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July 22nd 2008
Published: July 22nd 2008
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so i have a lot to tell u about
and u should probably sit down for this
as i am long winded at times.

ok beginning with friday night i did barely anything, the afternoon i cant remember and thus the evening was just as remarkable im sure.
so saturday i wake up bright and early, first time in a while, and head to the market which i thought was on the length of one street...but oh boy. was i wrong.
the market starts at rue du jardins, with a bunch of market like items such as knock off purses and sunglasses which are actually illegal to own in france.
go france
i hate knock offs as u all know
then im walking along and i come to the flower section, which looks like the end of the market, but then i saw it. like moses parting the red sea. i looked across the street to my favorite garden with the big 'swimming' fountain and it was there. a lot the size of all of mic mac mall full of fresh produce. i scampered across the street in my i dream of jeannie pants and clearly looked like a tourist or child with mental disabilities as i laughed out loud to my self and screamed with delight at the oh so cute man who sold strawberries
"pour vous madame" i heard a voice
i turn around to find a man with life size balloons in his hand,
he hands me one shaped like non other than batman!
i was tres impressed
so i bought some delicious fresh french strawberries and armed with my life like batman balloon and wonder in and around the rows of delicious produce and than, hark, it is yet another market!!!
this time i see him first, it is. oh yes. THE GERMAN SAUSAGE MAN!!!!!
in full leinerhouzen(spelling>?) get up! god i love him
hes big and jolly and his mustache curls at the end and his words are angry and french
his white mustaches vibrates with laughter as he sees me approach
ohhh he remembers me!!!!
ahhh mon cherie!!! he cries in his thick accent, we exchange pleasantries anddddd he gives me 3 sausages for the price of one! thats 3euro!
i totally wanted to eat them right there and then but the batman balloon i was still holding prevented me from doing this as the other hand was hovering around the zipper of my purse as im paranoid of pick pockets in these situations.
i saunter on towards the baked goods and cheese sections which are filled with street vendors of all nationalities.
this chinese lady yells bon matin cherie and bam aka bof!
i run right into a hard chinese lantern face on.
i hope no one saw...
so i quickly run away down through the crowds who by this time are filled with the elderly and there petite chiens who are ADORABLE.
i stop to pat a little red dog with curly hair and give him a bit of my oh so precious german sausage
his owner yells something at me in french and i saunter on, by this time i can smell the essence of home as i reach the seafood markets.
god they are just like what u see in pictures and movies
people throwing fish of all natures back in forth, crates filled with crawling crabs, fish with mouths so large they can only be of the mutant variety.
i loves it
i pick up some crevettes for my pasta that evening that are small and delicate as shrimp should be.
and they guy wasnt bad looking so i guess all was well and good in the universe that day
im wondering in and out of the section gasping at the size of octopi that lay spread across fields of chipped ice when i decide to cross the street into the clothing and antique market.
its here where i really wish i had more suitcases.
sooo much cute clothes for like nothing.
dresses are like 4-10euro and so on.
i decide at this time that im carrying enough stuff for one kid and start my 45 minute walk home.
when i pass the movie theatre i notice that batman is playing, asssss is mamma mia. but in french!
c'est bon!
i go inside and get a ticket for mamma mia.
yessss i went to the movies by myself
and yessss its cool cause other ppl did the same thing
anywho im waiting for my pink popcorn in line and this little boy was staring at my batman balloon the whole time and well i didnt reallllly want to take it in to the movie anyway so i give it to him.
and his life is complete by the sounds of it.
so i settle down with my peach flavored ice tea and pink popcorn in the theater the size of a bus. and watch mamma mia. it was hillarious because they dubbed over the speaking parts in french with different voices but the songs they kept in english in the original actors/actrices voices with french subtitles...
i seemed to be the only one in the theater enjoying this...
after the movie i came home and unloaded everything and by this time it was like 6 and so i put on my lounge wear and watched tv for a while. en francais of course.
at 10 i got yelled at by my dear sweet friend sina for being "anti social" cause i didnt feel like going to the bar that night and instead stayed home to do my homework that he had to spend his whole day sunday doing while iiiiii....
