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Hello All and Thanks for Stopping By!
I love to travel and explore - for now just the great USA via road trips. We started with trips with the kids then now by ourselves or other adult family members. In the future we will take take adventures with the grandbabies - they just need to grow a bit more.
We love to gamble, explore nature - short hikes, photograph and just generally have fun!
I have decided to write in some of our older trips
because I really want to share all the great things we have seen in the USA!

North America » United States » Texas » Abilene July 26th 2017

I'm a huge Texas history buff and have wanted to visit Frontier Texas for a while now. For many reasons the timing was just right this last Wednesday. I loaded up the three oldest grandbabies and off we went - Trevor 3, Audrey 7 & Blake 9. It's only a two hour drive due west down I-20. A few stops in town and on the road by 9 am. Stopped at the Ranger Hill Rest Stop - our program here in Texas to remodel or build new rest stops is working. So pretty and felt safe/secure. Made it into Abilene about 11:30 and had Subway for lunch. Then onto our first stop of the day. Fort Phantom Hill - We just made this a quick stop as it was already very hot. Most of the buildings ... read more
Fort Phantom Hill
Frontier Texas!
Mr Gatti's Pizza

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lake Charles February 17th 2017

The big change in plans? I decided I really wanted to be home on Saturday morning. So we made sure it was cool with the hotel to check out early . Packed up to head out. Breakfast of pastries & OJ again. Headed south and decided to scrap outdoor stuff as it was pouring rain. Found the USS Orleck but wasn't open just yet. We took the opportunity to gas up and stuff. Back at 10am opening. I want to tell you we loved our tour of the Orleck but it is in rough shape. Our tour guide a volunteer named Steve was awesome and no big deal that I asked so many questions and he answered each one best he could. The Orleck has a long history ending with the Turkish Navy - so if ... read more
USS Orleck
USS Orleck
USS Orleck

North America » United States » Louisiana » Jennings February 16th 2017

I woke up early at about 7:30am, David was sucking the paint off the walls; so I let him sleep in. Brushed my teeth and threw on sweats. Time to go have coffee in the casino. Played a little black jack and a little slots till 9am. Woke up the beast and let him know time to go have some fun!. We just had pastries and OJ we brought with us for breakfast. ♦ First stop Gator Chateau in Jennings, LA. - No admission fee. We got to hold a little fellow named Gumbeaux. A two year old. He was so soft on his belly and pretty calm. They rescue babies and eggs then raise till about 5 years old till they can be release back to the wild. Not only other predators but both ... read more
Roadside Gator
Lorraine Bridge
Bayou Rum

North America » United States » Louisiana » Kinder February 15th 2017

Let's start with the plan. With both our jobs taking a full week this time of year has become just not worth it. Dave just makes his straight salary for vacation - no commision on jobs. His best jobs are Monday and Tuesday. At my work it's "peak" season and 5 or more days is just too behind to catch up. So Wednesday to Saturday it is. Now where to go? We have wanted to visit Coushatta for a while but I didn't want to spend all my time there on property. Got to looking around and there is tons to do in the area. So here is the original plan: Coushatta Trip 3 nights at Coushatta Casino - Wednesday Feb 15th to Saturday Feb 18th Wednesday drive down taking 287 / 69 rt - 6 ... read more
Pool View
Tv & Desk Area
Giant Shower

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs February 17th 2016

Once we are back on the road again I was hungry. When we last left you I had skipped breakfast and been drinking a lot. David wanted to try the Blue & White Restaurant but it had some mixed reviews. I said well let's try it anyway. We went in seated right away. Very cute - side of the road kind of cafe. They have an extensive menu of southern favorites. Everything coming out of the kitchen looked very very good. I decided on a pulled pork sandwich they serve the coleslaw on the side For my side I got fried green tomatoes. David chose this layered breakfast dish. My sandwich was delicious and yes the coleslaw went on. The coleslaw was crunchy and tangy. Now the tomatoes perfect and these are not easy to get ... read more
Forsythe Bath House at Night
Look Out [Hot Springs] Mountain

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tunica February 15th 2016

This gambling trip was a bit of a roller coaster. This will be longer as I will just put the gambling days all in one blog. Monday Up early to find some breakfast. Dave liked playing cards at the Roadhouse last time so we head in that direction. Roadhouse had no options open for grub. Walked over to Horseshoe. Breakfast at their buffet. Delicious breakfast and their omelette lady totally rocked it. Back over to Roadhouse as Dave wanted to find one particular card game - he didn't find it. I played through $20 but no luck. Also the vibe just wasn't the same there. We went over to Gold Strike. We had forgotten our player's cards so needed to get new ones. Found out we had $10 free play each. Walked through the card tables ... read more
Dave & His Quarters
Dave's First Win on Dollars
Dave's Dollar Win

North America » United States » Louisiana » Monroe February 14th 2016

We did pretty good on being on the road by 7am. 7:15 close enough. Patti set up with her maps and quick stop at donut shop. First stop anytime I head east on 20 is Duke's Truck Stop between Terrell & Canton. Love this place. They rate at the top of the bathroom scale. Plus there is lots to look at or eat or whatever you need to do. They also have a nice sized fenced in dog run for those traveling with pets. They do not currently have a website but here is exact local: I-20 Exit 523 / TX64 / Wills Point-Canton, west on TX64/Corky Boyd Avenue. Onward down 20. It was very gloomy out and I have to natural light or very bright light; if not my depression issues go out of whack ... read more
Black Bayou 9
Black Bayou 6
Black Bayou Snake Tree

North America » United States » New Mexico September 11th 2015

Friday we slept way too late and took way too long breaking down camp. Mostly going over everything in the tent in hopes of finding the lost diamond - no luck. Got checked out and on the road 11 am their time ours noon. I wanted to see Las Vegas, NM so we headed that way. Had a delicious lunch at Mary Anns Famous Burrito Cafe. Very hole in the wall and very good. Grandma Mary Anne was in the kitchen cooking up all the goodness all from scratch. Then a very long drive home. Sum It UP: Great little trip with my husband - last just the two of us trip for a while. Only one big casualty - my wedding band is my grandmother's 25 anniversary band that has 5 identical diamonds in a ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos September 10th 2015

Thursday we were lazy. I didn't cook breakfast. We had spotted what I thought was just a neighborhood diner but was actually a pretty nice low key coffee house. I loved it - David nope too fru fru for him. Food was okay but coffee was amazing. We headed downtown to the check out some more churches I wanted to see. So pretty. Missed two I wanted to see but next time. Cristo Rey Catholic Church - this is a relatively new church and we didn't go inside but saw the outside and the pueblo building style for churches. Santuario de Guadelupe - Stunning. We went inside very quietly and had a peek around. The toured the grounds. Headed up the high road to Taos. Took a diversion to Santuario De Chimayo. This history here ... read more
Santuario De Chimayo Chapel
Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge
Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe September 9th 2015

Wednesday we had to be at the boat yard by noon then the owner called and said 11:45. We were slow to leave camp but had time to run to the plaza to view the Loretto Chapel. This is no longer an active church but it's history is amazing. The staircase is the big attraction. The church was also very pretty and beautiful stained glass - love this. $3 entry free for all day. Walked back to the car - these bronze pieces were at a gallery and so pretty. Found our way into the park from yesterday for a quick sandwich. Off to river rafting. Signed our lives away on the waiver then loaded up. Our guide was Joe and safety person Katy. I think the waiver is more for the drive up and ... read more
Art Gallery in Plaza
David & Joe
Loretto Chapel

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