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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers May 16th 2008

Written two weeks ago....(sorry for the delay!!) With each coming residency, the intensity of the experience has increased. And this final month in Angers was truly intense. In fact I just misspoke….it was only two weeks here. Less than that, in fact. But it felt like two months to me. We arrived last Tuesday, and we leave this coming Monday. I was gone last weekend to play baseball in Rouen, and I am once again gone this weekend to play. So in fact, I will have only been here for about 9 days!! It seems like so much more than that. Our time in Angers was structured very differently than the other two residencies. We found ourselves at a point in the process of making the piece where we had a form, we have a performance, ... read more
the park
liz, Christina, me
View from the banks of the Loire

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers May 16th 2008

I just saw a really great film about a man who is going to die (late-stage cancer) and therefore sabotages his own life. It was a really good film. I really enjoyed it. I had a kind of a bad day—we all did, the whole troupe, and so I spent the day alone just sort of wandering the city. I ended up at the movie theater all alone watching this movie. It was the perfect movie at that moment, because in fact I myself had two days to kill: we had two days off from rehearsal. The event of the movie, though, was a man who made a manifestation (protest) by sitting in reverse on the seat backing up to a row of seats right in the center of the theater. He had asked the couple ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers May 9th 2008

Yesterday we had a day off from work and so I decided to take an extended stroll to the park. I packed a picnic: bread/cheese/meat, rice, two Smirnoff ices, my book, baseball bat, umbrella, ipod. I spent the afternoon/evening in the parc reading, listening to music, eating, and swinging my bat. As I was on my way home, I passed two teenage boys riding their bikes around a fountain in a smaller park closer to town. I had my ipod on full blast, listening to my music and sort of being in my own little world. Small caviot: I always feel torn when I am walking through the streets whether I should listen to my ipod or not. Walking with or without ipod creates two very different experiences. When you are listening to your ipod and ... read more
Spring Blossoms in Angers

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers December 21st 2007

This past weekend I went to Angers, France to visit my friend Nissa. She’s studying abroad there for a semester. I was a little nervous about going, considering that I don’t speak a word of French, but most everyone I spoke to during the trip spoke English, which surprised me. People here keep telling me that English is the universal language (and it is a required course in many countries) but it just seems strange to me. Maybe because I never had to learn a language as a requirement, it seems odd that other people would have to learn English. Speaking of that, I’ve had several requests from people here to practice English. So, France was fantastic. It was great to see Nissa and just experience a different culture (though I was only there for ... read more
Christmas shopping

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 25th 2007

Desolée for not writing more often! Since my last entry, my life has been consumed with learning French. I speak French, I conjugate verbs all day, and I even dream in French. However, classes aside, I've really grown to love life here. Granted it's VERY different but nice. I know I've probably said it before but, you have no idea how slow life moves in this city. My favorite thing is when people are in the middle of doing something, anything at all, and they stop to "faire une pause." Literally, you push the pause button on life until you feel like pushing plat again. The pause could be for 5 minutes to grab an ice cream or it could last 2 hours having a café. I have to say though, as much as I love ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 14th 2007

Well, it's Bastille Day. You would think that everyone would be out celebrating tonight however I think the entire city, including myself, outdid ourselves last night. Last night, the entire city of Angers and people from surrounding cities met at the castle to watch fireworks. Let me tell you, those fireworks were the most magnificent fireworks I've ever seen. They even lit the castle on fire with them as part of the show. Fire was raining down the sides of the castle with all sorts of different colors. What I thought was interesting was that everyone, thousands and thousands of people, were stunned into silence. No one talked, we just watched. They had music that went along with the show; songs like "Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge and also "Highway to Hell" if you can believe that. ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 10th 2007

Well, it seems like Angers does have something in common with Ft. Worth right now...rain. I always carry an umbrella because who knows when it will start. It was beautiful outside just about 10 minutes ago on my walk home from it's gray. Classes are kicking my butt! We're in class for three hours straight in the mornings...have lunch, then have a two hour break before another two straight hours of class. Completely high-school style. It helps that I have the absolute greatest people from TCU here with me. I feel like we should be the cast of an MTV RealWorld series. We're all so different...but have so much fun together. Yesterday we all went to one of the museums in Angers to see the tapestries of the apocalypse. Pretty unbelievable. Then we were all ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 3rd 2007

Sooo...we took our placement tests today. We also can't speak English anymore which is why I'm grateful for this computer right now. Classes start tomorrow after the results are posted. I don't know if you know but the French are CRAZY when it comes to school. As in, they pretty much would rather eat cat poop than get a bad grade. We'll see how this goes. I'm about to leave to go on a walking tour of Angers...should be fun. The weather here is awful right now though...cold and rainy. I'm going to the beach this weekend though! There's also a party tomorrow night to celebrate the fourth. I swear, I will probably be skin and bones when I get home...we walk everywhere!!! Like 500 miles a day! Okay I have to head out... A bientot!! ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 2nd 2007

Well, this morning I said goodbye to Paris for now and arrived in Angers. We took the TGV...the high speed train, and got here in an hour and a half. You would absolutely die to see where I'll be living for the next month. It's basically a convent...okay not really but it is run by nuns!! Real ones!!! When we got to the Foyer Merici, my new home, they actually had coke and cookies waiting on us! Yeah we don't really drink the milk here...yuck. My bedroom is so cute! It is actually pretty big for being a student residence in France. I have a huge window with homeade lace curtains hanging that overlooks a garden and the Angers skyline. Not to worry, I already have my Glamour magazine out and proud on my table...I have ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers May 27th 2007

Da var det tid for fest:-) Så var dagen endelig kommet som vi alle hadde ventet så lenge på.Gaute & Lisbeths Brullup. Bryllupet var forsovidt ikke noe overaskelse i seg selv men stedet og omgivelsene rundt bryllupet var spesielle kan man si.ikke hverdagskost akkuratt.. Det var nemelig ikke noe hvem som helst sted de hadde valgt og bli viet.Etter mye planlegging fram og tilbake endte de opp i En by som heter Anjou som ligger i Kommunen Angers ca 30 mil fra Paris sentrum.En kort tur med høyhastighetstoget som heter TGV.Det gikk unna.30 mil på 1,5 time... De hadde valgt en koselig og liten Kirke midt inni Anjou sentrum.Det må ha vært ekstra spesielt for Gaute og bli viet av sin egen Far..Bruden var jo selvfølgelig vakker og nydelig i sin vakre kjole. Etter vielsen bar ... read more

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