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July 6th 2008
Published: July 6th 2008
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so its the weekend
we spend saturday morning at this huge outdoor market
littered with clothing and food. oh so fun
we went there to get food for our potluck dinner that night with some friends
we made spaghetti with sauce and sausage then everyone else brought wine,
cheese, baguette, macaroons, cookies, cake, and ice cream.
all in all a hillariously fun night with our new friends.
today most ppl went on an excursion to mont st. michel
but i didnt go because i have 3 months here and im not going to shove
everything into the first week. plus im exhausted,
so im here by myself for the most part.
i made a picnic of sausage, bread, cheese, and pain du chocolat to take
to the massive fountain in the park and eat and enjoy the sunshine
then im going to find this running park they speak of and go for a relaxing jog
cause my legs are stiff!!! we walk soooooo much in the run of a day its insane.
i enjoy it though, it feels natural
for the rest of the week it looks pretty dull just with some classes
but friday night some girls and i, and the three boys are getting dressed up
and going dancing at the bar prive
should be a good time
tty soon


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