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July 18th 2008
Published: July 18th 2008
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this week has gone by soooo fast i can't even believe it
in another week my friends leave 😞
but then new ones come 😊
haha please dont read that
so after the fete national on monday i got pretty sick with what i can only consider the plague
or from sleeping with my window open too often
either way i was horribly sick on tuesday but i went to school anyways which was a huge mistake cause it was 38 degrees in the morning....and just kept getting hotter
by 2 that afternoon i had full on heat stroke and half fainted at my desk and hit my head reallllllly hard
which was akward to try and explain
la tete....c'est ne pas bon...
so i came home and passed out. not to rise from my bed again until late wednesday afternoon
when i felt better.
so much so that i felt it would be the ideal time to go boutique shopping...
i went to lacoste and c&c confidential, united colors of benetton, maxmara, the macaroon chocolatier...again.
ohhh an le redoute
ughhh and its not even half the street i was on. it was insane
and here, they're all about helping you out to the full extent of the service. in lacoste they actually offered me a drink! i mean its frigen lacoste! i was buying a present for someone else
this is why i started calling mysellf marie....short for marie antoinette
that and i eat her macaroons quite frequently
you know the ones. from the famous line "let them eat cake"
so on my shopping trip i wasnt too scandalous cause im a) on a serious budget and b) walking by myself so i had to carry whatever i bought. and it was kind of hot out
i got a cute cardigan from united colors and then some cute tanks at c&C andddd a vest and a ring at le redoute. not too much damage done i was walking home it was like fate came down from the heavens and slapped my jaw so that i would rub it and turn my head to the side and there it was...
my dear friend frederic.
plated in solid gold. with diamonds for eyes
in the form of a beautiful cocktail ring
i must have it. its only 30euro
but the shop was closed and i went back today and gahhh still closed
what better way to remember my time in france than to wear frederic close to my heart
its an antique by the way which is why its only 30 euro
that and jewelery is ridiculously cheap here
cheap wine, cheap jewelery, vespa's everywhere.
it hurts to think of coming home
i need to find something i hate about france so that i'll want to leave
i should find a bad boyfriend or something haha kiddding
i don't understand what they say when they talk to me anyways. unless we go to this one bar called fallstaff (sp?) which is an international bar run by a girl who is french but loves americans so just wants to speak english to u and once she knows u adds double shots to every drink she makes for u.
on another tangent the alcohol here is much more pungent than that at home.
especially malibu...
anywho so we're at the bar the other day after dinner, so like 8. and they play english songs on the radios here which i find hilarious and thats really the only english most guys will let on to knowing when they tlak to you,
so amber and i are giggling and laughing and having fun at canada's expense cause shes from south carolina and doesnt care to understand the concept of winter coats haha so she was envisioning penguins running around town while i was laughing at her
and we head home but she lives in the opposite direction of me so we walk half way and then depart.
i really didnt realize how fast it gets dark here i guess because five minutes later i was kind of scared to be on my own. and everything is closed.
then im like ok, this is clearly paranoia stemming from years of watching scary movies so i just put on my ipod and kept walking. i had it turned down low though so i could hear creepers in the distance.
i stop at the crosswalk waiting for the little man to turn green and i feel someone behind me but i didnt turn around, at this time i was listening to madonna's new album and i suddenly hear "LIKKKKKE A VIRRRGINNNN TOUSSSHEEED FUR THAAA VERRRRAYYY FUUURRST TIM"
ANd having had a drink, i kind of laughed out loud. and turned around to see this guy well no, old man, smiling at me. he said something in french but the only words i caught were madonna and j'aime...obviously he had heard the music in my ipod and sang me a little song.
this is what i find hilarious throughout my days is how much the westernized english culture has crept into the french way of life. even if they do boycott starbucks
they only relate celebrity to being english
like i had a half hour conversation today with my professor about how popular catherine daneuve is in canada right now because she was last years viva glam model for mac and then she was the voice over for persepolis so everyone knows her. and then she asked me if i had ever seen or met roch voisin. thats when i felt it was time to end the convo...who listens to roch voisin?
on a last note
please dont inform saint marys that i am spending my last few months at school in a class that teaches you how to talk romantically in french.
seriously. yesterday in class we all partnered up and practiced french pick up lines...
tu veux voir ma collection de timbres? no
....j'ai perdu mon numero de telephone, je peux emprunter le tien?
this is how u reject
allez on s'appelle, salut!
excusez moi, mais je suis creve.
we also had to pretend to be drag queens to practice our french lips haha
schools fun...
ill write more tomorrow
much love


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