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29th June 2018

Mobile enclosure?
Is this the place where cell phones leap from one Mighty Larch to another?
29th June 2018

Floating Art
Apparently the real world needs a graphics card upgrade. Looks like a rendering error. ;) I'm loving these updates. Thanks for sharing!
7th August 2016

Great Blog!
I enjoyed your blog .... fun trip. I'm glad you include the mishaps in detail ... this is more what a long road trip entails than just fun fun fun.
1st July 2016

Winslow, AZ
Love that photo. Keep posting. This is fun to follow
1st July 2016

Ah, monsoon season in the Southwest. It's amazing how fast it comes in and passes through. We went through that area on motorcycles a few years back and got caught a few times in the late afternoon weather.
14th July 2014

Mine Candy
"We got them out of the house but they are still talking about Minecraft" - so funny and so true! I'm pretty sure that William is actually playing Minecraft ALL the time. 5% of his time he's on a device; 95% of his time he's playing Minecraft in his mind :-D Both our kids had a great time yesterday and loved meeting Michelle. Despite being in a boy-buddies-only phase, William went off to sleep saying "Michelle was really nice". And Sophie continues to perfect her own US accent :-)
25th June 2014

Chocolate looks yummy!!! Have fun :)
27th July 2012

So glad you got to do the Custer State Park route. We loved that last year!!
27th July 2012

Needles KOA
I (unfortunately?) recognize this campsite!!
From Blog: Route 66 - Day 3
23rd July 2012

Mt. Rushmore
Hi Michelle, Just wondering if you hiked around to the other side of Mt. Rushmore. did it look like this: love, Alex
12th July 2012

FYI, Fun steak n shake it is, but sorry, it's not the original
Glad you had a good trip, we've done some of it. Sorry to inform you, however, the original Steak n Shake is not in Springfield but was in Illinois. (See if you want more trivia.)
31st July 2011

Feeding the birds
Looks like fun!
27th July 2011

Sure Thing! Enjoy!
2nd June 2011

beautiful pictures of albatross
Hellow, i'm a painter, i saw your pictures of albatross and i love it... can i use it for a painting that im about to begin? thanks
3rd September 2010

Wheeler Lake Adventure June 2008
OMG, I read this and thought -- now that EXACTLY describes our experience hiking to wheeler lake Father's day in 2008. I won't ever forget it and now your blog has actually solidified all those memories. I remember losing the trail in the same places, crossing the water and trying to find the trail.. and falling through the snow! What an adventure.
12th July 2010

It's only a model.
13th December 2007

...silly hamster... :P What's its name?
13th December 2007

being suicidal is fun!
I've only been on Class III rapids (South fork of American River), which wasn't too "risky". This, on the other hand, looks CRAZY-SUICIDAL! I bet everyone had a blast! What would be the class equivalency for this one?
From Blog: Day 15 - Rotorua
13th December 2007

I can't believe you wore shorts at such cold temperatures! Geeze, it must be a "macho man" kinda thing... :P You have a lot of pictures of wildlife -- that's awesome! The lemurs are waaaay cute!
13th December 2007

Where are the Bob-ombs?
hehe, wasn't an Albatoss one of those red birds in Super Mario Brothers that tossed bombs at you? That's not nice... These Albatross birds look more friendly, though... phew!
13th December 2007

plastic-y ice!
Wow the ice looks awesome!!! But it also looks a bit...plastic.... are you sure this wasn't staged? ;) Is ice REALLY blue?!!! Nice pics!
21st November 2007

Looks like you are having a blast. I like the glacier pictures but am glad to not be that cold. Thinking of you this week... Happy Early Thanksgiving!
20th November 2007

Ice Crack
Is Ice Crack as addictive as regular Crack?
19th November 2007

Looks like you're having fun! When you get to Christchurch, check out the University of Canterbury for me. Watch out for Ringwraiths.

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