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August 13th 2008
Published: August 13th 2008
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the week since ive returned from Lourdes seems to have flown by
i got back on tuesday but didnt have school until friday
which was fine cause i was exhausted and got my laundry done for the first time since i got here
i know...i know...
that weekend was pretty sunny so i spent saturday along the riviera having a picnic and going on a huge hike around the perimeter of the town basically.
it was fun, there were lots of little dogs playing in the river that day and i had lunch on the river boat
it was different...
i dont necessarily suggest it.
after lunch and after avoiding a man that seemed drunk, yet friendly, i sat on a bench for a while and pulled out my new french book
many ppl have told me that reading a book in french will increase your vocabulary so i bought one and im trying. and its good too
anywho i hadnt even sat down for like 3 mins when this guy walked up and asked if he could share my bench.
this is one thing thats kind of annoying about france.
men just dont care who u are or what your doing. they just want to talk to you
which is fine most of the time. but i actually just wanted to read that day and be anti-social in the park
anywho whatever he sat down and turns out his name is sam and hes from paris and yadda yadda yaddda a few rejections later to go for various forms of drinks...coffee? wine?...bottle of water?.....he left and i quickly got up and left as well in fear that someone new might sit down.
then i discovered that you were allowed to bring your bikes on this path which is awesome cause there arent a lot of internal bike paths. like inside the parks no. on the street there are tons.
so this weekend im renting a bicycle from the city for the weekend and going for a nice ride along the river countryside.
as long as my bum can handle it :P
so school started again and my class is good. i moved up a couple of levels so im pretty happy about that
except i have noticed that everyone who studied last semester and stayed for this one seems to all be in the same class...mine.
whatev. we're all friends and comfortable with one another which is nice.
on monday this week i decided to eat lunch at the school...which i kind of detest because they over feed u then all afternoon u feel sloth like
plus the food is gross
but whatever i sat down with a couple girls from my foyer and the ukrainian kids from my class
well ones from khazakstan but he hangs out with the ukes so i consider him one of them. no matter.
anyways it was quite possibly the most hillarious lunch of life
the boys are fascinated with english and one of the girls i was sitting with is from japan and the guy from khazakstan was in love.
haha it was funny cause she kept ignoring his ill attempted questions in french and english
but anywho i was thinking of these characters but i couldnt remember who they were until my aunt so kindly reminded me of stever martin and dan akryods (sp?) snl characters....two wild and crazy guys.
these are the ukrainians.
in fact today they are wearing matching outfits....pink button up dress shirt, black slacks, large shiny belt, and overly pointed toe shoes...
i giggle the whole way through first period
anywho hillarious.
they are fascinated with the word cool.
and they kept making practice it with them in different manners
like your are coool
this is cooool
im coool.
then all afternoon during our expression orale. which is basically drama class in french, we were learning pick up lines for drag queens and the two of them decided to make a skit involving the word cooool and disco dancing.
i'll let ur imaginations wonder on that one.
needless to say my cheeks hurt from laughing
yesterday i was pretty sick after school.
i dunno what happened....im assuming it has something to do with the mixing of cheeses at lunchtime
but no one will ever know.
we have a long weekend this week which is nice cause it means i have friday off and i was trying to go to monte carlo or spain witha friend but its ridiculously expensive right now due to the time of year and i also want to save my money to go see rock the seine in paris
its a huge three day concert with R.E.M. amy winehouse, paul mccartney, radiohead, justice, etc, etc, the list is like 5 pages of huge acts and its at the end of august so i could pull it off :P
anywho thats all i really have for now. nothing too exciting just an update of happenings while on lunch break
much love


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