélange of Baptist, Wesleyan, and Methodist, and I had only been to one mass, an English one, in my life. However, France is primarily a Catholic country, and we thought it would be a good experience. Of which it was. :D So we walk in, and there is only one other man there to 'worship' with us. I'm not exactly sure what terminology to use for Catholic services, sorry. The priest was there as well. Since I am in France, of course the service was in French. I pretty much just stood, sat, and kneeled in following the direction of the other man and Haley-Marie. During the middle of the service, it is custom for the priest to ask someone from the congregation to read a passage from the Bible. He asked Haley-Marie and I and she was like, sorry but we're American. This pleased the little old priest, and the other man in the congregation read from the Bible. After the service was over, the priest pulled Haley-Marie and I aside and gave us this, I suppose you could call it, a poem. He also encouraged us that if we wanted to read from the Bible that it would be ok, and that he could give us a short passage. :D He was just the cutest little thing.

The Debut of Classes

Bright and early, 9:30 AM, on February 10, Haley-Marie and I meet at the Catho to see where we were placed and to begin classes. I was fortunately placed in 324, which is the level right below superior. For that first week of classes we were allowed to try out different options, and find the classes that suited us the best. I have my schedule finalized now, and it is as follows.
Monday - 10h15-12h15 Langue, 17h00-17h55 Phonétique Pratique, et 18h00-19h00 Expression Orale
Tuesday - 9h00-11h10 Langue et 11h15-12h15 Etude Socioculturelle
Wednesday - 14h30-15h30 Littérature et 17h00-19h00 Expression Orale
Thursday - 8h00-10h00 Langue, 10h15-11h15 Phonétique Théorique, 13h30-15h30 Littérature
Friday - 8h00-10h00 Etude Socioculturelle
So far, I have attended all of my classes, and I adore them. I have a feeling that my favorite class is going to be the Etude Socioculturelle because we learn so much, make fun of stereotypes, and the teacher is really sarcastic about French customs, cultures, and traditions. I feel that I have learned so much already, and I have only been here for about two weeks.

Mots/Expressions Français

1. « Et avec ceux-ci ? » est un phrase utilise souvent à la marchée ou dans les boucheries/pâtisseries et autres magasins comme ça. Cet expression dit « Et avec ça ? » Je me souvienne cette expression parce que je l’ai entendu une fois dans la boucherie, et j’ai posé la question à Haley-Marie, « Qu’est-ce que ça va dire ? » Elle ne savait pas. Donc, à la marchée on l’a entendu plusieurs fois, mais heureusement on a vu M. Loiseaux et nous lui avons posé la question. Aussi, je me la souvienne parce qu’il a le son de ‘soucis.’
2. ‘Peche’ - la pêche, la pêche, le péché, avoir la pêche, le/la pécheur-eresse, pêcher, la pêcher, empêcher, dépêcher, se dépêcher
Ces cinq lettres a beaucoup de définitions. Je vais concentrer sur la pêche, le péché, et avoir la pêche.
a. La pêche ca va dire un type de fruits qui sont très connus dans les états de Géorgie et Caroline du Sud.
b. Le péché est souvent entendre dans la messe parce qu’il est les mauvaises choses que les humains font. On trouve des types de péchés dans le Bible.
c. « Avoir la pêche » signifie être optimiste. J’ai entendu cet expression en parlant avec Dr. Droppleman dans mes cours, mais dans mon livre pour mon cours de langue nous avons eu un exercice qui est intitulé ça.
3. Un guichet est comme une fenêtre a la banque. Je me souvienne ce mot parce que bien sur je dois aller au guichet pour retriât de la monnaie, mais aussi j’habite dans la rue du Docteur Guichard. Les mots sont un peut similaire avec leurs prononciations.
4. À point = à l’heure. « Rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point. » On peut dire qu’il faut partir à l’heure. Nous avons enseigné des proverbes dans le cours de langue et celui et un qui m’a touché parce que je suis toujours inquiète d’être à l’heur.


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