sunday morning got up and walked back up to the rue du jardins. at the 'swimming' fountain is a large garden area with concerto gazebos and statues of naked ladies all throughout. it really is quite beautiful and it was nice to walk through it while not a lot of people were around yelling at u for the size of your balloon in an open market...
so i walked through to the end and had a coffee at the open air cafe in the middle of the gardens. after that i promenaded down to the end of the street and went into jardin des fleurs. which is a lot like our public gardens in halifax only three million times better,
its a lot of flowers and trees from all over the world and each section has a little thing for u to read like they had bamboo gardens and palm trees and other odd things then at the back i found the church i insist on getting married in. its completely covered in ivy except for the front door which is an old dark wood that's just beautiful and the door knockers are lions heads. i loved it. oh and the windows are stained glass pictures of biblical charachters all throughout. and in the back is another gazebo covered in lily flowers with punches of pink roses and a path made of golden rocks and sand.
absollllutely beautiful.
butttttt the best part
u should sit down for this
was that right next to it...is...a...CAROUSEL!!!!! with old white horses!!!
ANNNNNND NEXT TO THAT...a petting zoo!!!!
ahhhhhhh love.
there was a baby goat and it was asleep on top of a tree stump and i love him forever.
the other goats were cool too, they just wanted to be loved
i seriously spent like an hour there feeding them hay and playing with them all.
like little boo peep
except with goats
cause they eat sheep in france
anywho all throughout this garden are amazing statues from all over the world as well
they have some from greece and asia and what not that i love and adore
theres also this tree there thats branches make a T shape and then little branches drape over it like an ivy but its got pine needles and it smells good
u can dance through it..,.they let you...i asked.
i have pics you can see later cause i dont know how else to describe it.
annnnywho i walk home after that and tanned in the back yard all afternoon and did homework cause it was like 45 on sunday.
that evening Yvonne and i went for sushi which was amazing and ridiculously cheap and we met up with steve that night too which was fun cause i hadnt seen him in ages and hes always hillarious.
he loves french girls.
and they love him back.
so yvonne and i were playing "lets try and break into the church" when we returned to free the owls when i decided to show her my secret garden i had found....aka the back yard. people dont really use there backyards here like we do.
its more of a menace to have one.
but our back yard seriously looks like the rolling hills of tuscany. its large grid like pastures that roll down amongst gardens and green houses BUT THEN we found a newwww secret path that looks like a fairy tale!!!
its a pathway of large overgrown chestnut trees and on each tree at above my eye level, so normal people eye level, a wooden cross is nailed to the tree with roman numerals on it!!!
what could this meannnnn???
being france, i assumed it was how many people were sacrificed under it, but i could be wrong.
anywho at the end of that row of fairy tale trees is a statue of st anthony and hes inside a super big tree stump and if your strong enough to pick him up, which neither of us where, your supposed to hold him upside down and then you'll get married right away to the love of your life or something loosely translated from our french paraphrasing...
but then, and this, this is so cool, we came up on a frog pond, but like, a nice one. and there was a river that flowed into it with a little bridge made of old trees and flowers and in the pond was another giant tree stump and it was COVERED in pink flowers but then someone had carved out the middle and inside was a statue in gold of the virgin mary holding her little baby jesus!!! its soooo cool.
someone needs to fall in love and kiss on the bridge
its meant for that
anywho monday at school was boring, although i think my professor assumes i have no friends because in my class i dont really talk to anyone unless they sit beside me, cause i mean im sure there nice and all but most of them are quite young, and i have lots of friends here, no need to make the group bigger at this point. so i came to class and was sitting down copying out my homework and we have what seems like an hour long convo about her trip to glasgow, scottland, and my trip arounddddd the wooooorrrld haha aka europe.
its fun.
shes nice, crazy, but nice. and she loves jazz, as do i, so we wave to each other at the concerts in the park.
we're tight.
anywho thatttt night me, amber, yvonne and natalie go to dinner at the school which is ohhh joy ham and pickled zuchini....i opt for the coleslaw.
