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July 8th 2008
Published: July 8th 2008
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its been raining now for almost three days straight.
i thought at first the rain that comes in the afternoons while everyone is on break
was the french rain you here about.
but no, i was wrong.
i do however think that the reason ppl take such long lunch hours here and why the stores are closed
for three hours a day is because every afternoon it will rain here.
i can start out to school in the morning in thirty degree heat and at like 2pm it will start to pour for about an hour then
be sunny again. everyday. just for fun.
and the french government doesnt want ppl trying to shop in the rain cause that would increase there diseases so
he just shuts the whole city down during rainy hour.
and on sundays.
not even restraunts are open on sundays.
its like a ghost town.
tonight we are taking our nuveau friends on an east coast pub crawl to the like 6 bars here
it should be ammusing to see how long it takes for someone to quit.
but the monitors/trices are comming with and they at least like to dance and have fun
so it should be fun.
classes tomorrow wont be though.
good thing its only a half day


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