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July 11th 2008
Published: July 11th 2008
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i havent really been doing anything this week
i feel like a waste of space today
yesterday i went to a chocolatier to see how chocolate is made
definetly recommend it, its pretty cool
and makes u not ever want to eat chocolate again
and i also learnt that the chocolate in anger's is blue due to the amount of
chemicals in the water system...good thing i've been drinking like 8 bottles a day
from the tap...
its really good chocolate though. beats cadbury's hands down.
i took a trip to the mono prix which is like our superstore
i had to get a towel cause i could no longer use tank tops to dry my hair in the mornings
19.50 euro...seriously nearly died at the price. and theres not another store around like it unless
u take a taxi and so i payed 35$ for a towel. one that announces to the world that i heart ice creams at that.
then to top it off i was picking up paper towels there as well for cleaning and eating on the weekends and
the french are obsessed with putting art on paper...tissues, toilet paper, napkins, doesnt matter. everything
has an over the top design on it. which i enjoy to the fullest extent. however, when i picked up said glamor towels my wonderful new friend Siuna informed me that they were 1euro more than the no name brand and picked them out of the basked he was carrying and forced me to buy no name plain paper towels.
c'est domage.
that night we went to dinner at this little italien restraunt which was fun
we had proper italien pizzas made with only meat and uber thin crusts haha and a bottle of wine each..
then for dessert i got these stuffed pastries that were nutty gelato inside and chocolate drizzle outside
and they came with a french flag sticking out them.
so we're finishing our wine that night and this little boy walks by and he was like maybe 2yrs old with his mom
and we waved at him and he came over to our table, so cute. i gave him my ice cream flag and he screamed soooooo loudly. i was not expecting it at all. neither was the rest of the people on the deck enjoying dinner that night haha but he kept waving it at us and his mom was trying to make him keep walking but he'd get out of her grasp and run back to us. it was the cutest thing ever cause he did it like 3 times and then threw a temper tantrum which we felt responsible for and very badly for hah

then we left and hung out at this massive fountain for about an hour and im pretty sure there were 5 languages being used in our groups of conversation that night. its insane. but then me and my friend steve who so lovingly lent me his hair straightener, went to a dessert bar for wine cause everyone else had tests to study for but ours were today. it was fun, they love gelatto here, we had tiramisu on the walk home. c'est tres bien

so today i had school all morning which was ok, we had to make big posters of charicatures of the french and describe the stereotypes of the french from our countries. which was difficult, considering my ideals of the french come from the quebecois french and not parisians. so i drew both. i drew an old dirty french man for the canadian version with a flag that said "separer! haha and then i drew nikolas sarkozy and his wife for the parisian version. except he only came up to her ankles and was waving a france flag and she was singing while signing autographs. its really funny here when i pick up magazines to see pictures of them instead of britney spears. they dont really know who she is except for when u ask they sing oh baby baby. which can be hillarious at 2am...

anywho because i drew the president i immediately got bombarded with questions from the monotrices about canadas president.....which i could not explain clearly about the parlimentary system...i was trying to say we are just like england, there little sister but they either didnt understand or just pretended they didnt. which is frustrating when u know they speak perfect english and are talking about the canadian president. and its even more frustrating when ur the only canadian around....so our canadian president i said was a mommas boy and when we make fun of him we poke of his never changing hair and lack of personality. this they liked, haha then i was trying to explain the party system and how stephane dion was french and liberal and the dionista's thing but it just went terribly wrong so i shut up and sat down...

i skipped lunch today cause its friday. and we must only eat fish. fish salad, fish on bread with cheese, main dish of fish...fish flavored ice cream...etc. and just came home to do laundry and clean my room which our maid commented on how clean i was 😊 compared to the asian next door whos name i dont even attempt to spell. anywho, once the stores reopen im going to head into the centre ville cause the jazz festival starts tonight and i need to walk to the venue to make sure i know where it is so as to decide whether or not it would be appropriate to drag someone along with me for the walk home tonight. which can be scary as heck. what with living basically attached to a church and that frigen owl. who may or may not have a rock with its name on it. i called him frederic by the way. frederic the owl.
he likes it.
i also figured out that hes caged in the roof somehow. like he cant get out.
what a life.
thats one thing i dislike about here, is the way the treat and view animals.
im not even gonna get started on the mistreatments of them ive seen so far. it makes me sick.
im gonna make lunch and watch a movie for a bit while everyones siestaing
much love


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