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Tony Wilson

My name is Tony Wilson. I, my wife Anne, and my Daughter Michelle live in Atascadero, CA, and lead typical lives, we like to think.
We love traveling... all over the place. Often, our travels are routine, or only slightly exciting for a short time. Good things in life come in small measures. However, on occasion, we do have more epic journeys and people like to hear about them. These are our travel sagas.. I hope you enjoy them.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 5th 2018

Day 42 - To Home. London, We will Miss You We finished packing up in the morning and tried to eat all of the remaining food. We arranged a car through a car service, which ended up being less expensive than Uber or Taxi to LHR has been. We had 7 rollers and 3 backpacks and were not interested in navigating the underground, even on a weekend. Because of our checkout time, we ended up at LHR 5 hours before our flight. That was good because it took nearly 30 minutes to re-balance our bags so they were all under limit (which they strictly enforce on occasion). I am glad we bought Michelle 2 bags! During the flight, Tony opened the window shade as we passed over the east coast of Greenland. It was beautiful with ... read more
Typical Flight
East Coast of Greenland
Welcome Home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 31st 2018

Day 37 to 41 - Dragons, Zoo, Bard, Boat, Friends Our last week in London turned out to be pretty busy, and very social. During this trip, we have been able to share our time with several groups of friends, some from the US, and some from the UK (and one from Argentina). It has really helped us feel like this was a summer living in London, and less like a London Holiday. Earlier in the trip, we have visited the Ellis family in Reading (as we do every trip). While we were there, we discovered an interest in Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop game), and arranged for Tony to run a one day beginner adventure for the family. On Tuesday, the 6 adventurers (one of them a Kobold.. because.. why not) shipwrecked on an Island had ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Pastena July 30th 2018

Day 36 - Italian Countryside Our Italian countryside driving day started out like any of our other driving days this trip, with a frantic and slightly frustrating trip to the rental office. Luckily, our flat in Rome was only a few blocks from a major street. After hauling our luggage down 5 flights of marble stairs, we only had to carry them for a few minutes over the rough, cobblestone streets to the nearby bus stop. Cobblestones are not kind to rolling luggage. When our bus finally came, and we made it to the rental car offices at the central Rome train station, we were first in line… at the rental desk… where the power was out. After waiting a while in the hot building, we got signed in, and had to walk another quarter mile ... read more
Driving in Italy
Echoing Entrance
Deep Pool

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 29th 2018

Day 35 - Colosseum and the Roman Forum Sunday, we woke up very early so that we could be at the Colosseum when it opened at 8:30 AM. The Roma Pass let us skip the lines, but we also wanted to skip the crowds. We caught the city bus at 7AM so that we could eat at a cafe near the Colosseum. It turns out that none of the cafes directly across from the monument are open before 9am, which confused Tony a lot. We went around the corner to find one open cafe called “Coming Out”, with rainbow signs, and lots of colorful clients. Apparently, this location also doubles as a night club and a hostel of sorts. We had some great conversations about music and strange dance music videos, and then headed out to ... read more
So Quiet
The palace on Palatine Hill
Nothing could go wrong

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 28th 2018

Day 34 - Sistine Chapel On Saturday, we headed for the Vatican. Our scheduled time at the Vatican Museum was 10am, so we slept in a little, ate breakfast, and walked through Rome (down side alleys, of course). From the group meeting spot to the entrance to the museum was a half-mile walk with very little shade. Therefore, we were more than happy to spend a lot of time walking slowly in the crowded, but air conditioned, Vatican Museum on our way to the Sistine Chapel. The museum’s pieces were incredibly preserved, and some of the best we have seen at any museum. It is not surprising given the influence of the Catholic Church and the fact these pieces have been in private collection for hundreds of years. There was an express path to the chapel ... read more
Neat Artwork
Map Room
Not the Sistine

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 27th 2018

Day 33 - Wandering Rome Three days is in Rome is quite a lot, especially when it’s really hot. To be clear, Rome is amazing, and we did our best to remain active and engaged and excited. However, we quickly settled into the same routine as Athens due to the heat. Each day, we left early from the flat, did the things we wanted to do to the point of exhaustion from heat, came back and took a multi-hour nap, then headed out to have dinner and perhaps some shopping. This pattern actually worked very well, and we recommend to anyone traveling to Rome or Athens in the heat of the summer. Each of us had many things we wanted to see in Rome. Anne wanted to see the Sistine Chapel; Tony wanted to see the ... read more
Small Street Selfie
Cool Old Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf July 24th 2018

Days 30 to 32 - Rivers and Royalty Tuesday, after recovering from Kinky Boots and doing some laundry, we ventured out to explore more around London. We have heard good things about Canary Wharf, so we headed that way to eat lunch and walk around a bit. Tony and Anne are checking out different areas they might want to consider when potentially moving to London in a few years. Canary Wharf was a nice place, but was very close to too busy. There is a lot of construction going on right now (opportunity for investments, so the signs say), so we will plan to return later. The new Elizabeth Line (Cross Rail) will make this area very convenient. There are some other nice looking neighborhoods across the river as well. Instead of taking the Underground back ... read more
Gardens in London
International Wilsons
Chocolate Cake

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen July 22nd 2018

Days 28 and 29 - By Car, Boat, and Train After breakfast we checked out and drove over to the beach. It was another lovely morning in Scotland, meaning the sun ALMOST came out. We stopped at the amusement park from last night and rode the VR roller coaster Michelle had been eyeing before we left. Then we headed to Innoflate, a new inflatable fun house. We got a nifty pair of lime green antimicrobial socks, and tickets for a half hour of bouncing. 30 minutes was PLENTY. After the first 15 minutes of bouncing, sliding, bouncing, climbing, bouncing, running through inflated obstacles, and more bouncing were ready for a break and wondering just how long we had been in there. Tony showed off his ability to launch small children into the air as well as ... read more
Scotland East Coast
Super Green
Bouncy Bouncy

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 20th 2018

Days 26 and 27 - To Scotland, by Train and Car Our train to Edinburgh left a little after noon so we had time to relax in the morning, get packed up and make our way to the station. We decided to try a place claiming to have authentic mexican burritos and check out their claims. While the burritos were fine, they didn’t have quite the same flavor of home, definitely a European twist on burritos. We opted for First Class tickets of this train since it was over 3 hours and not too much more expensive. This meant we got to wait in the First Class lounge instead of the noisy, crowded, unairconditioned station, a real bonus. They also had free snacks and drinks and comfy chairs. Once on the train they fed us lunch ... read more
We had to try
Consolation Prize
First Class Lounge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Southwark July 17th 2018

Days 23, 24, and 25 - Rest, Recreation, and Re-dying In our original plans Tony was going to be in the office mid week so we had not made too many plans between our weekend trips. Even though Tony’s business plans changes, this lull turned out to be a good thing as we needed time to unpack and unwind, and to work on the blog. After a morning of laundry we went out in search of a gaming store so that we could pick up some things for a planned Dungeons and Dragons campaign with local friends. We walked so that we could try and maintain our average daily walking miles from our time in Greece. We did take the time to see a West End show this week. Matilda has been our favorite since seeing ... read more
Markets Close?
Sand Art

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