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July 3rd 2008
Published: July 3rd 2008
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first day of classes at the university today
i have class from 10-1145 everyday...
life is hard. cause all afternoon i'm forced to sit on the roof of my convent and sip cafe's while eating croissants then after my now daily nap go for a nice clear run in the evening followed by more cafe's on the patio of my new favorite bar that evening with hillarious french men and there hillarious counterparts.
i found the shopping center yesterday...i managed to find a hair dryer curling iron and alarm clock....4.99£ each. everything is ridiculously cheap here. and its nice that the price of euro's is consistently declining this week.

we had a meet and greet at this irish pub last night called was super fun and i got to meet a lot of ppl from the school as well as the town like my new best french friend estell and her overzealous lust for life. and piercings.also found a mcdonalds...not that i want to eat there considering the gorge of food i have three times a day at the cafeteria.
the french also eat cookies for breakfast....this must be where i got it from.
cookies and chocolate "muffins" also known as cupcakes where on hand this morning...and some highly ignored bran flakes.
one thing i cant get use to though is the milk..its like cream. even the skim, and always smells bad. always. but i eat enough cheese in the run of a day to fulfill my calcium requirements for life.
i also went on a walking tour of the city yesterday which was really good. i had no idea how close i was to the river because the view from my room is of the theater which at night is lit up like a christmas tree which is excellent amusement for sitting on the roof when i cant sleep.
this stupid bed makes me want to scream. its hard as a rock. and as most of you know, my bead at home has like eighteen layers of foam on it then extra pillowtop. oh god, and the pillow is like non-existent. i want my king size RL's sent over asap.
i got in trouble at the convent yesterday for like not telling them i had left for the day. we're supposed to turn our keys over wehn we leave and turn them back when we get home. and i never remember to do so. probably because i'm afraid of the nuns in the office.
i feel as though they judge...harshly. and in french. so i have no clue as to what they are always griping about.
my friend natalie and i are going to mass on sunday though. in this church in town square thqt looks like it was built by the first settlers in france. its huge and covered in crazy scultpures so we want to go inside and hear the mass in french and look at the paintings. oh and love god...
anywho thats all for now
ps i got the internet aorking consistently now at the convent so all is good
much love


4th July 2008

Maxx's travel blog
So today I slept in front of the screen door in the sunshine till Mom came home. Then I begged and got some sausage snacks [my favorite] and hung out in the back yard barking at all the passing puppies. Then the kids from next door came to play with me, I like them a lot they throw stick for me. I had my supper with some homemade dog food , I am such a spoiled dog! then I went for my nightly patrol around the neighbourhood with Mom. Had to check evey corner incase there are any new dogs around!, sniffed everyones grass etc; and had to have a few little rests but a nice time anyhow. Stopped by Eric's just incase Penny was there,( she really likes me) all the kids there played with me too I am such a loveable little dog!!!! then went home and lay on the deck with Dad till it was time for bed. Tomorrow is the weekend so I will probably be out in the yard all day helping with the grass cutting etc: if I sit on the curb and look cute I am sure to get a pat from someone, then who know maybe we will go to the park in Halifax for a while I love it there. Well I will continue my travel blog at a later date when I have more news ta ta for now Love Maxx

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