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North America » United States » California » Needles June 30th 2012

At 2:30 in the morning, we discovered how they kept the grass so nice and clean as the KOA sprinklers gave Da Bean a bath! For Breakfast, we met up with Great (in so many ways) Aunt Terri at the local airport cafe Norms Hanger Coffee Shop. Good food, nice views, good company... I am led to understand that pilots actually fly in just to eat at Norms. The name is misleading.. they are way more than a coffee shop. Before we left Pamona KOA, Michelle went swimming and Tony "fixed" the bike rack. His previous fix to keep it from wobbling involved shoving some plastic wrap in as a shim. LA traffic thwarted that fix, so this time, Tony experimented with Duct tape... see below for results. Given yesterday's experience with LA traffic and lack ... read more
With Flowers in You Hair

North America » United States » California » Pomona June 29th 2012

We planned on getting ready and leaving by 9.. 10 at the latest. We got out just before 11am. After a Rather uneventful drive down 101 to Oxnard, then along the coast on Hwy 1 (oh... right... it's called "The 1" south of SLO). We arrived in Santa Monica. We knew, but hadn't fully internalized, that there would be no parking available for our car and our trailer near the actual end of Route 66 (Santa Monica Blvd and Ocean St)... but we found a Tour Bus drop-off zone 1/2 block down, and jumped out to take pictures. We ACTUALLY started on Route 66 (turning off Ocean onto Santa Monica Blvd) at 4:50PM. For those of you who know the area, we were headed down the main drag in Santa Monica towards the 405 (a main ... read more
Santa Monica

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 1st 2011

What we need is MORE SCIENCE! There were many choices for our day in Vancouver. It was B.C. day so everything was running on holiday hours. Michelle decided she wanted to go to Science World so we found our way across town to South Vancouver after breakfast. Science World is another great hands on science museum. The thing that set it apart from others (especially for Michelle) was the hourly shows and demonstrations. She saw five shows including one on bubbles where she was picked to help out on stage. She also saw the fire show, an illusion show, a dinosaur game show and one called Surprise Science. Yes folks, we spent over 5 hours in that museum. I won't feel guilty about saying no to the children's museum for some time to come. :) Tonight ... read more
Sign, Signs, everywhere a sign

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 31st 2011

Vancouver Pride Parade 2011 It seems like every group participated in the parade today. From banks and grocery stores to public officials and city groups, everybody wanted to be a part of the 2.5 hour long parade. There were some interesting floats, lots of underwear, and a few strategically placed band-aids. Michelle enjoyed herself and didn't ask too many questions. The rest of the day was very low key as we all caught up on some rest. Tomorrow is our last day in Vancouver before we head out on the cruise. Michelle is getting pretty excited and spent a good part of the evening looking at the Disney cruise web site. She'll have the whole layout memorized before we ever set foot on the ship.... read more
Prime Viewing
Vancouver Pride
Spread you wings

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 30th 2011

On the Train Again.... We were up and out early this morning to say goodbye to Seattle and catch a 7:40 train to Vancouver, BC. The trip did not take too long and was nice and relaxing. We did find out about the Vancouver Festival of Lights starting that evening with a giant fireworks display put together by a group from China. After lunch, some laundry and dinner we headed out into the city to find a place to watch the fireworks. The main grandstand was at English Bay Beach but fireworks being and aerial deal we could see them from many places along the bay. We found a good spot not too far from our hotel and settled in to wait for the show to start. There were a ton of people and hundreds of ... read more
Fire in the sky

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 29th 2011

West Coast Trip 2011 - Day 6 Did we miss anything? Our last day in seattle and Tony got a chance to see some of the sights. Michelle and Anne went looking for a replacement windbreaker downtown. They did not find one but at one point they ended up in Nordstroms and found a great outfit and headband for Michelle instead. After lunch everyone went to the Expirence Music Project and Sci-Fi Museum at Seattle Center. There was a great exhibit on the science and design behind the movie Avatar. Anne even got to play around with the motion tracking software and act in a scene from the movie. Michelle created her own plant for Pandora. The rest of the museum was pretty cool. They had some hands on music booths where you could try out ... read more
Gone Quackers!
Duck Kisses!
The Melting Pot

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 28th 2011

Lions and Tigers and Buses, Oh My! Everyone was tired enough to get a late start today. Anne and Michelle decided to brave the bus and visit the zoo. The Woodlend Park Zoo had some really great exhibits, easily rivaling the SF and Oakland zoos. Michelle's favorite part (after the bus ride with the bus that bent in the middle) was the bird encounter. Inside the aviary there were a bunch of parakeets and cockateels and the zoo sold little bunches of millet glued to a popscicle stick. If you held out your stick near a bird it would eat the seed and maybe even perch on the sick or your hand. The zoo had great gorilla, oragutang, and wolf habitats and was working on building a new habitat for the big cats and bears. A ... read more
Wolf habitat
Old man of the forest

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 27th 2011

Science and Theater (The only mystery was where to eat) We did a bit more walking today but Michelle and I had a blast. We walked with Tony to the Amazon campus and stoppped at Portage Bay for a more substantial breakfast. They had a great toppings bar for breakfast. Whipped cream, maple syrup, brown sugar, nuts, and fresh berries of all kinds were available for your oatmeal and pancakes. It reminded me of how my great grandmother would have a slice of pie just so she could have a big mound of whipped cream on it. After breakfast we walked to the Pacific Science Museum. The PSM is a collection of 5 buildings each dedicated to a differnt kind of science. There were exhibits on phisics, animals, bugs, space, cloning, genetics, big numbers, addiction and ... read more
Blue skys in Seattle

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 26th 2011

Welcome to Seattle Michelle's first choice in Seattle was the Children's Museum. Seattle has a huge 22,000 sq ft Children's museum with tons of things to do. We spent almost 5 hours there with only a quick break for lunch. Her first stop was the life sized erector set in the construction room. Her tunnel was very nice. We also went bird watching, visited far off cities, worked behind the scenes in a theater, made sandwiches, created with clay, explored physics and constructed with Legos. Not bad for a children's museum. After the Children's Museum we rode the monorail to downtown Seattle. From the station we walked to the city library to read some books and use the computers. The Library had a challenge to find a green sheep somewhere in the children's section. Michelle decided ... read more
Fun with Math
Finished project

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle July 25th 2011

On the Train - aaaaalllll daaaaay The sleeper car has been very nice, much better than coach. There has been some beautiful scenery as we pass through Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Trees, lots and lots of trees. It's been a low key day with the main excitment being meals in the dinning car. They are included in the sleeper car price so we get to order anything we want. When we stopped at Klamath Falls Michelle and Anne worked off some energy by racing up and down the platform. Michelle won everytime. We also managed to make up the 90 minutes we lost at the begining of the trip and arrived in Seattle a little bit early. A trip to Whole Foods, a good night's sleep and Michelle and Anne be ready to explore Seattle ... read more
Let's eat!

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