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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers August 13th 2008

the week since ive returned from Lourdes seems to have flown by i got back on tuesday but didnt have school until friday which was fine cause i was exhausted and got my laundry done for the first time since i got here i know...i know... that weekend was pretty sunny so i spent saturday along the riviera having a picnic and going on a huge hike around the perimeter of the town basically. it was fun, there were lots of little dogs playing in the river that day and i had lunch on the river boat it was different... i dont necessarily suggest it. after lunch and after avoiding a man that seemed drunk, yet friendly, i sat on a bench for a while and pulled out my new french book many ppl have told ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers August 1st 2008

hey so this week has almost flown by yet again! tuesday night was our soiree international to mark the end of the months studies at the language institute people put on skits and plays to represent there country or region of origin i say people, cause u all know i did not get up there, even though i was egged on and even enticed to stand up and go due to the sugary aperitif i was force fed beforehand... anywho, this started at 8 and went until like almost midnight, which is the danger zone hour in angers. so we walked over to the bar in a huge group and all were safe :) once inside we notice that it is very busy for a tuesday night this is good however cause it let me practice ... read more
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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 26th 2008

so im currently laying in my bed at 6pm on a saturday night with my eyes half closed due to overwhelming allergies that i seem to have developed must be all the 'second hand' smoke. continuing on with where i left off the last post... wednesday night was a soiree for the school at the cafe d'art which is just a fancy hippie bar where u had to wear a big odd accesory. my accessory was my alfred ring but i did my hair in a huge bouffant by accident turns out french hair spray is much stronger than the canadian varity, anywho so we show up at the cafe and the bartender is hella-rude which i dont appreciate so we leave and go to kent bar. not before i embarassed someone first who said so ... read more
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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 22nd 2008

so i have a lot to tell u about and u should probably sit down for this as i am long winded at times. ok beginning with friday night i did barely anything, the afternoon i cant remember and thus the evening was just as remarkable im sure. so saturday i wake up bright and early, first time in a while, and head to the market which i thought was on the length of one street...but oh boy. was i wrong. the market starts at rue du jardins, with a bunch of market like items such as knock off purses and sunglasses which are actually illegal to own in france. go france i hate knock offs as u all know then im walking along and i come to the flower section, which looks like the end ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 18th 2008

this week has gone by soooo fast i can't even believe it in another week my friends leave :( but then new ones come :) haha please dont read that so after the fete national on monday i got pretty sick with what i can only consider the plague or from sleeping with my window open too often either way i was horribly sick on tuesday but i went to school anyways which was a huge mistake cause it was 38 degrees in the morning....and just kept getting hotter by 2 that afternoon i had full on heat stroke and half fainted at my desk and hit my head reallllllly hard which was akward to try and explain la tete....c'est ne pas bon... so i came home and passed out. not to rise from my ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 14th 2008

this weekend was the fete nationale for france which is pretty huge i soon found out i spent saturday at the markets and what not laying pretty low sunday however, well. ok so i started off my day with a wonderful picnic in my usual park by the water fountain under the bridge of roses. life is really hard. but then across the river there was a jazz concert for jazz fest so i plunked down on my blanket, unhooked my ipod, and listened to some crazy french jazz. and those kids could play. also at this concert they were handing out free champagne to everyone and while i felt bad about mixing the wine i had on my picnic with the authentic champagne, i strode on....for canada. i left the concert around 4 that afternoon ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 11th 2008

i havent really been doing anything this week i feel like a waste of space today yesterday i went to a chocolatier to see how chocolate is made definetly recommend it, its pretty cool and makes u not ever want to eat chocolate again and i also learnt that the chocolate in anger's is blue due to the amount of chemicals in the water system...good thing i've been drinking like 8 bottles a day from the tap... its really good chocolate though. beats cadbury's hands down. i took a trip to the mono prix which is like our superstore i had to get a towel cause i could no longer use tank tops to dry my hair in the mornings 19.50 euro...seriously nearly died at the price. and theres not another store around like it unless ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 8th 2008

its been raining now for almost three days straight. i thought at first the rain that comes in the afternoons while everyone is on break was the french rain you here about. but no, i was wrong. i do however think that the reason ppl take such long lunch hours here and why the stores are closed for three hours a day is because every afternoon it will rain here. i can start out to school in the morning in thirty degree heat and at like 2pm it will start to pour for about an hour then be sunny again. everyday. just for fun. and the french government doesnt want ppl trying to shop in the rain cause that would increase there diseases so he just shuts the whole city down during rainy hour. and on ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 6th 2008

so its the weekend we spend saturday morning at this huge outdoor market littered with clothing and food. oh so fun we went there to get food for our potluck dinner that night with some friends we made spaghetti with sauce and sausage then everyone else brought wine, cheese, baguette, macaroons, cookies, cake, and ice cream. all in all a hillariously fun night with our new friends. today most ppl went on an excursion to mont st. michel but i didnt go because i have 3 months here and im not going to shove everything into the first week. plus im exhausted, so im here by myself for the most part. i made a picnic of sausage, bread, cheese, and pain du chocolat to take to the massive fountain in the park and eat and enjoy ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers July 3rd 2008

first day of classes at the university today i have class from 10-1145 everyday... life is hard. cause all afternoon i'm forced to sit on the roof of my convent and sip cafe's while eating croissants then after my now daily nap go for a nice clear run in the evening followed by more cafe's on the patio of my new favorite bar that evening with hillarious french men and there hillarious counterparts. i found the shopping center yesterday...i managed to find a hair dryer curling iron and alarm clock....4.99£ each. everything is ridiculously cheap here. and its nice that the price of euro's is consistently declining this week. we had a meet and greet at this irish pub last night called was super fun and i got to meet a lot of ppl from ... read more

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