afterwards we run around the school for a moment to wear off all that coleslaw i ate and end up at the local international bar 'falstaff' where i ordered what will go down in history as the grossest bottle of wine.
you know when two canadians wont drink it, that its bad.
but whatever, c'est la vie. we drink it.
then i go outside for a moment to do french things
and i see a plastic container of chupa pops fly across the street to my right.
note: chupa pops are fruit flavored tootsie pops. like big suckers
andddd alllll the chupas fly across the rue like it was carnivale!
then i see this middle aged, balding, obese, french man, whose shirt is not even close to tucked in stumble backwards out of the local indian chip shop.
following behind him is a young indian boy with a baseball bat in his hands....
while im laughing at the suckers exploding as cars run over them, the bat mysteriously lands on the older man
and a ruckus occurs.
i go inside.
but thennnn we start craving chips so we brave the battlegrounds once again and this time peace is upon us.
plus we had like 80 sauces to choose from so we bring them all back to falstaff and have a feast of indian style traditional chips and sauces.
once seated inside our safe haven again, a man walks in with his poochey who is a little french pug.
the man is clearly bar hopping and the dog is just along for the free cheetos that are flavored with peanut butter (dont not eat them, they get offended)
the little pug is cute and i pat it when i notice that its tongue seems to be tooo big for its mouth and thus always sticks out. god it was precious
anywho natalie calls it a night early and amber does too after a quick stop across the street to see sina, edson, and frannie at a bar called Soft. iiii start to walk home when i meet steve
whos frolicking in the street due to the fact that his heart is filled with french girl love
shes a violinist and he's dancing....
anywho he convinces me to join him and some girls from mexico at another local bar that specializes in a variety of arabian entertainment involving smoke and tea...
so i oblige and we meet the german kids there, whoo love there prada sunglasses way too much to be normal but they're so cute and funny nonethless.
the best part is that for the whole time
like two hours, ive been speaking french during the conversations and not even noticing!
i was so impressed with myself!
also note to self...learn how to make chicha tea
sooo delicious
at around midnight we decide to walk home and the night is through.
today i went to school all day which was kind of rough, not gonna lie
and at lunch amber and i walked through another garden which we call the make out gardens because its in the center of the main road and has a big fountain and kids park and what not
typical public garden, yet whenever we seem to walk through it, people are always with there others on the benches. all littered throughout. the norm.
u know.
anywho we went to the train station to get a magazine and had lunch at a bistro near yet another fountain that has a naked lady statue holding the water up i guess i dunno what she does. but its the first thing u see when you get to angers.
we had veggie soup, cheese quiche, nutty vanilla ice cream and a glass of wine for about 8$ each
gotta love the prix fixe menus here
after our classes that afternoon amber and i meet up again and go shopping cause its a nice day out and we want to be in the sun annnnnnnd guesss what iiiiii boughtttt!!!
my owl cocktail ring!!!
turns out its adorned with swaroski crystals and is made by a famous jewellars in paris called babylon
anywho, its mine now
and whenever i wear it i will think of france
which is all that matters
amber got an elephant charm for her charm bracelet to remind her of our upcoming trip
after that we went for more sushi and it was delicish
then we walked up to le kent which is the big outdoor sitting area and bar and had a bottle of the famous wine from the region that is so good you could drink it everyday and not ever tire of it
its very sugary and is actually an apertif
but we love it
so we sat out there for a couple hours and talked with the locals who are incredibly interested in american politics at this moment in time
its all i ever get to talk to them about is obama and mccain
cause u know i speak english therefor i am american.
but whatev,
thennnn we walked to falstaff to see if our fav person Cat was there cause shes vacationing this weekend for about a month but she was ill so we decided to walk home
where when i got here i met sina and frannie and yvonne who were waiting for everyone as usual in the front lawn
we chatted for a while and turns out they were going to see steve play at a bar
the man somehow got a show booked of him singing and playing guitar after only two weeks in france.
i felt pretty bad for not going but im honestly soo tired i need the rest so i hope he does well tonight
anywho thats all for now as im starting to fight the bugs crawling on my computer screen
they just showed up completely uninvited ughh
k i'll write you more this week
love you


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