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July 14th 2008
Published: July 14th 2008
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this weekend was the fete nationale for france which is pretty huge i soon found out
i spent saturday at the markets and what not laying pretty low
sunday however, well. ok so i started off my day with a wonderful picnic in my usual park by the water fountain under the bridge of roses. life is really hard.
but then across the river there was a jazz concert for jazz fest so i plunked down on my blanket, unhooked my ipod, and listened to some crazy french jazz. and those kids could play.
also at this concert they were handing out free champagne to everyone and while i felt bad about mixing the wine i had on my picnic with the authentic champagne, i strode on....for canada.
i left the concert around 4 that afternoon and took a little siesta as is customary...
when i woke up it was 7 and the kids were headed to the orchestra concert in one of the vast parks but i had to shower so i stayed behind.
after i was ready i had another glass of wine and left the foyer but i was hungry so i wanted dominos where i ran into Francesca, she was headed to steves but i somehow lost her on the 2minute walk there...

i couldnt find anyone after that so i just sat down and made new friends with some locals
who once again made fun of the way i say bag. i dont see whats so funny about it but anywho
then the fireworks started which were incredibly impressive because they were like on top of us and huge and went on for almost half an hour
afterwards i bid farewell and ran back home cause i didnt tell anyone that i was staying for fireworks, just that i was going to see if dominos was open...
outside however i hear frederic. the owl. my friend and confidant.
he seemed really lonely that night and im pretty sure the fireworks spooked him to an extreme cause the noises coming out of him weren't his normal whoo whoo's but rather he was saying whoooo will set me free???? whooooo it coooould beee uuuuu

the church however was closed so i couldn't get in to free frederic. alas i returned to the foyer.
in search of nutella for my baguette i found natalie! and her family who had just arrived but no nutella.
it was like 2am by this time so i gave up and went to bed. but it was a pretty fun fete nationale.

today everything is closed except restraunts and bakery's so having thrown half my baguette out the window last night in an attempt to soothe frederic, i had to have food for breakfast.
and by breakfast i mean 2pm...i found a mcdonalds that was open for breakfast still and ordered some fries and beer for 3euro. the fries here are a little odd. they always have spice on them and when u ask for ketchup they look at u odd and hand u mayonaise. in turn i look at them oddly cause eww mayo.
anywho i ate that and felt much better and i stopped at the boulangerie on the way home and got a croisant for snacks later.
on that note i've noticed something odd lately.
the french version of ice tea is peach flavored...all the time. there is no alternative.
EVEn if the bottle has a lemon on it. its peach. guaranteed
which is gross. cause peaches are gross.
also if i never see apple juice again in my life i will die happy.
the boys get home from spain/belgium today which is fun cause im sure they had a pleasant drive back in the 40 degree heat
so we'll probably go out tonight seeing has how we only have school for 3.5 days this week
and well, what else does one do on a holiday weekend but celebrate the birth of france in style
thats all for now
not too exciting this week
ill tell u about more late


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