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July 28th 2011
Published: July 29th 2011
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Feed the birds, tuppance a bag!Feed the birds, tuppance a bag!Feed the birds, tuppance a bag!

Actually $1 a stick but it was great fun and the birds were so well behaved. No poop in sight.
Lions and Tigers and Buses, Oh My!

Everyone was tired enough to get a late start today. Anne and Michelle decided to brave the bus and visit the zoo. The Woodlend Park Zoo had some really great exhibits, easily rivaling the SF and Oakland zoos. Michelle's favorite part (after the bus ride with the bus that bent in the middle) was the bird encounter. Inside the aviary there were a bunch of parakeets and cockateels and the zoo sold little bunches of millet glued to a popscicle stick. If you held out your stick near a bird it would eat the seed and maybe even perch on the sick or your hand.

The zoo had great gorilla, oragutang, and wolf habitats and was working on building a new habitat for the big cats and bears.

A quiet evening and pizza for dinner rounded out the day. Tommorow is our last day in Seattle. Michelle really wants to see the Expirence Music Project and Science Fiction Museum. Tony's been working so hard this week. Hopefully he will be able to join us.

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Wolf habitatWolf habitat
Wolf habitat

It was pretty neat to see the wolves prowling around the trees and hills inside thier area.
Old man of the forestOld man of the forest
Old man of the forest

Many of the apes spent time hanging out at the viewing windows for photo ops with the guests.

31st July 2011

Feeding the birds
Looks like fun!

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